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Evernotes Every Friday

1. Advertising Photography by Staudinger + Franke

This image from Staudinger + Franke is just amazing. Not only the look and feel of the atmosphere, but the way they were able to manipulate the image so the homeless man truly blends right into the background, supporting their message “Get people from the street before they become a part of it.” Found via Looks Like Good Design.

2. The Pitch

Holy guacamole! A board game for graphic designers?! My nerd alert is going off!! Designed by Fatimah Kabba, this is the first and only fully executed concept of her board game, a game about graphic design to help others understand what exactly graphic design is. How neat!! She has a kickstarter account to raise funds for further production of the game. Many more images can be found here and the rules and objectives of the game can be found hereFound via the dieline.

3. Mikasa Flatware

This reminds me of the materials for Officemax that I posted a few weeks ago. In terms of this look for Mikasa, I sure hope they fully develop these because it gives flatware a modern and stylish look and feel starting with the packaging. The black and white photograph shows how the product looks with tableware but that bold background color behind the actual product brings your attention to what the packaging is all about. Found via the dieline.

4. Branding for Fourmation by Flydende Lava

A black and white logo that has found itself in a variety of implementations giving it a different look each time. I was taught in college to not crop in on a logo but I really don’t see a problem with it, as seen here. To see the logo itself, go here. Found via the Graphic Exchange.

5. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) New Logo

I don’t normally post videos here, but this promotional video for the new IAVA logo is just so cool. It’s neat to see all the different ways the logo has been implemented. Plus, this new veterans organization is for veterans who are my age (!!!) so it’s taking a much more modern approach. Found via Brand New.

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