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Being a graphic designer brings with it the obsession with all things type, whether it be an irrational love of the ampersand (&) or an undying love for old printing presses and with the love of the latter, comes the lust for wood type. And my mother, as wonderful as she is, indulges my love of all things font related because she at heart is just as smitten with the written word as I am. So it's thanks to her that these 5 beauties sit upon my mantle, showing off the wear and tear of years of hard work. And also thanks to Preserve Cottage, an Etsy shop that specializes in "Vintage Letterpress Kitchenwares Homewares and Sundries." And with that, my heart is happy.

Make sure you read through the design posts to find an extra sweet treat discovery! 1. Lettering versus Calligraphy As I have been exploring the art of lettering and calligraphy—which to many seem one in the same as the term lettering is rather vague—I got super excited to stumble upon the site of Lettering versus Calligraphy. I thought all the mysteries of the typography universes were about to be solved! While the site may not solve my age old question, I did find the site to be a fun adventure in type exploration ::nerd alert:: It consists of a visual dialogue between a letterer and a calligrapher, where they draw/write a letter responding to a keyword given by a moderator. The adventure aims to explore the capabilities of the two technical approaches. It delivers one letter daily and takes place online, where the visitors are invited to vote for their favourite. Found via swissmiss. 2. Brad Woodard's New Site Another fun site I found this week was the brand new site for illustrator Brad Woodard—a designer I have featured quite a few times now, and the designer of one of my favorite wedding invitation suites ever! Check it out—its full of amazing new work! Found via

Sorry to have missed this post last week, but there was just no way, no how I could manage it—plus I hadn't spent much time perusing the interwebs either. So carry on to the delayed Evernotes Every! 1. Engler Studio Identity I love the splashes of yellow amid the bold black and white, but what I really love is the concept behind this design for the interior decorating team at Engler Studio: We wanted to create a brand for Engler Studio that embraced its interior design skills, as well as its individual design personality. The main element of the brand is a graphic combination of patterns that overlap each other; they represent the images and colors you might find on an interior designer’s inspiration board, and also refer to the play of patterns, colors, light and shadows in a beautifully designed room. Designed by Eight Hour Day. 2. Gig Poster for Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings So much going on in this poster with the organic yet abstract shapes—yet it has a simple design in terms of color and imagery. It definitely caught my eye while browsing the pins of Pinterest. 3.  Antique a Mirror It's full speed ahead in redecorating our home office. As I was

1. Pantone 2013 Color Chart Love each and everyone of these! Found via Pinterest. 2. Jan V. White You could spend hours perusing the new Jan V. White site. As his About page states: Jan V. White is a magazine guru and design consultant to publishing companies. He has given more than 1800 seminars in 27 countries on the relationship of layout and graphics to editing. His goal is to persuade word-people to think visually and visual people to think verbally. Understanding each other and blending their skills increases the impact and quality of their shared product. And now eight of his books are online for free! Over his forty-year design career, Jan V. White wrote twelve books on grids, page layout, typography, designing charts and graphs, the use of color, and other aspects of information design. Now, eight of his classic design books can be yours, free. Seriously hours and hours can be spent on this site, truly an amazing gift to the design community! Found via Nubby Twiglet. 3.  Christel Llop Calligraphy Just last week I posted about needing to take a calligraphy class, well you guys, this stuff is hard! So far my letters are not looking the way I hoped. That class is looking more

I have been loving wooden crates ever since this post on Huckleberry Prairie! Since then, I've joined Pinterest and my obsession with crates has increased expontentially. But the thing is, I didn't own any crates. Not a one. Until one weekend while garage sale shopping for a bride. She was looking for crates too so we came home with 4–5 crates between the two of us! I only bought one, but I love it! I can't wait to get more. Here's my one and only crate, I love the metal detail on the corners. Here's to future crates and their decorative uses! Click the image for its source

As I mentioned in my Photo A Day post, I haven't left the house much. And for awhile, I was working from home a lot which leads me to this post. My home office is a disaster. Andy and I had dreams of a Pirate's Den even before we got this house but our lair has merged with a distribution center for BBQ sauce! I still have high hopes that we can make our two fields work together, even keeping our Pirates theme. I promise Andy, I will not throw out your endless supply of USPS boxes. For now, I am just thinking and planning—thanks to other bloggers and Pinterest, inspiration is not hard to come by. Here's just a few of my favorites (click the image for source)