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January 2013

This past week was a mixture of business and relaxiness—my favorite! My not so favorite part though was an almost daily headache each and every morning. Some days it would eventually go away, most days it lingered. I think I would rather have a gut wrenching headache for 2 hours a day rather than this annoyance thorughout the day. So I am thankful for no headache today (whoo :)) And am thankful for a week where I got to snuggle while listening to the rain, have dinner at the newlywed Totahs', wedding plan with the best friend, and continue to work from home in my slowly evolving office space. Life is good. 24/stripes, 25/landscape, 26/together, 27/sun, 28/through, 29/grow, 30/down, 31/yourself With today's completion of January's Photo a Day, I have now been taking at least one photo a day for a whole year as I started following Fat Mum Slim's prompts last February. I may have missed a few days so let's call that 358 photos. :) Whew! Join in on the fun in February, check out the Fat Mum Slim blog to get the list and Chantelle even gives some photo ideas for each day.

Make sure you read through the design posts to find an extra sweet treat discovery! 1. Lettering versus Calligraphy As I have been exploring the art of lettering and calligraphy—which to many seem one in the same as the term lettering is rather vague—I got super excited to stumble upon the site of Lettering versus Calligraphy. I thought all the mysteries of the typography universes were about to be solved! While the site may not solve my age old question, I did find the site to be a fun adventure in type exploration ::nerd alert:: It consists of a visual dialogue between a letterer and a calligrapher, where they draw/write a letter responding to a keyword given by a moderator. The adventure aims to explore the capabilities of the two technical approaches. It delivers one letter daily and takes place online, where the visitors are invited to vote for their favourite. Found via swissmiss. 2. Brad Woodard's New Site Another fun site I found this week was the brand new site for illustrator Brad Woodard—a designer I have featured quite a few times now, and the designer of one of my favorite wedding invitation suites ever! Check it out—its full of amazing new work! Found via

After wrapping up a major work project; my hubby, in-laws, and I drove out to Arizona to spend some time with family. It was a nice little getaway and a break from the routine. And it barely consisted of any BBQ whatsoever—again, a break in the routine getaway. I say barely because we actually had a BBQ related meeting with one of the team sponsors along with getting to visit a store that carries the Rooftop BBQ Competition Style Sauce—all very cool! Speaking of which, I really need to do a design post on all the random pieces we've worked on to get Rooftop where it is today. Well, anyway, hope you had a lovely weekend and will be having another splendid January weekend coming up. 16/two things, 17/ready, 18/shadow, 19/delicious, 20/something I saw, 21/what I do, 22/corner, 23/electric P.S. It's not too late to join in on the fun, check out the Fat Mum Slim blog to get the list and Chantelle even gives some photo ideas for each day.

I just love collaborating with Jess on all these shower invites for our church! She asked for a combination of "starry night" and "pirates" and then we both wrote to each other simultaneously to depict a pirate ship silhouette at night. We were both so excited that it didn't take long to complete the invite—it's crazy how fast you can complete a design when you're struck with inspiration. I quickly mocked up a sketch so I wouldn't lose focus once I started on the digital version, illustrated the various pieces with pencil and marker, scanned them in, and then used Illustrator to complete the design. Another fun aspect of this shower's pirate theme, is that our home is immensely decorated using trunks, pirate ships, and glass bottles so Jess was able to borrow a lot of the pieces in our home to decorate the shower—like the trunk I used in the first photograph. Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse behind the design! P.S. Jess is such a good shower planner! I loved how she served up a hot chocolate bar to go with the starry night theme. We also worked on the Central Park Picnic and Woodland Creatures invitations along with a church luncheon

Sorry to have missed this post last week, but there was just no way, no how I could manage it—plus I hadn't spent much time perusing the interwebs either. So carry on to the delayed Evernotes Every! 1. Engler Studio Identity I love the splashes of yellow amid the bold black and white, but what I really love is the concept behind this design for the interior decorating team at Engler Studio: We wanted to create a brand for Engler Studio that embraced its interior design skills, as well as its individual design personality. The main element of the brand is a graphic combination of patterns that overlap each other; they represent the images and colors you might find on an interior designer’s inspiration board, and also refer to the play of patterns, colors, light and shadows in a beautifully designed room. Designed by Eight Hour Day. 2. Gig Poster for Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings So much going on in this poster with the organic yet abstract shapes—yet it has a simple design in terms of color and imagery. It definitely caught my eye while browsing the pins of Pinterest. 3.  Antique a Mirror It's full speed ahead in redecorating our home office. As I was

Last year I summed up "Two Oh Eleven" as a year that had minimal changes in our family of 2 but many changes for others and I am thinking the same for 2012. January We started the year off in Colorado, snow boarding and site seeing. See Ice Castles post. While we were gone, our Bible study started to read through the Bible from cover to cover. In 90 days. It was an incredible experience. Read my recap. February Photographed my first engagement session, and I love love love how they all came out! March Rooftop celebrated their first 1st place award—in ribs! The second competition in a year full of Babies, Brides, and Barbeque! Then a few weeks later we launched the BBQ sauce full throttle in Las Vegas with a three day convention sales booth. April Hello Owen, nice to meet you! Who knew how chunky this little guy could become and steal our hearts with his gummy smile. May Hello Grayson! A baby that we all waited so long for, praying alongside his mama, grateful for him every single day and those sweet big brown eyes! Had my first paying photography client! Thank you Kirsten! June Discovered a new love for country line dancing while celebrating the best friend's 26th birthday. Rediscovered

Guys, I am so tired. It sure has been a long week. Such a crazy productive week at work, topped off on Sunday with a day with friends celebrating a very special little one's first birthday and finding the perfect wedding venue for the best friend. All in all, my long week was a good week indeed. Oh and that last photo? That's my and my honey 8 years ago from today, about to watch Fantasmic at Disneyland with our best friends just after becoming *officially* boyfriend and girlfriend. Awwww