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August 2011

1. David Crowder Band's Oh For Joy Album As I mentioned just two weeks ago, I adore David Crowder Band. They only have two remaining albums left, one for Christmas and their last album in January 2012. They just released the artwork for their Christmas album and I just love it! If you have never seen a photo of the band, I will tell you, the likeness of the nutcrackers to each of the guys is uncanny. Oh it's just too comical. 2. Halcyon Bike Shop I love black and white. I love closeup cropped photography shots. So I love these posters designed by BOHAN. Found via Pinterest. 3. Seattle World's Fair Andy's favorite city is Seattle. Luckily, three years ago, my biannual family reunion was held there and we got to encounter the city together. And I fell in love with it too. I also fell in love with this vintage poster for the World's Fair. How amazing and deep is the texture and illustrative style? Found via Pinterest. 4. Matchstic: Catalyst Conference Branding I love this funky, colorful page layout design by Matchstic, for Catalyst East. It may seem chaotic at first but there really is a nice flow to the design. Found via designworklife. 5. Mareiner

Every May, our Women's Ministry at church hosts a women's luncheon, head up by Jessica Williams, of J Rose Photography. For the past two years, I was asked to design the bulletin flyers to announce the lunch and the tickets to the lunch. In addition, I have been putting on my crafty pants and, with the help of my mom, making a shadow box inspired by the printed collateral. It's always been a fun —read: a uber feminine— project as I design in a way that I don't normally get to on a day to day basis. This year, Jessica, chose the theme of "The Ultimate Fruit." The name was taken from one of Pastor Josh's Sunday messages and she used the following verse from Galatians to center the theme upon: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. She planned to craft a lot of the decor and favors with different kinds of materials like fabric and felt. I was inspired by her choice of fabrics and in turn scanned them into the computer and used them as design elements. It was so fun and in turn, the luncheon had a very cohesive look

Matic: Wedding Materials What a creative way to incorporate your guests into the namecards at your wedding! They had each guest (and their guest) apply their thumbprints to the RSVP card and then they were scanned and merged together to form hearts! So cute! Designed by Matic. Found via designworklife. Ocean Logo I just discovered Jay Fletcher and have fallen in love with his work! This logo is so creative! The typographical logotype flows seamlessly into an image able to stand on its own! Found Jay Fletcher through via designworklife. Not Having Fun at Disneyland I love the Imagineering Disney blog and read it regularly but then when I saw they created a post all about people not having fun at Disneyland, I just cracked up! All the photos featured were scanned from actual Disney books and merchandise

This past weekend, I found myself up in the Rockies of Colorado for a second time this summer, but this time it was for a BBQ competition with Rooftop Barbeque. On our "day off" the team went up to Breckenridge to enjoy the sights, after stopping at Sapphire Point for a gorgeous view of Lake Dillon. We had no idea what to do up in Breckenridge as none of us had been there before. But luckily we found a free gondola to take us up to the ski resort. This gondola whisked us away above the highway, through the trees, and up into the fog and misty rain. Once we got up to the resort, we still weren't sure what to do but us "kids" decided to go on the alpine slide while the "adults" took the chair lift up even further to see the sights. Minutes after our trip down the slide, they shut it down, expecting the storm hit. Us Californians were still moseying about, thinking it'll just rain a bit, nothing too big of a deal. But within minutes we were soaked through, stuck on the top of the mountain, waiting for a bus to come pick us up as

I love to take photos of everything I do in life. My camera is something I like to keep with me at all times as if it was another appendage. But what about those moments in life where you can't have a camera? Or your husband highly suggests you to put it away so you don't carelessly loose it while speeding down the mountain on an alpine slide? Well, these moments require a mental photograph. I am so very bad at these but in reality, mental photographs force me to live life in its fullest reality, rather than behind the lens. If I just snap a photo, I feel like I just took my memory and I can review it later rather than enjoy it right then. When the camera goes away I force myself to remember the moments right as they happen