Christmas Gift Guide, Personalized and Unique Presents Handmade with Love for Your Friends and Family

I don’t know about you but I LOVE to give gifts. And usually when the gift is SO GOOD, I can hardly wait until that special day arrives so that I can see their face as they open their present. I am usually so excited that I start to cry myself when so much heart has gone into that special gift, a present that has so much emotional ties running through it. This is my heart for giving gifts and I can only hope to share that with you through this gift guide as I help you give one-of-a-kind and memorable gifts.

1. Watercolor Family Portrait

A watercolor painting turns your photos into works of art! Whether you want to use a professional photo or snapshot from your phone, using a photo that you love puts more emphasis on the sentimental bond of love between the people featured in the painting. These watercolor portraits are always a hit!

I am completely blown away with how beautifully our family portrait came out. Watercolor is such a unique way to display our family of five on our walls; personalized art is such a great conversation piece! To say I’m happy with the way it came out would be an understatement. Thank you Sam for yet again creating something beautiful for our home!

Jamie C.

For more information and to purchase: Watercolor Family Portraits

2. Hand Drawn Papercut Silhouette

I’ve been selling these little cuties since 2014! I love how the stylized look of their profiles make you focus in on their unique features: their buttons noses, the shape of their lips, and the curl of their hair. Creating a silhouette is a fun yet classic way to add variety to your gallery wall and it’s sure to be a memorable gift, treasured for years to come.

I have had the silhouette that Sam made for me, placed in focal point of my home for just over a year now. I absolutely love it just as much today as I did the first day it was in my house! It reminds me of my three little babies when they were babies! The way Samantha was able to capture their perfect little noses, their plump cheeks, those kissable lips, and their unbelievably long eyelashes just takes me right back! It’s very special how one piece of art can give me so many wonderful memories as a Mom. Of all the things Samatha has done for my family this one is a top fave! She’s easy to work with, quick to respond, and her talent is amazing!! This is something that will hold its value for years and years to come, I’m so thankful I ordered this when I did!!

Katie W.

Links to purchase: Single Person or Siblings Silhouettes

3. Floral Last Name Sign

I don’t think I could describe why I love these signs so much, not any more than the Avett Brothers say in their song: “Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.” There’s so much love and history in a last name, so many memories behind each family. These last name signs immortalize that love in a beautiful way!

My favorite part? The colors are customized to match the decor in your home! It can be such a struggle to find the right artwork to hang on your walls that will match what you already have! Problem solved!

Links to purchase: Floral Last Name Sign or Evergreen Last Name Sign or message me to discuss a custom design like the Maine coast one pictured above.

4. Floral Letters and Papercut Silhouettes

If you just can’t pick between the last two products, here’s a combo option of my Floral Letters with the papercut silhouettes. The 8×10 size is perfect for family’s with 2 kids, but larger sizes and other variations are available—it’s the magic of custom made art!

To purchase: Floral Letters with Papercut Silhouettes

5. Custom Painting of Favorite Verse or Saying

The final route is going totally custom and having a favorite verse or saying written in watercolor calligraphy, all painted within a watercolor floral wreath! Sometimes while I walk through my favorite home decor store, none of their word based wall art truly speaks to me and my family. So I love when I get to paint a family verse and always love creating art around an old family quote or saying—it’s so close to the heart, sentimental and a family treasure. Some additional ideas for those on your Christmas gift list: song lyrics from the newlywed’s first dance song, a motivational saying for someone needing some daily encouragement, or maybe a saying about why grandmas are the best! Whatever option you choose, it’s sure to be a favorite piece on their wall!

To purchase: Custom Watercolor Painting

6. Initial Ornaments

Let me introduce you to my latest product release! I am always on the hunt for our traditional annual ornament, but these handpainted letters have so many purposes! Last year I used them as gift tags and then encouraged my friends to use them as the ornaments on their trees. You could also buy them in a larger set and string them together to make a garland with your favorite Christmas saying.

To purchase: Initial Letter Handpainted Ornaments

7. Rubber Stamps for DIYs and Gifts

This time of year, I get a lot of orders in my Etsy shop for my Christmas stamps but also crafting stamps! Whether you are looking for that finishing touch to your gift tags, if you home make your gifts and need a special tag for that added personalized touch, or maybe you’ve looking to gift a bookplate stamp to your favorite young reader—I got you covered!

