Evernotes Every Friday

1. Blogcademy Posters

Thanks to Nubby Twiglet, I have a new poster vendor to keep in mind in the future. Not only are these posters for her Blogcademy so uber modern and cool, she posted about her vendor that can print posters in small quantities without neglecting quality. So who needs a poster??

2. EMScom Logo

I love how logos know no bounds these days.

Considered a leader in its field and wanting to raise their international profile, EMScom introduced a new identity designed by Moving Brands around the narrative of “Change your perspective” which highlights the “transformational process, both personally and professionally, that stakeholders identified as essential to the course.”

Found via Brand New.

3.  Design*Sponge Book Binding

Really loving this book binding series on Design*Sponge… in particular this accordion book… I’m thinking this would make such a nice homemade gift for a friend with some scrapbooked pages or just a series of photos. My mind is reeling with the possibilities.

4. Oh Hello Friend Home

A few weeks… months?… ago I posted about the new shop in Fullerton, Oh Hello Friend. I love getting sneak peeks into these crafty and cute bloggers homes! See more of their adorable new home on her blog here.

5. Pecan Salty Carmel Tart

So Sunday is Easter and as a rare occassion, the husband and I are in charge of bringing a dessert… say what?! So of course since it has nothing to do with BBQ, I have been delegated the task and have been thinking of making some of these sweet treats I have been posting about and pinning about. Most recently I found this Pecan Salty Carmel Tart on Design*Sponge. What are you making?

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Print Inspired Web

Not too long ago I started following Katrina of Pugly Pixel. I felt like we were pretty similar in our love for both web and print and her tutorials are so simple to follow. Just recently she posted about Frame magazine and its use of overlapping photos in its page spreads. So of course she created CSS and HTML to replicate the effect. Who does that?! She graciously created screencasts to TEACH others… for this tutorial and so many more check out her blogs Pugly Pixel and Style. 

2. The 2012 Feltron Annual Report

I can not even fathom what it takes to chronicle everything everyday to create a report like this… must make filing taxes that much easier (says the girl who was up last night helping her husband do his business taxes).

3.  Brøchner Hotels Branding

I really love the way this chain of hotels was broken down to just its windows to create the logo… really neat concept and perfect execution. Found via Brand New, designed by Mia Bjergegaard.

4. Floating Shelf

Gosh I love this blog, they make everything look so easy. I have been having the hardest time—in my mind—on what color or type of bare wood to have our photo ledge be. Seeing this post reminded me that there are actually a lot more options… not just black or white which is just too stark for me. Thanks Jess for pinning!

5. Los Angeles Food Map

When Andy and I went to Washington in October, I planned out each meal and some fabulous (and fatty) restaurant. But after all this lifetime of living in southern California, we have yet to take advantage of the good eats of Lost Angeles… hence my excitement at this adorable food map created by Design Love Fest. Thank you Bri!

Evernotes Every Friday

Make sure you read through the design posts to find an extra sweet treat discovery!

1. Lettering versus Calligraphy

As I have been exploring the art of lettering and calligraphy—which to many seem one in the same as the term lettering is rather vague—I got super excited to stumble upon the site of Lettering versus Calligraphy. I thought all the mysteries of the typography universes were about to be solved! While the site may not solve my age old question, I did find the site to be a fun adventure in type exploration ::nerd alert::

It consists of a visual dialogue between a letterer and a calligrapher, where they draw/write a letter responding to a keyword given by a moderator. The adventure aims to explore the capabilities of the two technical approaches. It delivers one letter daily and takes place online, where the visitors are invited to vote for their favourite.

Found via swissmiss.

Lettering versus Calligraphy

2. Brad Woodard’s New Site

Another fun site I found this week was the brand new site for illustrator Brad Woodard—a designer I have featured quite a few times now, and the designer of one of my favorite wedding invitation suites ever! Check it out—its full of amazing new work! Found via Dribbble.


3.  1975 Wine Branding

At first glance you may wonder why I would post a seemingly simple or traditional design below, but you see it’s not just the year ’75 shown, but using an old printing technique, the 19 of 1975 sits subtly behind its counterpart making this designer “literally say oooooo.” Designed by CF Napa Branding, found via Pinterest.

4. Custom Typography Wall Art

Continuing the topic of typography, and thanks to a new blog reader, I was reminded of these cool art pieces. How cool would it be to create your own custom images around one of your favorite towns or places? And a fun photography challenge!

