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1. Bookworld Once upon in Bookworld, all the characters in your favorite books found their home, an online home like Amazon but the Australian version! Crikey! Alright alright, it's really best described in Interbrand Austrailia's case study: Interbrand Creative Director Mike Rigby explains “our solution was born from asking ourselves a very simple question: have you ever wondered where the characters go when you close the book? The answer is, they go to Bookworld — where books come from.” This thought led to the literal creation of a “Bookworld” — a magical place where every book in the history of literature comes from. The fun, engaging and entertaining brand plays out across a series of illustrated, genre specific landscapes. From Crime City, to Horror-Ville and everything in between. Bookworld is also a place that’s full of characters. And many famous personalities and archetypes populate the communications. From Sherlock Holmes, to Frankenstein. The new logotype features a simple and bold “B” that is reminiscent of a book with the subtle “W” designed to look like a Bookmark. The logo is also designed to open up in animation — much like a book — revealing the magical world within. Found via Brand New. 2. Breadshop Logo Design by

1. Signpost to Literary Favorites I really want a sign like this even though I have no idea where I would put it. I think it serves as an inspiration for my dream baby shower though. Pinned by Vania Morris, originally from Summer Camp Program Director. 2. Tourism Illustrated Icons I love these illustrated icons by Topher Edwards that I found on Dribbble this week. Kinda reminds me of Aladdin's "A Whole New World" with that wavy sky in the background. 3.  Frida Clements Illustration Love this illustrated waterfall, reminds me of a large patchwork quilt. The details are my favorite though especially the pieces that extend passed "their square."  Found via Smile and Wave on Pinterest, originally from Frida Clemens' Etsy. 4. Stanmore School Interior Graphics I want carpet covered in typography! Okay well maybe not for my house but I will find somewhere to put it! Found via designworklife, designed by Frost* Design. 5. City of Montgomery, Alabama Designs this pretty make me so so excited! I love the variety of design styles that John Wilson pulled together so seamlessly, you see modern and clean typography with handwritten detail plus an etched deer. All that sounds so mismatchy but it just looks beautiful. Thanks Graphic Exchange for

1. BOOMBOX 100 Days, 100 Places, 100 Songs, 100 Dances, 1 Guy = Ely Kim I found this video last Friday morning and it sure started the last day of the work week off perfectly and happily so I suggest you do the same today. This video will just bring a smile to your face and make you want to get up and dance dance dance. With an Asian guy. In random public places. Or inspire you to start a personal daily project yourself

Just last night Andy and I got back from a week spent in South Dakota on his grandparents' ranch. It is literally in the middle of nowhere. One hour to the nearest town=gas, groceries, shopping for the necessities of any kind. I just went through the 700 photos I took on the ranch and chose a few that truly sum up our time there and the feeling you get there, there's a sense of peace when there's no Internet, no neighbors, no distractions of any kind. It was pretty hot there, of course not even as hot as home is in Southern California right now, so we stayed indoors most the day unless we went in to town which is why many of these are taken at sunset. Truly the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, starting with the first one during our flight on a little prop plane from Wyoming to Pierre, South Dakota. The Lyons' have had many horses throughout their time here but right now they just have two, Shadow and Sell. I loved seeing them silhouetted against the sunset on our second night there. Well here's one that wasn't even taken on the ranch and not even

What a whirlwind of a weekend! Just last night we got back from Camp Nelson in the Sequoia National Forest. We were celebrating our dear friend Brittany's upcoming nuptials with our dear mommies. Every fall, our moms go up to Camp Nelson for an official Girls Weekend. No kids, just the moms. But to celebrate the bride, our moms treated us to a first class weekend away. They pampered us in every way and cooked the most amazing food! Brittany was given special gifts, like the world's most amazing fairy garden terrarium filled with miniature memories from all of us. And of course, the fairy that lives at the cabin continuously left us gifts, waiting on the doorstep of her little tree cottage—gifts like bridesmaids pins, fairy tattoos, and bubbles. Seriously this weekend was amazing. Our moms are just so amazing and it was just the start of celebrating my very special friend Brittany! These next three months are just going to be so much fun! Here are just a handful of photos along with an extra special montage video of Brittany's Fairy Weekend! Remember Eli's birthday video, this was also created with iMovie. And was pretty much complete before leaving the

1. Jess & Russ Wedding Site The most epically amazing website that tells the story of Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer and their relationship from the beginning to the engagement. And sprinkled throughout are amazing illustrations done by various artists. And it's one of those scrolling and scrolling and scrolling sites. Love them. First found via designworklife. 2. Disney/Pixar Brave Poster Loving the creative use of negative space in Merida's hair! Designed by Michael DePippo (featured his Muppet posters way back when), found via designworklife. 3. Style Redesign Brand Video This logo and brand come ALIVE in this video! You truly get the feminine energy while watching it and get a good idea on what Style is all about. I love the various looks of their logo signature too. Sigh. Designed by Gretel, Found via Brand New. 4. Hashtag for your Wedding! As an Instagram addict, I love the idea of having your very own hash tag for your wedding. #genius Found via Green Wedding Shoes. 5. How Flabby is Your Brain? Pretty flabby