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February 2012

1. Seamless shop A friend of mine was just asking about CD packaging for her clients and not long after I saw these coasters in the brand new Seamless Shop. I think these velum envelopes would make create packaging for a disc! It may need a piece of card stock in there as well to aid the fragility though. And then a simple sticker to seal. Such a simple yet beautifully executed idea! Found via designworklife. 2. Tad Carpenter Snapple Love this illustration concept for Snapple's Half and Half teas! Tad Carpenter's illustration work is always awesome—especially his monsters—but having each bottle feature a half of two different monsters is too cute! Found via Share Some Candy. 3. Custom Family Pillow These pillows would make great memories of current or past homes for your family! Found via swissmiss. 4. Treasury Wine What a great advertising campaign for wine! I rarely have wine but I sure don't know all the wine pairings! Designed by Jason Perez, the ad for Treasury Wine Estates is placed in a grocery shopping cart, asking each user to input their groceries online and it will tell them what wine to get to pair with the food! Great idea! Found via designworklife. 5. Design*Sponge Newspaper The Design*Sponge

The first time I read the book of Job I thought it was so depressing and I think I must have skimmed through most of it just to get through to Psalms! This time through was totally different! I felt like I identified so much more with Job, crying out "WHY?!" So many questions run through my head but can be summed up in that one word, why? There were quite a few verses I marked as I was reading, to remember Job's reaction to the disasters that had happened to him

I think one of my favorite activities to do with our friend's son, Eli, is to share what I love with him whether it's watching Disney movies or dancing to the music during the end credits. Or now taking pictures. One evening at our friend's Joey and Jamie's house, Eli and I sat at the counter as they prepared dinner. With the camera strapped around my neck, Eli held my camera in his little hands and took a few hundred pictures. So if any one of you have heard of this renowned mashed potato casserole of Jamie's, Eli has the whole process documented! It was just so fun to see how excited he got, not only in taking the pictures, but viewing them right after—he had to check each one before moving on to the next. He had to check his work of course! He's just such a happy guy!

The weekend included a celebration of my mother in law's birthday, early morning garage sales, two trips out to celebrate my friend Brittany's engagement and then the week began with a terrible cold. It may just be a cold but my head has become a snot making factory running full time and my throat seems to have a swallowed a tennis ball without my noticing! Yuck! Going full throttle for a few weeks has left me with no energy, I have slept over 12 hours each of the last two nights! I am hoping the rest of the week goes more smoothly and slows down quite a bit! My third week of February, one photo a day.

I MISS DISNEYLAND! Okay, so it's only been a month since I've been, but just knowing that my pass has expired makes me sad. I need to go and soon. To help with my aching, I was looking through some photos from past trips and realized I had never posted these from my first and only time seeing the Soundsational parade at Disneyland. I am so out of touch of my Disney-ness that I don't even know if this parade is still going! What is wrong with me?! Anyway, enjoy a few photos from the parade as I continue to ache for the happiest place on earth