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June 2012

1. Paramount Celebrates 100 Years DKNG Studios just designed and illustrated this poster to celebrate Paramount's 100th anniversary. They were only available to employees at Paramount but wouldn't that make a great gift for a movie buff pal? I love the minimalistic icon-like look to each illustration. Plus the limited and muted toned color palette all combine to make a cohesive piece. Really really good stuff! 2. Douglas Behl: Wedding Invitations I just love those wedding invitations that push the envelope waaaay past traditional. This suite, however, combines the traditional with a "splash" of a crazy bright melting Popsicle motif. I love the traditional typography with the bright times and dates smack on top. Designed by Douglas Behl, printed by Studio on Fire, found via designworklife. 3. Nathan Stromberg Newspaper Illustrations Remember making collages as a kid? I just loved tearing up magazines and repurposing the pieces to make something entirely new! Using vintage newspapers, Nate Stromberg created several large scale collages of classic cars, each taking 70-100 hours to make! Crazy! But the work paid off because these collages are so detailed and beautifully created. Found via Allan Peters. 4. BlueHornet Promotional Poster Gotta love 3D glasses right? With the theme of Focus for their collateral at

Back in January, I started to work with Tessa Ellis, a hair stylist who works at Shear Envy in Wildomar. Tessa and I have known each other close to forever, aka since middle school and have just reconnected over the last couple years. Anyway, back to January, Tessa asked me to design a logo for her personal brand as she is expanding further into styling for brides. To design her logo, I asked her to fill out a brief questionnaire that would describe her business and help me with visual cues. Many of Tessa's answers followed the same theme

Remember when I said the first week of June is crazy full of birthdays well the rest of the month is too! Last Saturday was the first of a slew of first birthday parties and then this Sunday is my little buddy Eli's 4th birthday! Crazy how time just keeps flying! How was your week? 16/out and about, 17/in my bag, 18/something you don't know about me, 19/imperfect, 20/fave photo I've ever taken, 21/where I slept, 22/from a high angle

1. Pass It On Really love the idea of being able to have a different images and text on each business card. Pass It On says: These are aimed at making people happy. We want to bring a smile to people's faces and add a little something special to an ordinary day. We also want to encourage interaction between different people by simply allowing them to hand over a nice message to someone else on the street, in the park, at university, a shop or a party. So we designed 50 different versions and started handing them out. There's so many opportunities for this thanks to Moo. How could you utilize this in your business? Found via For Print Only. 2. Quill and Fox Library Themed Wedding Suite I am a fan of the library theme for weddings and showers but what I liked most about this particular invite from Quill & Fox is the added element on the left of the main invitation that looks like the spine of the book. It makes the invite asymmetrical which I love but the overall invite is still quite traditional. Really nice suite. Found via Pinterest. 3. Book Cover Home Decor Craft I am not a techie and I

Finally we found a day to take photos of Rachel and Patrick around the Disneyland Resort. We wanted to keep to the areas that looked like the 20s-40s but didn't stick that plan entirely. It was fun finding different locations that were within the park but didn't look like we were actually at an amusement park. The summer crowds were quite the challenge to work around but Rachel and Patrick were in high spirits the whole afternoon and were a pleasure to work with as always. You may remember a few photos of them from last year taken for their senior prom. And here we are a year later

Last weekend was a nonstop celebration for the best friend's birthday and the week held the usual activities: Lauren and Kellen's Monday night dinner at our house, commuting to work, BBQ with the church's weekly bible studies, and then a drive up to Pasadena to get our next batch of BBQ sauce. 8/six o'clock, 9/my view today, 10/best bit of my weekend, 11/door, 12/from a low angle, 13/art, 14/time, 15/yellow

Just like Jamie's baby shower invitation I posted a couple weeks ago, Jessica's invitation was partly themed to the nursery. The actual theme of the shower was "Cute as a Button" but the nursery features elephants and the colors navy, white, and gray. While researching for the invite, I saw an illustration of an elephant carrying balloons and thought, "how cute would it be if the balloons were buttons?" With that idea in mind I went to work