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The 44th Weekend: Friday at Disneyland

As I mentioned in yesterday’s, rather late, Evernotes Every, I was prescribed muscle relaxers to help with my headaches which have taken away the headache pain but induced never ending drowsiness. Since I was planning on having a night out on Friday, my husband asked me to see if taking the muscle relaxer every other day would help with my constant drowsiness. Well, unfortunately, I had a headache… all weekend! So this video doesn’t sum up my weekend, but my Friday night!

First off, I adventured around my favorite place: Disneyland! This time with my friend Melanie, who I used to work with at Central Creative. After getting on oh so many rides (thanks to the rain for scaring off the guests) we ended the night at the Art of Mary Blair exhibit on Main Street. Then I stopped by my friend Amie’s for a another visit with her brand new puppy. After the puppy fell asleep she started going through a memory box. It was so fun to see all the tidbits for mine and Andy’s relationship all at once! She had a wallet of our first pictures together in 2005 to our wedding save the date/invitation/program, etc! It was so cool to see it all at once: our whole relationship in paper form!

Anyway, enough blabbing, here’s the video.

Music provided by John Mark McMillian.

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