Shop stamps here:

• Merry Christmas stamp
• To and From rubber stamp
Christmas themed, return address stamp
• Baked with Love stamp
• Handmade with Love stamp
• Bookplate stamps
• And many more saying and designs available!

8. Address Stamps

While you can buy this kind of stamp to gift to a loved one or for a hostess gift, it’s always fun to buy one for yourself! Save yourself a lot of time when addressing your Christmas cards by purchasing a custom calligraphy return address stamp!

To purchase: Custom Calligraphy Address Stamp

9. Gift Tags

Once you have all your gifts in place, don’t forget the gift tags! Truly the perfect final touch to your one-of-a-kind gifts!

I have quite a few options here… whether you want ink:

Or handpainted watercolor tags:

Stephanie Weber Photography

Or want printed ones where you fill the name in yourself!

10. Menu and Placecards

My gift tags can also be used as placecards for Christmas dinner! Your guests can then take them home as a little favor from one very memorable Christmas!

Darla Winn Photography

And lastly, as my free gift to you, download and print my Christmas menu printable! Get your freebie here!

Thanks for taking the time to go through my gift guide! There really is so much stuff to cover, but if you have any questions—please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m only an email away… message me via the Contact page at the top of the screen OR directly through Etsy. I look forward to working with you!

Sam Allen Creates: April thru June 2019

The month of April focused almost fully on Mother’s Day preparations! Which I love because as a mama myself, I just love to celebrate mom’s of all kinds! The latter half of this quarter then went back to focusing on the summer wedding season!


There’s a lot to cover this month, so let’s get started!

Mother’s Day gifts

For this year’s Mother’s Day promotions, I created this card as a freebie for orders of watercolor portraits and papercut silhouettes! It was such a hit!

One of my most popular products for Mother’s Day is always my papercut silhouettes. I love drawing out these sweet profiles, their noses and eyelashes or maybe even their fur!

This year, I included a Buy 1, Get 1 Free promotion. It was such a great way to buy a set for grandma but then get to keep one for mama too!

My watercolor portraits didn’t launch until summer last year so this was their first Mother’s Day season! Each of these were gifts from the mamas to the grandmas… so sweet! Shop watercolor portraits here.

And then this was to honor the multi-generations of women in the Parker family! Not only did this make a great Mother’s Day gift, but also a great wedding gift! See more wedding day watercolor portraits here.

In April, I also made a great addition to my shop with the option of colored envelopes to my card collection! I really love the added color these bring to my watercolor cards! Shop cards here.

All of the following photos were from card orders in April alone! It was a busy and fruitful month!

And of course, I can’t forget to include watercolor tags!

And some green watercolor tags, scroll down to see the real wedding photos!

Before the month came to a close, I also made up several more sets of vow books for Stephanie Weber Photography’s gift sets for her wedding couples! I can’t wait to share more of these with you as Stephanie photographs them on the wedding days!

Speaking of vows…. I wish you could fully appreciate the size of these pieces, but wow, what a joy to work on these for Vivian’s wedding anniversary! I love when couple’s choose to document their wedding vows, hanging on their walls to be reminded daily of their commitment to one another.

Now on to wedding work! First up are a few in-studio shots from this California wedding! I love the classic black and white look… can’t wait to see the real wedding photos of how these were displayed.

I also got to design these wedding invitations for Carina and Gilbert’s Cancún wedding! I’m so excited to see how her photographer, Melissa Fe Chapman, documents their destination wedding!

And before I share the real wedding photos from these May weddings below, here’s some of my in-studio shots.. if you’ve been reading my blog these past few months, you may recognize some of these.

First up are these navy watercolor signs and name cards for an east coast wedding!

And then some dusty rose beauties for an Arizona wedding!

I’m still hoping for real wedding photos of these tent cards but here’s my own personal shots. Love this classic black and white look with the meal choice in gray.

And of course we can’t forget the styled shoots of the month!

First up is this shoot at Higuera Ranch with Styled Shoots Across America… I’m planning on sharing a full blog post on the day so here’s just a sneak peek, photos by Ty Pentecost Photography.

And another peek at this shoot at Rancho Pavo! This truly is my only peek so far as the shoot will be published soon and then I can reveal more! Photo by Golden Arrow Photography.

