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The Year of Babies, Brides, and BBQ

I have officially declared 2012 as the Year of Babies, Brides, and BBQ. There are at least four babies of close friends (okay… one came early and made it in 2011) and I’ve lost count of the others; three close friends getting married this year, two of which I am a bridesmaid in the wedding (whoo!); and I definitely lost count of all the adventures of BBQ that are coming up this year. But as I originally wanted this blog to be more design related, it’s definitely morphed into a personal journal of life. So at least for this year, I am going to recount the tales of these babies, brides, and BBQ every couple months. Got it? Good! Here’s to January and February!


Baby Jameson made it just in time for New Years! Born at 3:15 on December 31. I fell in love in an instant!

One of Jameson’s many girlfriends is Miss Amelia! She was born February 15! I am so looking forward to meeting her in the coming weeks.

Then, in these next few months we will be welcoming baby Owen and his best friend Grayson! So so freaking excited to meet these little guys!


Here’s to another year of double bridesmaid time! In October, Lauren will be getting married in a camping, rustic themed wedding and just a few weeks later, Brittany will be getting married in a gold and purple rustic elegance themed wedding! It’s funny to see their wedding come to life in two very different ways! I got to go dress shopping with them both—Lauren even bought hers that same day! We also went garage sale shopping for Lauren’s wedding, collecting wooden crates and all things “vintage camping” related—and some board games for the reception! Then I got to take Brittany and her fiance Eric’s engagement photos, celebrate their engagement at a party in Dana Pointe, and spend a day with the ladies at a bridal expo!


And lastly, barbeque. Andy has been going full throttle to continue launching his BBQ sauce to the masses. It’s in our local farmer’s market-like store, Tom’s Farms, but also in countless other online BBQ stores. Not only is his sauce being sold like crazy—their BBQ competition team, Rooftop Barbeque, won second place for their chili verde at their January competition in Havasu. THEN they filmed an audition tape to get on the third season of BBQ pitmasters! AND THEN they are in the running for the best BBQ sauce on, after already winning Scott Robert’s best BBQ sauce. He’s such a busy guy and I am one proud wifey!

I believe in magic. I believe in the power of true love. I believe in fairy tales and happy endings. And I live to create stationery and art for the young at heart to allow my fellow dreamers to treasure all of life’s most wondrous moments!


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