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Allens Head North: Cartlandia, Portland, Oregon

Does a post about our Tuesday night dinner really merit its own post? Why yes it does when the food is that good!

As I was driving the last leg to Portland, Andy was looking on Yelp on a good place to eat—our original plan was to go to Big A** Sandwiches but they closed at 6 and we weren’t going to make it. 🙁 Anyway, we love food trucks so when he found a place called “Cartlandia,” we knew he found the hidden gem to this trip.

So Cartlandia is pretty much one big closed in parking lot where food trucks set up and stay permanently for any given amount of time. Many were closed on that evening, some for the winter and then some just weren’t open as much during the week.

We walked around all of them to see what would be our dinner. Andy settled on Cheesesteak Nirvana while I got my first Thai food in the PNW.

Seriously you guys, the food was AMAZING! The very very best philly cheese steak and pad thai I have ever ever had! So so good.

After devouring our food we then went on to the dessert round. The Sugar Shop had so many goodies, all for $2-4 each. We each got to pick one (me: a Nutella cheesecake and Andy a brownie with a whiskey carmel sauce). Then she gave me samples of a homemade salted caramel plus a honey mousse (super similar to a honey ice cream.) Oh so good.

And to close, here I am loaded up with all our desserts, ready to head to the hotel and eat up! 🙂

For more info on Cartlandia, visit their website here.

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