Artwork for Baby Girl Nurseries

And lastly, for the new babies! I love getting to paint up artwork for baby nurseries! I hope these new mamas find peace gazing at these paintings during those late night feedings… I know I memorized all the artwork in my son’s room during all those long nights! Floral letter paintings available here.

Or for a more custom piece, shop here.


On to the month of May! Of course the start of the month, included some more Mother’s Day gifts!

From papercut silhouettes

…to watercolor portraits!

The month continued on to include a wide range of items. Like this one from a very thoughtful husband who commissioned this watercolor brush calligraphy painting of a saying he always says to his wife. How sweet is that?!

At some point I blinked and before I knew it I was sending out invitations to my son’s third birthday party! What a whirlwind!

In preparation for the summer weddings, I made quite a few table number signs in a wide range of colors! Love this first shot by Paul Blackmore Photography for a classy nautical wedding. Shop table numbers here.

One of my returning brides requested a matching “thank you” card to my printed cards that I released earlier in the year. I was more than happy to whip these up for her and create a new listing in my shop!

While I love my printed cards, I sure do love the fully handpainted cards too, like this gold bridesmaid card!

And here’s a few more brush calligraphy items, from tags for toy box bin labels to wedding placecard tags and tent cards!

Just in time for Disney/Pixar’s Up movie release date, I created this watercolor painting inspired by the film! I love how it came out so much!! Purchase a print for your home or to gift here.

I loved painting up this Sisters painting for my friend Trisha’s new home! This color combo was so fun to work with! I loved having the variety to work with.

Have you ever heard of a Jefferson dinner? It’s a dinner party where all the guests are encouraged to converse on a wide range of topics to encourage bonding between different groups of people. I loved getting to make up these topic cards for them!

And now it’s Real Wedding time!

Starting with the first weekend of May, Gabrielle and Cole’s east coast wedding! See more of their big day here.

I adore the look of white ink on acrylic and was thankful for this project from my long time friend, Amanda! I plan to blog this wedding so stay tuned for more! Photos by Lorina Winter.

I also love this white and green color combo—especially when it’s my favorite shade of green! Photos by McCall Burau from Lucky Malone Photography

And another favorite wedding, this gorgeous blush and peach wedding in Arizona! So stunning! See more in their full blog post here.

Lastly, some classic black ink on white tags for this northern California wedding. Photos by The Allens Photography.


The beginning of June always centers around our little man’s birthday! This year we had a Paw Patrol themed party at the park! We also adventured around Santa Rosa Plateau with his Auntie Jess and took his birthday photos! One of which, with his favorite Bear, that I painted below. To see his photo shoot, take a look at Jess’ site here. Love!

After releasing my printed bridesmaid thank you cards in May, I received a request for matching best man and groomsman cards! And of course, I was more than happy to oblige!

And speaking of cards, here’s an assortment of the many cards painted up this month!

And some more watercolor calligraphy! Love these bridesmaid gift bags given by the bride during her bridal luncheon! Such a cute idea! Photos by Stephanie Weber Photography.

And now it’s Real Wedding time!

A sweet 10 year wedding anniversary party by Sarah Kovel Events.

And a pool side wedding with gold, blush and gray tones! Photos by Jane Decle Photography

And some acrylic table numbers for a California wedding! Photo by Brittany Taylor Photography.

Of course, the month of June couldn’t end without working on day of stationery for July! Here’s some sneak peeks of my own in-studio shots, but I hope to include the real wedding shots in my next recap blog post in a few months!

I also worked on two styled shoots during June that would be taking place in the month of July. I took some of my own photos before mailing out the packages so until my next recap post, I’d love to share my photos but just wait until you see the photos from the pros!

I loved working on this package of love letters for Stephanie Weber Photography. I started with applying a custom mix watercolor wash to the paper. A variety of brown and yellow tones to give it in a vintage book feel. Then I wrote out a few custom phrases as well as some longer letters to complete the look. The photos from the shoot are breathtaking! Can’t wait to share in more in its very own blog post.

This next suite was photographed in Colorado and then Texas in July, but here’s my sneak peek shots from June! I loved experimenting with creating the paper texture for the tent cards and wedding invitation.