5. Cookie Butter

Something that is somewhat widely known to those who have known me for a matter of years—and sometimes new friends of just a week—is that I love chocolate chip cookies. Like seriously love them. To me, a chocolate chip cookies satisfies all food cravings and could possible end wars with just one freshly baked batch. My answer to the question, “what should we have for dessert?” is always the same but I have recently heard of this wondrous creation of Cookie Butter. Say what?! I am salivating already, it’s on my must find—and eat—list. To use this delectable treat in cupcake frosting, check out A Beautiful Mess.

Photo A Day, November—Week 3

Okay, I am still in shock that summer has come and gone but now it’s almost December and almost Christmas. Making these collages each week makes everything seem to go by so much faster but I just can’t stop.

Well of course, now that the wedding season is past, it’s back to being all about the babies. They just keep growing, what’s up with that?

My week included snuggle sessions with some 6 and 7 month olds, lots of Christmas jammie sessions, wedding scrapbook creating (and one completing), some turkey and giving thanks, and then the craze to the end the week with some Black Friday shopping. Couldn’t ask for much more than that. 🙂

Oh, and a little P.S. right here: did you get any Twinkies or Hostess cupcakes this past week? My husband went out and grabbed a box the day of the announcement. We had quite the ceremony for little Eli’s first and last Hostess cupcake.

16/the view from your window, 17/the last thing I bought, 18/happened this week, 19/something awesome, 20/work/play, 21/what I wore, 22/grateful, 23/black

Allens Head North: Cartlandia, Portland, Oregon

Does a post about our Tuesday night dinner really merit its own post? Why yes it does when the food is that good!

As I was driving the last leg to Portland, Andy was looking on Yelp on a good place to eat—our original plan was to go to Big A** Sandwiches but they closed at 6 and we weren’t going to make it. 🙁 Anyway, we love food trucks so when he found a place called “Cartlandia,” we knew he found the hidden gem to this trip.

So Cartlandia is pretty much one big closed in parking lot where food trucks set up and stay permanently for any given amount of time. Many were closed on that evening, some for the winter and then some just weren’t open as much during the week.

We walked around all of them to see what would be our dinner. Andy settled on Cheesesteak Nirvana while I got my first Thai food in the PNW.

Seriously you guys, the food was AMAZING! The very very best philly cheese steak and pad thai I have ever ever had! So so good.

After devouring our food we then went on to the dessert round. The Sugar Shop had so many goodies, all for $2-4 each. We each got to pick one (me: a Nutella cheesecake and Andy a brownie with a whiskey carmel sauce). Then she gave me samples of a homemade salted caramel plus a honey mousse (super similar to a honey ice cream.) Oh so good.

And to close, here I am loaded up with all our desserts, ready to head to the hotel and eat up! 🙂

For more info on Cartlandia, visit their website here.

Stagecoach 2012 Is Coming!

With weeks of planning, Rooftop BBQ is heading to Stagecoach Thursday morning to compete plus vend to the public for the three days of the shows. I don’t know about you but I am most excited to see Steve Martin perform. I may be the only one who is more excited for a band that isn’t even headlining. So who else is going??

I was looking up photos for the Rooftop blog yesterday so I thought I’d share some from the event last year too!

Like when we met some of the members of the Rascall Flatts band!

Or like when Lauren and I finally figured out we could save seats before the public and we were on the jumbo screen!

I am especially excited for next week when my hubby can finally relax after a very long month of work and BBQ!

But seriously, who’s going?? Let’s meet up! And if you are going to be there, make sure you come by our BBQ booth: Rooftop BBQ!

Banana Squash with Brown Sugar and Butter

Remember when I told you about my aunt-in-law’s garden in Utah? Well, she sent us home with a giant banana squash! While we were staying at her house, she fed us so much food from her garden and one such item was her delicious squash. I didn’t think I liked squash but I was willing to try it, plus she covers it in brown sugar and butter! So it turns out, I like squash! Or at least, I like brown sugar and butter with some squash on the side.

I don’t ever remember my mom making squash—sorry if you did Mom and I forgot!—so I never knew what to do with one even if I bought one at the grocery store. Anyway, this “recipe” is super simple! All you need is an hour’s time to bake. Here’s a step by step of what I did.

I started with just half the giant banana squash and cut about a 6 inch wide ring off the end. And then cut the ring into four smaller pieces.

Next, I used a spoon to scrape the seeds off.

Then placed them with the rind facing up on a cookie sheet in the oven, setting the oven to 350º and the timer to 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes, the meat of the squash is very tender and is no longer dense.

