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On Monday night, we got home from a quick 4 day trip to Utah. 2 days there, 2 days driving. My hubby's cousin Brook just had her third little babe, a boy, Levi, and we were driving out with his parents to meet the little guy. The trip was filled with food, family, and fun. My very favorite things! I am warning all you, if you don't like pictures of babies or little kiddos, this post may not be for you. But if you love little kiddos, like I do, then you'll love this post because that is all I did for 2 days is take pictures of Brook's little ones. And once you see how adorable all three of them are, you'll understand why! We were staying at Andy's aunt's house who lives about an hour south of Salt Lake City, at the entrance to a very awesome nature filled canyon. She made so many yummy meals for us, mostly all made from her very large (the size of a small home) garden. Their property also gets visits from the local deer family too. Saturday, we drove up to Salt Lake to see Brook and Jason and the kids. We played

As I mentioned in yesterday's, rather late, Evernotes Every, I was prescribed muscle relaxers to help with my headaches which have taken away the headache pain but induced never ending drowsiness. Since I was planning on having a night out on Friday, my husband asked me to see if taking the muscle relaxer every other day would help with my constant drowsiness. Well, unfortunately, I had a headache

Have you ever been to a hotluck? Have you ever heard of one? 3 years ago, Andy was watching the Food Network and heard about hotlucks on the show Unwrapped. It was just three weeks before our birthdays and he told me right away we needed to have a hotluck birthday party. Basically, it's a potluck but everyone only brings spicy food, which is my favorite food. It's really fun to see the range of spiciness too! I was rating all of them, but mostly everyone got 1 or 2 out of 5, basically, I wasn't the best judge as my spicy levels are very different from my friends and family! We also play a game, we call it spicy roulette. Everyone is dealt a cup of some type of food (this year was chili, last year was jambalaya). Only 1 cup has an extra kick of heat. Andy started with increasing drops of Dave's Gourmet Insanity hot sauce then brought out the big guns with Dave's Ghost Pepper sauce. The player gets the choice of staying in or bailing on the heat. I only lasted to the final three and got out of there after my first deal of

Have you ever attended a hotluck? It's like a potluck, but only with hot and spicy food! We celebrated Andy's and my joint birthdays yesterday with our third annual hotluck. But before that we celebrated with a morning of french toast and then some German chocolate cake baking! Basically, we spent the whole day of Andy's actual 29th birthday eating food! Here's just a sneak preview of the night, including our game of the night: spicy roulette. I'll be posting more photos later this week, so stay tuned!! This video was made using my new iPhone 4S and iMovie to edit. Song: Big Wave by Jenny and Johnny

1. Advertising Photography by Staudinger + Franke This image from Staudinger + Franke is just amazing. Not only the look and feel of the atmosphere, but the way they were able to manipulate the image so the homeless man truly blends right into the background, supporting their message "Get people from the street before they become a part of it." Found via Looks Like Good Design. 2. The Pitch Holy guacamole! A board game for graphic designers?! My nerd alert is going off!! Designed by Fatimah Kabba, this is the first and only fully executed concept of her board game, a game about graphic design to help others understand what exactly graphic design is. How neat!! She has a kickstarter account to raise funds for further production of the game. Many more images can be found here and the rules and objectives of the game can be found here. Found via the dieline. 3. Mikasa Flatware This reminds me of the materials for Officemax that I posted a few weeks ago. In terms of this look for Mikasa, I sure hope they fully develop these because it gives flatware a modern and stylish look and feel starting with the packaging. The black and white photograph shows how the

I am starting the book of Zephaniah. Have you ever read it? I never ever have. I have so excited to be reading books of the Bible that I have never read before. I am so excited that no matter how long this journey has been, I am nearing the New Testament. When I decided to read through the Bible, cover to cover, I had no idea that two years later I would still have a few hundred pages left to the New Testament. But I am so proud of myself that I haven't quit. There are the days, and weeks, where I just don't read. I hate to admit that, but it's true. Chances are that there's something wrong in my life and I just don't feel like it. Dumb excuse, but it's true. Or I don't wake up in time, but it's usually the former. When I don't read, I can feel it, all day long. Everything irritates me. Starting this, I never knew that one day I would actually miss reading my bible. Sometimes I feel so inspired and encouraged that nothing gets in my way and I can get through several chapters and other days I can