Just one last bit of eye candy for you stationery lovers… I sent one of my favorite wedding invitation suites EVER up to Ariana Del Mundo in Canada to be photographed. She was a dream to work with and has such a sweet heart! See more of her work here!

Phew! That was a lot to cover! If you hung on through the end, wow! I appreciate you and your dedication to my heart for paper goods! Until next time… xoxo, Sam

Courtney & Josh’s Travel Themed Wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona

Courtney first got in touch with me over an order of wedding day cards for her bridal party. I loved working on them for her, having no idea all the fun projects she would later have me work on for her gorgeous wedding in sunny Arizona! My dusty rose paint and I were on very friendly terms by the time I completed her escort tent cards, placecards, table numbers and signs! I’ll let Courtney take it from here…

How did you choose your colors? We wanted something timeless that wouldn’t look “dated” in five years, ten years, or even 20 years. We love the look of neutrals and also didn’t want colors that clashed with the natural beauty of our venue and its stunning background with the mountains.

Did you have any special traditions incorporated into your ceremony? Our ceremony was not religion-specific, however, because I am catholic it was important to me that a male figure served as our officiant. Johns uncle is a chaplain within the United States Air Force, and he really went above and beyond to make sure our ceremony was memorable. To honor my late grandfather who was a high ranking officer in the Air Force, he wore Air Force dress blues. My grandmothers wedding ring that she wore during her 64 year marriage was graciously given to me as a gift and now serves as my wedding band. My mother gifted me the same lucky penny that her father (my grandfather) gifted to her on her wedding day-I kept it in my right shoe for luck.

Welcome Table with Guest Book Globe

What inspired your travel theme? Our travel theme was inspired by John’s career as a pilot as well as the important role traveling has played in our 6 years together. Our first year of dating, John was flying small jets in Alaska in order to build up his flight time so he could fly commercial in the lower states. This meant that he split his time between 2 weeks a month in Alaska and 2 weeks a month in Texas, so I consider our relationship to have started out as being “long distance”. Also, before we met, I had only ever been to the Bahamas, but since dating, john as taken me to five countries, including our furthest journey to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). His passion for travel soon became a shared passion between the two of us as. And since there’s never a dull moment when you’re traveling standby-it has made our relationship stronger and allowed us to see that we work well together as a team. John really took the travel theme of the wedding to the next level when he pulled off a surprise fly-over at the very end of the ceremony which timed perfectly with our first kiss!

What was your favorite part of the day? Our first look was super emotional and just a whirlwind but I would say it was one of our top favorite memories from the day. No doubt about it though, the flyover was just perfect, and the fact that john was able to pull it off as a total surprise had every person crying, cheering, and completely ecstatic. It was just incredible.

Escort Card Display

Features family wedding photos from the past…

The Wedding Reception

The travel theme was brought in on the reception tables with subtle gold airplane placecard holders, each holding my watercolor painted placecards.

What was most challenging in planning the wedding? Planning a wedding out of state is no walk in the park. You have to pick everything based on how you THINK it will look and the opinions of your vendors (thank god we have a wonderful planner and wonderful team). Note to all out-of-town brides-carrying your wedding dress through the terminal will build you some nice arm muscles before the big day! The cost-we thought having a small wedding would save us some money, but in the end we totally blew our budget without intention. Also, there are WAY too many options when it comes to weddings-you can drive yourself truly insane by trying to look for “an even better option”-but I suppose this is better than the days where you had four options and that was all. Honestly though, it was worth every penny and every ounce of stress because it was truly a beautiful day and a wonderful way to start our marriage <3

Venue: El Chorro
Daniel Kim Photography
Videography: Isley Creative
A Day to Cherish
The Wildflower AZ
La Tavola Fine Linen

Flatlay Inspiration with Selycia Yang

Last fall I was overjoyed when Selycia Yang allowed me to join her creative team for a styled shoot in Savannah, Georgia at the Wormsloe Historic Site. It’s such a stunning location and I had fun experimenting with different techniques to create an illustration of the famous Spanish moss covered gate and entrance.

I love the elements Selycia used in her flatlays, like that vintage silver wax seal stamper!

