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October 2012

Does a post about our Tuesday night dinner really merit its own post? Why yes it does when the food is that good! As I was driving the last leg to Portland, Andy was looking on Yelp on a good place to eat—our original plan was to go to Big A** Sandwiches but they closed at 6 and we weren't going to make it. :( Anyway, we love food trucks so when he found a place called "Cartlandia," we knew he found the hidden gem to this trip. So Cartlandia is pretty much one big closed in parking lot where food trucks set up and stay permanently for any given amount of time. Many were closed on that evening, some for the winter and then some just weren't open as much during the week. We walked around all of them to see what would be our dinner. Andy settled on Cheesesteak Nirvana while I got my first Thai food in the PNW. Seriously you guys, the food was AMAZING! The very very best philly cheese steak and pad thai I have ever ever had! So so good. After devouring our food we then went on to the dessert round. The Sugar Shop had so many

After our first night in Redding, we spent the second night in Portland with dinner at Cartlandia. The next morning we drove through the Columbia River Gorge, a windy two lane highway by which you pass waterfall after waterfall. The first one we stopped at, Wahkeena Falls, had a short .2 walk up closer to the falls. It was just gorgeous, and super cold! I loved it! Below is some rare proof that Andy and I were on this trip together. The next waterfall, Multnomah Falls was so breathtaking

The week after our good friend's wedding, Andy and I made an escape to Seattle, celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary and his 30th birthday. We made plenty of stop along the way which helped to break up the 20 hour drive. The timing of this trip was jammed into the couple weeks between weddings and right in the middle of huge work projects, but Andy turned 30 and we had to celebrate. We actually left on the day of his birthday and made it to Redding in 10 hours, finishing the day with dinner at a Kobe teppanayaki grill. So so good! If you've been following me on Instagram, you've seen the food posts and the weather posts and the posts of all the little babes but since we've been back many have asked what my favorite thing was. I would have to say my favorite part was just getting away with just my husband in tow. We haven't taken a trip with just the two of us since our second wedding anniversary cruise! Not only was it just the two of us, but it was to a place that we both just come alive. The cooler weather is just invigorating. Andy and I

1. Pietro Gala What a fun box of pasta, that's what I thought when I saw this package. And who would describe pasta as fun? Well not me. Each product in the Pierro Gala line has the chef character doing something different from this one with the roller pin to drinking a glass of wine to having a bite of cheese. Seriously so so fun! Makes me want to cook up pasta in a chef's hat and invite over some friends! Found via the dieline, designed by Fresh Chicken Agency. 2. Fisherman for Fish & for Man Another fun packaging design! If I could imagine being handed the job to design a package for fishing boots

This past year evolved from baby shower invite craziness to first birthday invites! How cool is that?! McKensie asked me to make her little Josiah's first birthday invite and wanted it to have a woodland creature feel (in her Google search for this she found Jamie's invite from earlier this year, that was pretty cool I must say!). She sent me some ideas on the colors and type of animals she was looking for, which was such a big help in getting on the same page for what she wanted. With that in hand, I could confidently move forward with the design knowing exactly what she wanted but with room to add my own touches. The mood board also helped me figure out my own design rather quickly, and even though I had a pretty solid idea in my head, I sketched it out so the smaller details wouldn't be forgotten

Sorry for such a late posting but as the 15th's "dinner" post was taken in Redding, California, I haven't been home to finish up the post until today! The second week of October was just so amazing and all about the upcoming wedding that took place last Sunday. From completing last minute projects like the wedding programs to getting my bridesmaid attire in order, it was all about the Wagoner wedding. Oh and I turned 26 too. ;) Oh and I left on our 2,600 mile roadtrip to Washington and back, but that's for week 3's post. :) Happy happy wedding day and week, Mr. and Mrs. Wagoner and welcome home from your glorious honeymoon in Hawaii! 8/angle, 9/red, 10/emotion, 11/something close-up, 12/on the table, 13/landscape, 14/makes you laugh, 15/dinnertime

 Hey guys! It's me, Kathleen, filling in this Friday while Sam roams about the great Northwest! I'm absolutely bogged down with schoolwork at my new, big -girl school at CSUB. To ease my mind and feed my attention deficit disorder amidst the loads of work I scour the internet and dream of fashion, decor, and baking. Here are some of my finds from the past week, the finds which are keeping me somewhat sane during midterms and papers! Enjoy! 1. Save the Dates My cousin just became Mrs. Wagoner and I'm just naturally drawn to weddings/wedding planning. I came across these rad save the dates on Ruffled and pinned them in hopes of mimicking them for my own wedding someday. Pretty nifty, huh? 2. Sink Obsessed I cannot wait to have my own little house and decorate it accordingly. I love this sink I found on SF Girl by Bay with it's quaint little curtain. I half expect to see an animal for a garbage disposal (remember that part of the Flinstone movie?) 3. Pinterest: The Poor Girl's Shopping Spree My college girl shopping is limited to wishing instead of actually purchasing. Therefore I "shop" via Pinterest, the poor girl's hypothetical shopping spree. For some reason I am really