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November 2011

A few weeks ago I announced that I was partnering with J. Rose Photography this Christmas by custom designing her several Christmas cards. Each card can be personalized with a color scheme specifically chosen to your photo and the wording be updated to your liking. As Christmas comes closer and closer, I wanted to post the card templates that you can choose from. But first, let me remind you of the deal J. Rose Photography is giving to my readers, 10% off her Christmas special which includes 1 8×10, 2 5×7, 8 wallets, and 25 Christmas cards with your portrait session. This is an amazing deal for $135! So please call her to schedule an appointment. However, if you have already taken your Christmas portraits, or have a photo in mind, you can still order Christmas cards through us for just $32.50, which includes 25 one-sided cards with envelopes. You can email me your photo and information at to place this order. All payments will be processed through Paypal. Anyway, onto the pretty Christmas cards

What a whirlwind holiday weeks become! Sorry for the delay in this Friday post! 1. Midnight Moon Packaging Love the bold black and white design that is extremely streamlined and clean, but then there's the added element of the sticker which gives it a hand applied look with the signature and the splashes in a variety of color. Found via Pinterest. 2. Neighborhood Studio: Oaksterdam Hydroponics The best fertilizer packaging I have ever seen! From the bold typography and color to the helpful icons, it's a winning design. Found via designworklife. 3. A Colorful Nook I totally want to do this!! And I have the perfect spot in our house to do it in! What an awesome way to have a "built in" without the building! Plus I've wanted to use that spot as a coat rack anyway! This is a perfect idea! Plus, I showed it to the hubby over the weekend and got approval! Thank you Bob or Connie Shukwit for the pin! 4. Papercut Shadowbox Since I have a hard time cutting straight lines with an Exacto knife, I truly appreciate any paper-constructionist and their skills! These shadowboxes are so beautiful, not just in the way they were meticulously cut out, but in the creative

Remember when I told you about my aunt-in-law's garden in Utah? Well, she sent us home with a giant banana squash! While we were staying at her house, she fed us so much food from her garden and one such item was her delicious squash. I didn't think I liked squash but I was willing to try it, plus she covers it in brown sugar and butter! So it turns out, I like squash! Or at least, I like brown sugar and butter with some squash on the side. I don't ever remember my mom making squash—sorry if you did Mom and I forgot!—so I never knew what to do with one even if I bought one at the grocery store. Anyway, this "recipe" is super simple! All you need is an hour's time to bake. Here's a step by step of what I did. I started with just half the giant banana squash and cut about a 6 inch wide ring off the end. And then cut the ring into four smaller pieces. Next, I used a spoon to scrape the seeds off. Then placed them with the rind facing up on a cookie sheet in the oven, setting the oven to 350º

One of my oldest and dearest friend's is having a baby in just a little over a month and I CAN NOT WAIT! I am so excited! Courtney and Andrew are going to be amazing parents! They love their little Jameson so much already and Andrew may be one of the most excited man I have ever seen to be a dad. The way he looks at Courtney is so genuinely sweet and he would just randomly reach over and rub her growing belly throughout the evening, even when I wasn't asking him to. Courtney and Andrew have been together since Courtney and I were sophmores in high school. Since then, Courtney and I went to junior college and then both attended Cal State San Bernardino together, majoring in graphic design. Throughout it all, Andrew was there by her side, being her biggest supporter and encourager. Then, two years ago, I was a bridesmaid in their wedding and got to stand up with them when they pledged to love each other forever. And here we are, awaiting their first child. So needless to say, I feel like we've all been waiting for this moment for 10 years! And now you've

1. DIY Stamps My lovely friend Kathleen posted a little DIY on making your own stamps with foam board. This has perfect timing for Christmas cards and gifts! Check it out. 2. Maternity Portraits I am taking one of my oldest friend's maternity photos tomorrow and I am so stoked, yet so nervous! I went a little pinning crazy this week and saved lots of posing ideas for it! Yay! One of my all time favorite photographers, Amelia Lyon, was a natural source of inspiration and this is one of my favorites

On Monday night, we got home from a quick 4 day trip to Utah. 2 days there, 2 days driving. My hubby's cousin Brook just had her third little babe, a boy, Levi, and we were driving out with his parents to meet the little guy. The trip was filled with food, family, and fun. My very favorite things! I am warning all you, if you don't like pictures of babies or little kiddos, this post may not be for you. But if you love little kiddos, like I do, then you'll love this post because that is all I did for 2 days is take pictures of Brook's little ones. And once you see how adorable all three of them are, you'll understand why! We were staying at Andy's aunt's house who lives about an hour south of Salt Lake City, at the entrance to a very awesome nature filled canyon. She made so many yummy meals for us, mostly all made from her very large (the size of a small home) garden. Their property also gets visits from the local deer family too. Saturday, we drove up to Salt Lake to see Brook and Jason and the kids. We played