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Photo A Day

Well now I didn't do TOO bad at the last two weeks of January's Photo a Day challenge, but I can't say I did great. And most photos were after thoughts that weren't even good enough to share on Instagram—besides those first 2, I mean how cute are these little boys that my friends keep letting me love on all the time!? I really wanted to go all in to finish up my 2 years of photographing each day but you guys, we got the flu! Yes, we! Both my husband and I both had the flu for a whole week! And it was awful and miserable and the body aches gave way to sore throats which my hubby is still plagued with. So that's why Nyquil got in on the action of Photo a Day. Well, I gotta get back to work. But since it's the 4th of February, I thought it was about time I posted this. Thanks Photo a Day for allowing me to scope out every inch of my house and share all the daily details of my life. It's been a fun two years! 17/ tiny, 18/happy place, 19/breakfast, 20/to do list, 23/bedtime, 26/fun stuff! 27/something I bought, 28/dinner, 29/window, 30/best