Selycia then asked me to create an alternate invitation suite to give variety for the photographers that were attending the shoot. I had been wanting to work on a watercolor crest for awhile so I took my chance to create one for the shoot. While the first suite included pointed pen calligraphy, it was a fun challenge to use the same color scheme but with watercolor. The result were two very different suites!

A few more items were created for the shoot and for fun like this bouquet recipe shot!

I loved making these items for Selycia to style and photograph! So many details! View more of Selycia’s work on her website and Instagram!

8 Ways to Make your Reception Table As Unique as You!

I’m so excited to be sharing these photos by Stephanie Weber Photography, showcasing my wedding day watercolor stationery product line. My goal was to create an immersive set of paper goods where a bride’s reception table would be complete with table numbers, menus, and placecards all done in matching watercolor!

Before I show you the galleries, please take note of these amazing ladies who made this possible:

From our photographer and stylist: Putting together this tablescape session was a dream! It was all about the details, and who doesn’t love that. It is not often that I get to photograph these intricate details that go into table settings. In fact, I feel that this is often overlooked in weddings. Some of my advice to my brides is to not skimp on these details, they make all the difference. It is what your guest will remember. Where they sit for most of their time on your day. This is a space to introduce to your guest to what you love, a space to let them know a little bit more about you. My brand is soft, romantic and timeless, so it was with no question that Sam Allen Creates, Bloom Theory Florals and Rustic Peony Co. were the perfect combination. We created several tablescapes based on seasons, and colors, some bold and some classic. We chose to accent different colors with each set to give a vintage, modern or bold look. We repurposed and combined styles to show our brides that you can completely repurpose a look with only minor changes. Like simply changing the accent color, or adding a floral plate to a solid modern color, to give it a vintage and classic look vs a modern feel.

It was so fun to style these, it allowed all of us to get creative and dive into our craft. Plus, there is nothing better than working with an amazing group of talented women.

Classic Black and White

My favorite aspects of my watercolor line is how the brush calligraphy can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the style of the wedding… on the menus, the watercolor is paired with a font and that font can really set the tone and the personality for the wedding making each collection unique.

Gold and Bold

From our tabletop rental company, Sandrina of Rustic Peony Co: When creating what I consider a perfect tablescape, I love to add height and dimension which can be done with candles, candleholders, florals, linens and tableware. I also like to keep in mind a couple of things while creating a tablescape, are views unobstructed to the people sitting across from you, giving you a chance to easily have a conversation without cranking your head around decor or moving florals and can a person eat and drink comfortably.

Vintage Purple

More from Sandrina: Clients often ask what china, I think they should use for their day. I first start by asking what is their theme/style, color palette and ambiance they want to achieve. Seems overkill to ask for those things, right, after all were talking about glassware and dinner plates. On the contrary, most times I have people who will say I want a shabby chic rustic look and when they send in their Pinterest board (thank the Lord for Pinterest) it’s boho romantic. I of course would suggest different options for each of those styles.

A Fan Favorite: Navy and Rose

From our florist, Charm of Bloom Theory Design: Making a table setting unique doesn’t take too much. Create conversation pieces with centerpieces and details! A bit of garnish on a menu to elevate the experience is always a nice touch.

Modern Neutrals with a Pop

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with classic white florals. They match everything! And so does the sage green watercolor stationery! Add a pop of color, like pink shown here, adds so much character to the table making this a great tablescape for the spring.

Vintage Romantic

I love how Stephanie styled this tablescape. Using a rich neutral, like gray, as an accent color makes the main color pop. My customers often use gray as the color of the text on my menus and the outcome is always so beautiful!

Peaches & Cream

More from our florist, Charm: Fruits being placed throughout the reception table is also another way to make it unique and casual. The fruits should edible, so that you get to share this experience with others as you wait for the courses to arrive. Totally beats looking at the phone, and encourages conversation!

Old World Charm

For this tablescape, we just swapped out the dusty rose watercolor stationery, from the last set up, for the walnut brown menus, table numbers and delicate banner placecard tags. Such a small change but it changes the tone of the table to an old world feel. This is my favorite tablescape for a fall wedding!

Thanks for taking a peek! What table would best suit your unique personality? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Shop my full watercolor stationery line here:
Table Numbers
Tent Cards
Name Tags
Ceremony Programs

Purple Florals Contrasted with Industrials, Brick at Liberty Station Wedding Styled Shoot

Jaymee Lynn Photography

Coming in to the New Year I was excited to get back to work after Christmas break and this was the first suite up! Here we are 8 months later and it’s still one of my favorites!

