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Make sure you read through the design posts to find an extra sweet treat discovery!

1. Lettering versus Calligraphy

As I have been exploring the art of lettering and calligraphy—which to many seem one in the same as the term lettering is rather vague—I got super excited to stumble upon the site of Lettering versus Calligraphy. I thought all the mysteries of the typography universes were about to be solved! While the site may not solve my age old question, I did find the site to be a fun adventure in type exploration ::nerd alert::

It consists of a visual dialogue between a letterer and a calligrapher, where they draw/write a letter responding to a keyword given by a moderator. The adventure aims to explore the capabilities of the two technical approaches. It delivers one letter daily and takes place online, where the visitors are invited to vote for their favourite.

Found via swissmiss.

Lettering versus Calligraphy

2. Brad Woodard’s New Site

Another fun site I found this week was the brand new site for illustrator Brad Woodard—a designer I have featured quite a few times now, and the designer of one of my favorite wedding invitation suites ever! Check it out—its full of amazing new work! Found via Dribbble.

3.  1975 Wine Branding

At first glance you may wonder why I would post a seemingly simple or traditional design below, but you see it’s not just the year ’75 shown, but using an old printing technique, the 19 of 1975 sits subtly behind its counterpart making this designer “literally say oooooo.” Designed by CF Napa Branding, found via Pinterest.

4. Custom Typography Wall Art

Continuing the topic of typography, and thanks to a new blog reader, I was reminded of these cool art pieces. How cool would it be to create your own custom images around one of your favorite towns or places? And a fun photography challenge!

5. Cookie Butter

Something that is somewhat widely known to those who have known me for a matter of years—and sometimes new friends of just a week—is that I love chocolate chip cookies. Like seriously love them. To me, a chocolate chip cookies satisfies all food cravings and could possible end wars with just one freshly baked batch. My answer to the question, “what should we have for dessert?” is always the same but I have recently heard of this wondrous creation of Cookie Butter. Say what?! I am salivating already, it’s on my must find—and eat—list. To use this delectable treat in cupcake frosting, check out A Beautiful Mess.

I believe in magic. I believe in the power of true love. I believe in fairy tales and happy endings. And I live to create stationery and art for the young at heart to allow my fellow dreamers to treasure all of life’s most wondrous moments!


  • January 25, 2013

    Thank you for the mention! I’m honored! : )

    • January 25, 2013


      Of course! I love the way your name came out… sometimes those can be so cheesy but I really liked yours, and now I want one too! 🙂

      • January 25, 2013

        I’m glad you really liked it! I want to try and photograph the whole alphabet : )

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