Friday Footnotes


Let me introduce y’all to a new name for my Evernotes Every Friday postings…

Friday Footnotes

To end each week I will continue to be posting 3–5 “footnotes” of the week… when I first started the Evernotes Every Friday column 3 years ago it was strictly design related. But now as my tastes and interests have grown, quite often I will feature a DIY craft, an interesting wedding idea, or even a mouth watering recipe.

Plus, it’s not like I was endorsed by Evernote anyway. 🙂

So sit back and enjoy the end of the week with some Friday Footnotes….

P.S. Thanks to my friend Brittany for brainstorming with me and coming up with the new name!

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Chalkboard Wall Tree

I can’t believe Christmas is just next week, only days away. This year we ended up skipping the holiday decor around the house, there just wasn’t time to set it up nor time to enjoy it. So until next year, I am longingly stocking up on decoration ideas. Thanks to Lauren on Pinterest for this one! Originally found via Diary of a Fit Mommy.

2. Home Alone Illustration

Another, somewhat Christmas related find, is this illustration of Home Alone. It was fun to relive the movie going through all the floors… when I was a kid I went to bed wanting to have a dream of Kevin McAllister, hoping that I would be his sister and I could help him take the burglars down. Yeah, I was that kid. Found on Pinterest, originally by Adam Simpson (and it’s for sale!).

Home Alone by Adam Simpson

3. How to Hand Letter by Ann

I first saw Ann’s work at the Renegade craft fair over the summer, and have been following her work ever since. A few weeks ago she shared a “How to: Hand Lettering” post with book references and encouragement.

4. Clay Save the Date

And for my last two features, some fun wedding related finds! Ever since I made Christmas ornaments using clay and rubber stamps, I’ve kinda been in love with the endless possibilities the medium offers. So of course I gasped when I saw this DIY on Oh So Beautiful Paper! Love them! Plus I already sell Save the Date stamps in my Etsy shop!

5. Menu and Placards

And lastly, just a great idea on combining your menu with name cards at a wedding! Save some cash, and it looks beautiful! Photo from Jasmine Star.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Twine Wrapped Ampersand

I don’t know about you, but I am still loving these twine wrapped letters. But I love the idea of changing it up per season… swapping out fall flowers to winter snowflakes maybe? DIY found via Green Wedding Shoes.

2. Sign Making Video

Loving this behind the scenes look at the creation of wood signs. Found via Brave the Woods.

3. Turnover

For these next 3 features, I guess I was struck by new twists on the everyday products… So with that in mind, here’s a new spin on wall art. Creating custom art with interchangeable plates is such a cool concept and with only 3 themes, there’s already so many options to explore! View the Kickstarter here, found via designworklife.

4. Paperlux Bookmarks

Yet another cool concept featured on designworklife… Found out more about these bookmarks here.

5. Round Postage Stamps

Round stamps! Now there’s a little fun and different take on the everyday! Buy these Forever Stamps here, found via Besotted Blog.

Evernotes Every Friday, An Etsy Christmas Edition

Andy and I have a very distinct set of Christmas decorations… which made it hard the first year or so to get decorations that we liked, but every year it gets easier. Even Hobby Lobby had a whole aisle that was all about rustic woodsy Christmas decor. I was in love… but this week I took to Etsy to compile a list of the perfect Christmas decorations!

1. NOEL Letters

Decorating the mantel is always a favorite of mine… I pinned something similar to this last year, but I love it all the more this year!! We love the rustic Christmas look! And for only $35, this is a great deal! Head on over to The Lettered Lane for more options.


2. Personalized Hessian Sack Stocking

Oh I just LOVE this stocking! Of course its from the United Kingdom, so I kept searching and found one I love just as much from Giddy Up Gift. Needless to say, a burlap stocking is what my heart desires this year!

Silver Bobbin stocking

3. Reclaimed Wood Tree

Now we need a tree… I love these reclaimed wood trees! There’s quite a variety of them as well, including ones using drift wood, but I love how this one has the variety of knobs, keys and pulls.

reclaimed wood tree

4. Ceramic Christmas Ornaments

We try to keep our ornaments limited in colors to red, silver, gold, plus any rustic wood and whites… so this set of 3 ceramic discs would be perfect to go with our current ornaments! And of course, you know I love the stamped type! These ornaments were a close second though: twine wrapped heart and antique paper balls.


5. Advent Calendar

And last but not least, we need an Advent Calendar…. I love how these boxes are designed with a variety of type with a limited color scheme. Its just gorgeous… (The backing is sold separate here.)

advent calendar

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Typography Wrapping Paper

Okay now that Thanksgiving is over, how wonderfully cool is this type-centric wrapping paper?? Found via designworklife… designed by Angelo Stitz, and available for purchase here.

2. New York Specialty Coffee Map

This map of New York’s specialty coffee shops would have been extremely handy a few months ago… you can only consume so much Dunkin’ Donuts, ya know? Found via swissmiss, for purchase from Blue Crow Media.

3. Book Sculptures by Jodi Harvey-Brown

I know I’ve raved about paper sculpting and book sculptures before, but come on! They are just so so cool! This particular creation is by Jodi Harvey-Brown… found via Looks Like Good Design.