Take a scroll and reminisce with me over this glorious purple lavender shoot that was mixed with silver galvanized metals at Brick 828 at Liberty Station in San Diego. The venue is so named as you are surrounded by the rich red bricks, giving the event such a warm light!

I received so many glorious galleries from the many photographeres at the shoot, but I narrowed it down to two ladies’ images to share with you today! Take a look!

Jaymee Lynn Photography
Stormy Peterson Photography
Stormy Peterson Photography

I loved this welcome table set up with the seating chart displayed on galvanized metal sheets! They were stunning in person but challenging to photograph!

Stormy Peterson Photography

As always, Kristin Smith of KS Floral Concepts brought the most amazing florals! I’m in love with her bouquets and installations!

Stormy Peterson Photography
Stormy Peterson Photography
Jaymee Lynn Photography

Creative Team
Photographers: Jaymee Lynn Photography & Stormy Peterson Photography
Planning/Design & Creative Leader: Jessica Schmuckle Photography
Host: Styled Shoots Across America
Venue: Brick.828
Florals: KS Floral Concepts
Rentals/Styling: Touched By Time
Models: @_shyla_xx @ckenny_27
Gown: @luluswedding
Models: @allison_allen_hairstylist @steven_lamberta
Invites/Calligraphy: Sam Allen Creates
Mens Wear: Friar Tux
HMUA: Peretti Hill
Tabletop rentals: Hostess Haven
Lace Boots, lace shoes, garter: House of Elliot Lace Boots
Custom wine, shot & champagne glasses, hangers, flask: @everytingdonetoat
Custom Hair piece: The Lucky Sixpence
Cake: Wednesday Cake
Tiles: @molly.wat
Perfume: Anthropologie
Ribbons: @honeysilks
Ring box: The Mrs Box
Brides Ring: Rings by Bethany Crandell
Embroidery: Lisa Emerita
Handkerchiefs: The Handkerchief Shop
Leather jacket: Kimberly George Art

Whimsical Alice In Wonderland Garden Wedding Inspiration

When Stephanie Weber and Melissa Fe Chapman reached out to me about working on an Alice in Wonderland styled shoot, I enthusiastically responded, “YES!!”

I love all things Disney so when I get to combine that passion with my love of paper and design, I just get giddy!

The mood board for the shoot was primarily a garden wedding, so I while I designed the invite, I thought about ways to make the invitation classy like a garden wedding but whimsical for Alice’s topsy turvy world.

I wrapped the invite in a sheet of vellum printed with vines, but with a unique cut for that touch of whimsy, but my favorite part was the wax seal, impressed with a key! These elements combined to give that “through the looking glass” feel as you enter into Wonderland.

Once the guest opened up their invitation, they were greeted with a simple invite with draping vines. A pop of color was added through the blush pink envelope and large handpainted flowers!

My next project was creating matching vow books and a quote from Alice: Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.

Alright! Enough about the paper details, let’s get to the gorgeous bride… the most perfect Alice!

From Stephanie: We recreated a lot of the elements in the film, from the tea cups, clocks and whimsical florals to the “eat me” cookies, and we even had Lewis, Carol and Alice join our mad tea party as our very important guests. The designs chosen for the ceremony and reception site included a mismatched combination of shabby chic rentals, bringing to life the mad tea party. We showcased vintage books, keys, and even The White Rabbit made an appearance throughout the shoot.

The best part of working on a styled shoot is seeing all the vendors coming together, each with their own talents, to create something fresh and unique. Since I got to attend this shoot in person, I loved watching the florist work, as Alison arrived with buckets of beautiful stems and then transformed them into these amazingly intricate installations!

As the photographers moved on from shooting the ceremony to portraits, the vendor team assembled to redress the area for the reception. No one had worked together prior to this day, and yet we all worked seamlessly with the final vision in mind. It was so fun to watch the photographers and organizers of the shoot to come back later and see it all done and put together, that’s a sign of a good team for sure!

More from Stephanie: We ended our shoot as the sun set and our couple enjoyed reading a book, much like when the story began with Alice and she entered wonderland as her sister read her a book.

