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This is the last post before the October and November weddings, eeeek!!!! Babies! Jameson Jameson totally crashed Brittany's first bridal shower but it's okay, we got to have a little photo shoot with him on the grass. Oh and then he came to our annual hotluck (his mama Courtney was pregnant with him at last years!). And I got to feed him his dinner and oh my was that so fun! He just loves to eat, it was cracking me up! Plus my grandpa asked to hold him and Jmo was so entranced by his glasses, so so cute! He really just keeps getting cuter and cuter and just has the best personality! Owen!! Oh this baby

This is a lighter post of the series but it's truly the calm before the super fun storm coming up! Babies! Jameson Little Jameson has been growing and growing and growing. It's been almost two months since I have seen him but when I did get in a visit he got to show me all his new tricks like eating baby food from a spoon and bouncing in his bouncer. Oh I miss him, Mama Courtney!!! Owen!! Baby Owen has been chunking up before our very eyes. All I want to do is kiss those cheeks!! I am so thankful for how much time we spend with the Chapins and their boys. Owen and I got to spend a few special "first time with Sam" moments together all in one night, I got to feed, burp, and put him to sleep, and then he peed and spit up all over me! It's love for sure! Grayson!! Oh and this baby. He's still the smallest of course but there's evidence of a second chin coming in! Not only did I get the chance to feed him too, we even got to have a slumber party with all the cuddling I wanted! Plus Jessica and I worked on his

I really should have split this post up month by month but here's two months of babies, brides, and BBQ! Babies! Jameson Bath time fun with J at 3 months. Amelia Maybe the last visit with the little miss before the Logue's move to San Diego. So sad for us but so happy for them and the work they are doing! Owen!! Little Owen arrived Monday, April 9! Little Eli just loves to show off "his baby" to anyone and everyone. They are just the cutest little brothers ever! The little photo collage are all from the night Owen was born, the next black and white photo is Owen at 10 days old settled in at home. Grayson!! Little Grayson arrived six weeks after his best friend Owen. This first photo is Grayson at about 14 hours old (the first time I saw him) then at 4 days old. Such love for this long awaited little guy! Brides Things are coming together for the brides. A lot of the big stuff has been taken care of and the details are working themselves out. Lauren and I finished up her Save the Dates

With weeks of planning, Rooftop BBQ is heading to Stagecoach Thursday morning to compete plus vend to the public for the three days of the shows. I don't know about you but I am most excited to see Steve Martin perform. I may be the only one who is more excited for a band that isn't even headlining. So who else is going?? I was looking up photos for the Rooftop blog yesterday so I thought I'd share some from the event last year too! Like when we met some of the members of the Rascall Flatts band! Or like when Lauren and I finally figured out we could save seats before the public and we were on the jumbo screen! I am especially excited for next week when my hubby can finally relax after a very long month of work and BBQ! But seriously, who's going?? Let's meet up! And if you are going to be there, make sure you come by our BBQ booth: Rooftop BBQ!

This past weekend, I found myself up in the Rockies of Colorado for a second time this summer, but this time it was for a BBQ competition with Rooftop Barbeque. On our "day off" the team went up to Breckenridge to enjoy the sights, after stopping at Sapphire Point for a gorgeous view of Lake Dillon. We had no idea what to do up in Breckenridge as none of us had been there before. But luckily we found a free gondola to take us up to the ski resort. This gondola whisked us away above the highway, through the trees, and up into the fog and misty rain. Once we got up to the resort, we still weren't sure what to do but us "kids" decided to go on the alpine slide while the "adults" took the chair lift up even further to see the sights. Minutes after our trip down the slide, they shut it down, expecting the storm hit. Us Californians were still moseying about, thinking it'll just rain a bit, nothing too big of a deal. But within minutes we were soaked through, stuck on the top of the mountain, waiting for a bus to come pick us up as