4. Fiction Inspired Wedding Suites

Speaking of books… after posting that beautifully illustrated wedding map last week, I also had found these ::nerd alert:: invitations to weddings themed after Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Gotta love the random finds of Pinterest.

5. Scrapbooking

It’s kinda crazy how obsessed I’ve become with scrapbooking over these past 2 years while working on books for the brides of weddings I’ve been in (that I plan to share once I get this last one done!). But I seriously love it… the freedom it allows gives me a creative outlet even though I have a creative job. Anyway, I just can’t wait to finish up this last “year of bridal beauty” book but until I can carve away a few moments to actually work on it, I will keep pinning away over some gorgeous layouts such as these. Follow my pins here.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. The Everygirl Site

You know those days where you just get lost in the Internet, going from one page to the next? Well that’s what happened to me this week after seeing a pin of this print from The Everygirl. I saved it for a later Monday Musings post and as I perused the website, I just loved the design of it. Especially the drop down menus. Seriously amazing and beautiful design so I just had to know more. After going through a few Google pages, I found the designer! Alaina Kaxzmarksi and her team just launched this site this week funny enough! So here’s a huge shout out to them… and seriously go check out the site. So many fun finds around every turn and click.

2. Gin Script

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful G’s I have ever seen… I seriously got lost in how the flourishes wrap around the word and the circle… #nerdalert… Found via The Dieline.

3. Galena Illustrated Map

And another design goody that I gawked at for a few minutes. So many details without overpowering the usability of the map. Plus the colors, flowers, type, all of it just made me really happy. Just gorgeous work with a few more images of the suite hereFound via Pinterest.

4. ToGo Burger Packaging

Apparently I did some more “gawking” at my computer screen because this design super impressed me too! What a marvelous idea! Seriously, some people are pure genius! Designed by Seulbi Kim, found via Looks Like Good Design.

5. Embroidered Wallpaper

Beautifully intricate embroidery work created on wall surfaces: wall panels and wallpaper murals; using leather, silks, and vintage papers. So pretty… Created by Claire Coles, Found via Mint Design Blog.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Article on the Confused & Diffused Creative

I love the Braid blog, but this article struck out to me right away as I found myself leaning in and nodding along as I read.

Let me guess. You’re the creative type with lots of ideas. So many ideas! TONS of ideas! And while that should feel like a blessing it often feels like a curse that has you either A) paralyzed or B) crying into your pillow because you can’t get focused, you feel scattered, and you don’t know where to start.

Sound familiar? Keep reading here.

2. The Importance of a Bio Photo

For at least a year now I have been saying that I need a new headshot… especially since that headshot over there on the right of my blog isn’t really a headshot since I had to crop my sister out of the original! This post by Jasmine Star has reminded me yet again that I really need to get a new photo!! Anyone up for trading services? 🙂

3. Colorado Tourism Wine Bottles

A few weeks ago I posted a Texas illustration but while my husband’s heart pines for the state where bigger is better (and hotter, thanks Jess for reminding me it isn’t all about BBQ)… my heart is still pining away for Colorado. And you guys, Colorado has some really awesome graphic design companies that put out work like this icon patterned wine bottle (designed by Karsh Hagen), for the annual Governor’s Tourism Conference in Colorado. Found via designworklife.

4. Globes by Bellerby & Co.

The husband and I tend to collect globes and maps in all shapes and sizes, so I was definitely drawn to the craftmanship of this London workshop. So many beautiful and top notch quality globes! Found via Looks Like Good Design.

5. Mocha Mint Frappe

My best friend and I have a crazy obsession for all things mint… and I think when she gets back from her honeymoon we may need to try these. Thanks Emma for making my whole mouth water at the sight of these! Find the recipe here.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Starbucks Red Cup Design

I read this really cool article on the back story of the annual design of the “red cups” at Starbucks. The post even shares the sketch that started it all… really cool concept and amazing execution across all the platforms from the cups to the coffee bean bags. Found via The Dieline.

2. Greg Lauren Limited Edition Fragrance

I haven’t a clue how this fragrance smells but the handmade packaging already makes me want to buy it!

Each bottle has the same feel but no two are exactly alike. ‘I wanted the bottle to feel special,’ says Lauren. ‘To do this I made the labels out of various materials. I used paper, fabric and even small scraps of vintage military fabrics. Then each has my hand-written name on a torn piece of classic masking tape. The labels are then stained with everything from coffee, ink, pencil and pastels.’

Found via The Dieline.

3. Chic iPad Cases

My husband asked if we could get an iPad as a joint Christmas present to ourselves. So what am I most excited for? Getting an iPad case of course! Thanks to Design*Sponge for their well timed article…

4. Kelly Moore’s Home

I really love this home, featured on A Beautiful Mess. And I really love the way she’s (Kelly Moore Clark) printed large scale images of her children, and their family, making each print into a piece of art really. When can I move in? 🙂

5. “Halloween Haters” Decor Tips

I have definitely said that a few times this season, “I hate Halloween.” But just as this article mentions the demons and skanky girl outfits, I would say I wholeheartedly agree. On a whole other note though, it is a welcome into Autumn which is definitely my favorite season of them all and this article has quite a few darling decorating tips! Read it in full on The House that Lars Built.