As featured on Bridal Musings:

Read more from Stephanie Weber Photography’s perspective here:

Creative Team
Photographer: Stephanie Weber Photography
Chateau Adare Estate
New Creation Floral & Vineyard Floral Design
Stationery & Calligraphy:
Sam Allen Creates
CocoaBerry Cake Co.
Vintage Lounge, Dessert Table & Peony Arch:
Le Petit Jardin Rentals + LPJ Rentals Stylist
Vintage Furniture Rentals & Decor:
Table Top Rentals:
Birdie In A Barn Event Rentals
Bradley Toms
Sandy Hillegaart Beauty
Friar Tux and Stitch & Tie
AW Bridal
Ring Box:
Lace Byrd
Acrylic Signage:
Olive Mint Shop
Velvet Ribbon:
Emma Linh
Stephanie Weber Photography + Melissa Fe Chapman Photography

Gabrielle + Cole’s Dusty Blue + White Spring Wedding at Callawassie Island. Photographed by Dana Cubbage.

Last fall, Gabrielle reached out to me about a painting of Avett Brothers lyrics for signage at her spring wedding… and then a floral painting of an H for her new last name… and then addressing her wedding invitation envelopes… and then…. and then…

When a favorite customer returns time and time and again, it sure makes me happy. It means that they love working with me and appreciate my work and that truly means the world to me!

Gabrielle’s amazing photographer, Dana Cubbage, was kind enough to send me the gallery from their May wedding in South Carolina. She took so many details shots which made me feel like I was right there in the front row during this gorgeous wedding!

If you would like to work together on wedding placecards or signage as shown here, please reach out via the Contact form linked at the top of the page!

Wedding Photography: Dana Cubbage Weddings | Coordination: Maggie Denison | Venue: Callawassie Island | Floral Design: Out of the Garden | Cake: Publix | Wedding Dress: Made With Love Bridal from Lovely Bride | Hair: Tracie Crafton | Makeup: Dannon K. Collard | Bride’s Shoes: Bella Belle | Bride’s Jewelry: personal | Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo from Bella Bridesmaids | Band: Saluda Shoals | Men’s Attire: Theory (groom) + Jos A Bank (groomsmen) | Catering: Callawassie Island Club | Rentals: Ooh! Events | Stationery: Pretty Papers + Gifts | Custom Signage: Sam Allen Creates | Videography: Withers Films

See more on Dana’s blog::

Sam Allen Creates: January thru March 2019

This was an unusual start to the year for me! My shop usually gets busy in January but this year it was rather slow which left me plenty of time to focus on some 2019 goals… take a look!


Going in to the new year, I had one major goal: to create and list more PRINTS! And this included printed versions of my godparent and bridesmaid cards! Since my shop was unusually slow, I got this goal for the year off my list right away!

Shop bridal party cards here and godparent cards here.

Midway through the month, the amazing Stephanie Weber planned and photographed an amazing shoot that featured my watercolor wedding line, florals by Bloom Theory Design and tabletop rentals by Rustic Peony Co! When I first approached her last October about doing this product shoot, I never could have imagined such beauty… it truly was a dream come true and I can’t wait to share more in a later blog post.

While I may work directly with brides more often than not, I love getting to work directly with photographers for their brides! These vow books were commissioned and photographed by Janita Mestre for her client welcome gifts! I love all her ribbon, textures and dishes. Such a pretty setting for my handmade books.

Much of the month was spent working on styled shoots that both took place in Southern California at the end of the month….

Next month I’ll be sharing a full post on this, but I have to share a sneak peek with you now! This Alice in Wonderland themed wedding was absolute perfection! Essentially it was a whimsical garden wedding but with the perfect touch of Alice scattered throughout the details: rabbits, clocks, and keys graced the grounds at Chateau Adare in Murrieta! Melissa Fe Chapman and Stephanie Weber dreamed up the perfect shoot for Alice!

That same week, Jessica Schmuckle with Styled Shoots Across America designed a rustic purple wedding at Brick in San Diego. I loved the combo of shabby chic and galvanized metal… it gave the open space such a glam yet vintage feel. Photos by Jaymee Lynn Photography.

One last project for the month was addressing these invitation envelopes for a wedding in South Carolina! I just love this writing style, it’s a favorite of mine for sure!