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July 2012

This is a lighter post of the series but it's truly the calm before the super fun storm coming up! Babies! Jameson Little Jameson has been growing and growing and growing. It's been almost two months since I have seen him but when I did get in a visit he got to show me all his new tricks like eating baby food from a spoon and bouncing in his bouncer. Oh I miss him, Mama Courtney!!! Owen!! Baby Owen has been chunking up before our very eyes. All I want to do is kiss those cheeks!! I am so thankful for how much time we spend with the Chapins and their boys. Owen and I got to spend a few special "first time with Sam" moments together all in one night, I got to feed, burp, and put him to sleep, and then he peed and spit up all over me! It's love for sure! Grayson!! Oh and this baby. He's still the smallest of course but there's evidence of a second chin coming in! Not only did I get the chance to feed him too, we even got to have a slumber party with all the cuddling I wanted! Plus Jessica and I worked on his

1. N. Daniels Wien Stationery and Collateral Here's another amazing business card concept but this time produced with a var­nish that fades when your body tem­per­a­ture is applied. Amazingness! Designed by Bureau Rabensteiner, found via designworklife. 2. New Foundry Co site The work produced through Foundry Co has to be in my top five of all design firms and of course their new site is great: modern, clean, easy to use. One favorite elements are their icons for their process. Oh and the teal accent, gotta love that! 3. Pink Glasses I can definitely see my Tutu aunties getting a kick out of this wine bottle design, if only they liked whites! Designed by Luksemburk, found via thedieline. 4. Ampersand Tattoo Hey Mom, look what I found!! After last weekend, I had an epiphany that I am not as opposed to getting a tattoo as I once thought aaaaand I figured out what I would want. And no, it's not Mickey Mouse, Bobby! It's an ampersand (&). So in my excitement I looked it up on Pinterest and of course this is not just my clever idea, so so many people had this same idea done! That wouldn't stop me, it's more the pain and longevity of it

This whole week was AH-MAZING!! Starting with a dinner in Orange Circle with my closest and best friends followed by a productive week working from home, but the icing on the cake and really the whole cake was getting away to the Sequoia's this weekend with my mom and friends to celebrate my friend Brittany's upcoming marriage. It was just wonderful and I posted it yesterday so check it out! :) 16/sign, 17/my addiction, 18/plate, 19/animal, 20/eyes, 21/9 o'clock, 22/upside down, 23/mirror

What a whirlwind of a weekend! Just last night we got back from Camp Nelson in the Sequoia National Forest. We were celebrating our dear friend Brittany's upcoming nuptials with our dear mommies. Every fall, our moms go up to Camp Nelson for an official Girls Weekend. No kids, just the moms. But to celebrate the bride, our moms treated us to a first class weekend away. They pampered us in every way and cooked the most amazing food! Brittany was given special gifts, like the world's most amazing fairy garden terrarium filled with miniature memories from all of us. And of course, the fairy that lives at the cabin continuously left us gifts, waiting on the doorstep of her little tree cottage—gifts like bridesmaids pins, fairy tattoos, and bubbles. Seriously this weekend was amazing. Our moms are just so amazing and it was just the start of celebrating my very special friend Brittany! These next three months are just going to be so much fun! Here are just a handful of photos along with an extra special montage video of Brittany's Fairy Weekend! Remember Eli's birthday video, this was also created with iMovie. And was pretty much complete before leaving the

1. Jess & Russ Wedding Site The most epically amazing website that tells the story of Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer and their relationship from the beginning to the engagement. And sprinkled throughout are amazing illustrations done by various artists. And it's one of those scrolling and scrolling and scrolling sites. Love them. First found via designworklife. 2. Disney/Pixar Brave Poster Loving the creative use of negative space in Merida's hair! Designed by Michael DePippo (featured his Muppet posters way back when), found via designworklife. 3. Style Redesign Brand Video This logo and brand come ALIVE in this video! You truly get the feminine energy while watching it and get a good idea on what Style is all about. I love the various looks of their logo signature too. Sigh. Designed by Gretel, Found via Brand New. 4. Hashtag for your Wedding! As an Instagram addict, I love the idea of having your very own hash tag for your wedding. #genius Found via Green Wedding Shoes. 5. How Flabby is Your Brain? Pretty flabby

I just adooooore how this birth announcement came out for my good friend Jessica's baby boy Grayson! Just loooove it! Another thing I love is when Jess and I get to come together and use both of our gifts! She took each of these just adorable photos of her son and then I designed the card from the laying out of the photos to the type on the banner. Isn't he just the cutest??! Jessica has such a talent for newborn photography! And I am sure she felt pressure on her own son's photos but they are just amazing. And another note, Jess is such an AMAZING mother. I've luckily seen her love in person for her little boy but she blogs the sweetest little posts about her baby boy and the joys of being a mom. Jess also asked me to come by and help get a family of three photo for her. Which was quite nerve racking