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November 2012

I hope you all noticed this post missing from your very festive Black Friday! No? Oh well. In case you were missing it, these first two items have rolled over from last week's delayed post. 1. Pop Up Gala Invitation Remember making these pop up cards as a kid? I seriously loved to make them—for every occassion! Of course, this invitation for the St. Louis Public Library’s end-of-year Gala is much more sophisticated with its lovely teal paper peeking out behind the papercut building. I want to be invited just to be able to hold this invite, I mean, even the pop up has popups. My elementary school heart loves the creativity here, down to the smallest detail of the stars in the sky. Designed by TOKY, found via designworklife. 2. Spray Chalk Another project meant for last week's posting, spray chalk! Seriously imagine the possibilities! Found via Pinterest, originally from Oh Happy Day. 3.  Illustrated Children's Books I'm already pretty picky about books and picking books based on their covers, i.e. I will not buy a book that uses the hot new movie characters. Nor will I buy a book for a little kid, or for a baby shower, that has less than stellar

Okay, I am still in shock that summer has come and gone but now it's almost December and almost Christmas. Making these collages each week makes everything seem to go by so much faster but I just can't stop. Well of course, now that the wedding season is past, it's back to being all about the babies. They just keep growing, what's up with that? My week included snuggle sessions with some 6 and 7 month olds, lots of Christmas jammie sessions, wedding scrapbook creating (and one completing), some turkey and giving thanks, and then the craze to the end the week with some Black Friday shopping. Couldn't ask for much more than that. :) Oh, and a little P.S. right here: did you get any Twinkies or Hostess cupcakes this past week? My husband went out and grabbed a box the day of the announcement. We had quite the ceremony for little Eli's first and last Hostess cupcake. 16/the view from your window, 17/the last thing I bought, 18/happened this week, 19/something awesome, 20/work/play, 21/what I wore, 22/grateful, 23/black

Once upon a time, eight years ago to be exact, I received a Myspace message from a prince from a far away land. Actually one land over from po-dunk Wildomar. I mean, a land flowing with DeJongs Dairy milk and home to the Tigers. I had just graduated from high school a mere five months earlier when I received this random Myspace message from a guy named Andy Allen. A 22 year old at that! I had briefly chatted with him in person after my senior portrait session at his work, he was a pretty quiet guy but I definitely remembered him! To this message I replied, and after a few messages about MSJC's multimedia design program, the lengths began to dwindle from there and then a few weeks went by without a whisper. Then I had an amazing revelation at a church youth event that changed my life

1. Martin Treu Site Design Here's a wonderful combination of illustration and web design at its best! For Martin Treu, an architect, author, graphic designer and urbanist. To encompass all these traits, Projekt, Inc. and illus­tra­tor Scotty Reifsnyder created a fun WordPress site that utilizes a massive illustrated and animated homepage. Each subpage then shows a snippet of that main illustration, matching whichever building/sign that you clicked on. I just love it! Not only is it a great concept, the execution couldn't be better. Gotta love those colors, texture, and style. Found via designworklife. 2. Eat at My Desk Thanks to the previous post on designworklife, I found Projekt, Inc., a design company I will be for sure following in the future. Another project by them that I found so creative and amazing is Eat at My Desk, a parternship between businesses and restaurants, creating "a kind of virtual food court situation for their employees." I want to join! Hoping this idea catches on in southern California. Specifically Chino! 3.  Hover States Are you seeing a web design trend today? That gives you a hint at what I've been consumed with at work

This last week was a wonderful combination of business and relaxing-ness. We had an out of town (Laughlin) BBQ competition last weekend, the best part was that we weren't vending food so us girls just got to relax, play cards, and just catch up with one another. Another fantastically great part was that the whole Chapin family got to come out, so that not only meant time with Jamie but with her adorable kiddos (seriously look at those faces! ugh!). After a great weekend, this week so far has been so nice too. Busy yet not too much, a great balance of work/freelance with some downtime at night and I even got to fit in a Disneyland trip for a couple hours on evening! Whoo to the hoo! But seriously, November is now half over? Whaaaat? How's your November been? 8/something I do everyday, 9/small, 10/can't live without, 11/night, 12/drink, 13/where I slept, 14/man-made, 15/in my bag

Just 11 days ago, one of my best friends growing up got married. She is my oldest and closest friend yet to get married and I really couldn't be more excited. This past year with her has been so much fun and such an encouragement to our friendship. Our moms are best friends and they couldn't remind us enough about the value of friendship. Brittany met Eric just a mere month after Andy and I got married, so for the past 5 years I have been waiting for her to join me in wedded bliss! So that morning on November 3rd, Brittany turned to me and quietly, but excitedly, says "I'm getting married today." At her saying that, a billion memories and emotions hit me all at once leaving my breathlessly happy for my friend to marry her prince. I couldn't have been happier to join Brittany as she walked from our hotel room—where she prepared for the greatest day of her life—to get in the limo that was whisking us away to the wedding ceremony, where she would be becoming one with her love. I couldn't be happier to stand up with Brittany as she declared her unconditional love for Eric. And I couldn't be