Place a slice of butter (the butter melted to fast for me to take a photo) and a spoonful of brown sugar. I put a lot of sugar on mine, like a lot. Suit your tastebuds as needed.

With the brown sugar and butter on the squash, I baked it for another 3 minutes just to caramelize the brown sugar slightly. Now it’s ready to eat! The meat of the squash is very soft by now so you just take your fork and dig in (leaving the rind of course). It’s more like scraping the meat of the squash off the rind actually.

Yum! All done!

Thanks Aunt Marian for sharing this with me! A perfect fall dish!

Road Trip to Utah and Back

On Monday night, we got home from a quick 4 day trip to Utah. 2 days there, 2 days driving. My hubby’s cousin Brook just had her third little babe, a boy, Levi, and we were driving out with his parents to meet the little guy. The trip was filled with food, family, and fun. My very favorite things! I am warning all you, if you don’t like pictures of babies or little kiddos, this post may not be for you. But if you love little kiddos, like I do, then you’ll love this post because that is all I did for 2 days is take pictures of Brook’s little ones. And once you see how adorable all three of them are, you’ll understand why!

We were staying at Andy’s aunt’s house who lives about an hour south of Salt Lake City, at the entrance to a very awesome nature filled canyon. She made so many yummy meals for us, mostly all made from her very large (the size of a small home) garden. Their property also gets visits from the local deer family too.

Saturday, we drove up to Salt Lake to see Brook and Jason and the kids. We played hide and seek and cards and then on Sunday Brook and the kids were over at Marian’s so we got to take lots of walks and more pics of the babe!

And here’s a little two minute video summing up our trip. And again, another warning, this is filled with the kiddos again…

3rd Annual Hotluck

Have you ever been to a hotluck? Have you ever heard of one? 3 years ago, Andy was watching the Food Network and heard about hotlucks on the show Unwrapped. It was just three weeks before our birthdays and he told me right away we needed to have a hotluck birthday party. Basically, it’s a potluck but everyone only brings spicy food, which is my favorite food. It’s really fun to see the range of spiciness too! I was rating all of them, but mostly everyone got 1 or 2 out of 5, basically, I wasn’t the best judge as my spicy levels are very different from my friends and family! We also play a game, we call it spicy roulette. Everyone is dealt a cup of some type of food (this year was chili, last year was jambalaya). Only 1 cup has an extra kick of heat. Andy started with increasing drops of Dave’s Gourmet Insanity hot sauce then brought out the big guns with Dave’s Ghost Pepper sauce. The player gets the choice of staying in or bailing on the heat. I only lasted to the final three and got out of there after my first deal of Ghost Pepper sauce! Here’s just a glimpse into the party with a little video at the end of the post!

Left: Dragon’s Breath Chili made by my mom.
Right: Chili Verde made by my hubby.

Left: Oh My Slaw’d made by my friend Brittany.
Middle: H-Row Spicy Asian Meatballs made by my friend Eric.
Right: Buffalo Chicken Dip made by my friend Amie.

Shrimp brought from the Boiling Crab in LA, with the XXX spice, by my friend Lindsey.

Even my friend Lauren, who does not eat spicy food, found something to eat (with lots of sour cream)!

The Spicy Roulette competition begins!

The final two!

Left, Anthony, received a jar of Tat’s Window Maker sauce for second place. Right, Matt, the winner, received a jar of Tat’s 6 Feet Under sauce.

Time for cake… don’t worry it wasn’t spicy. It was Andy’s favorite: German Chocolate Cake. My sister did make cayenne infused peanut butter cookies though!

The bestest friends a girl could ask for!!

Twenty Five, Tacos, and Treats

As with all good birthdays, there was food. This post is actually less about my birthday but more about what I ate on my birthday. But that’s okay with me!

Did you read my 25 Wishes post a couple weeks ago? Well, here I mark off two wishes!

  • seafood dinner
  • chocolate chip cookies

Thanks to my husband and Kathleen for checking those goodies off!

Andy made me, our friends, and my family shrimp and shredded beef tacos. He didn’t want to be photographed even touching the shrimp so you’ll see I had to get creative on that shot! He also made a jalapeno white sauce that they serve at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Miguel’s Cocina, on Coronado Island. Yum yum yum!

Then Kathleen made me cookies!! She makes the BEST cookies! So delicious… here she goes, doing her thang!

Of course, our dumb oven decided to turn off whilst baking these treats so Kat kept a special watch for the remaining of the time.

And here they are, my little loves… yum!

And that was my 25th birthday told in the form of food.