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I don't know about you but I LOVE to give gifts. And usually when the gift is SO GOOD, I can hardly wait until that special day arrives so that I can see their face as they open their present. I am usually so excited that I start to cry myself when so much heart has gone into that special gift, a present that has so much emotional ties running through it. This is my heart for giving gifts and I can only hope to share that with you through this gift guide as I help you give one-of-a-kind and memorable gifts. 1. Watercolor Family Portrait A watercolor painting turns your photos into works of art! Whether you want to use a professional photo or snapshot from your phone, using a photo that you love puts more emphasis on the sentimental bond of love between the people featured in the painting. These watercolor portraits are always a hit! I am completely blown away with how beautifully our family portrait came out. Watercolor is such a unique way to display our family of five on our walls; personalized art is such a great conversation piece! To say I’m happy with the way it

Just in time as we reach the halfway point of 2022, here I am with my final Year in Review blog post from 2021! There were so many weddings that I wanted to wait for the professional images, so trust me when I say, the wait was worth it! September As I wrapped up all of the wonderful September weddings, I got started on my fall collection of Thanksgiving name tags! This year I added a watercolor option (link) and shared a Reel on Instagram documenting my photo shoot! Take a look! 🎥 The Butcher Block BBQ The start of September also included my husband driving up to Reno, Nevada for the Reno Rib Fest! He sold THREE THOUSAND racks of ribs that weekend with his teammates! Insane! Take a look at all the delicious eats he creates here. Watercolor Portraits and Custom Paintings Next up, let's take a look at some watercolor family portraits and custom paintings