How To: DIY Printables, Where to Print?

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So you’ve downloaded a printable from Etsy… now what do you do?

Well first off, what is a printable?

A printable is a file that you can print yourself rather than buying it already printed.

Once you’ve downloaded your file, its time to get it printed. I recommend the same printer to all my clients, if you don’t have a very good printer at home, and it’s the same printer that I use for all my own invitations… Staples.


It truly is good quality printing at the Staples Copy and Print Center—or any of those big box store printers. Not only is the cost low, but it’s fast. Rarely do I have to “come back later” after I’ve brought my files in. 9 1/2 times out of 10 they are able to print right then and there.

A tabloid sized sheet of paper, 11 by 17 inches, in full color is just under $2 each. And that can usually fit 3 or 4 invites each, making each invite less than 50 cents! Kinda ridiculous right??

Over the summer, my best friend and I, went in and  bought a pack of ivory cardstock for $7-something and each 8 1/2 by 11 inch letter sized sheet only cost 48 cents to print—making her wedding invites 25 cents each!

(rant/ However, if you want to print on letter sized and use “their” paper, it’s the same price as the tabloid sheet which is actually double the size, so that price doesn’t really make sense, why would you ever print on a sheet half the size, half the quantity, but its the same price? /end rant)

Now that you have your file printed, its time to cut. A lot of times the print shop can cut them for you, sometimes at no cost too, depending on how many copies you had. I always just cut them myself.

For all my printables, I place little dashes where you need to cut, called crop marks.

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You just line up the blade along the marks and cut!

your new friend sam printables faq how to DSC_0849

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your new friend sam printables faq how to DSC_0854

Once you’ve cut all 4 sides off you have your print! It’s that easy!

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The above print is brand new to my shop and designed especially for the winner of my Typography Printables contest! Created from Mumford and Sons lyrics, this design and one other is available in my shop for Instant Download for $1.99!

My Migraine Song

Time to get real people! I have been suffering from wicked headaches for the last few years. Each one is different from the last. Each one is triggered by something else. Sometimes its manageable and I can at least get through the day. Then there’s the extreme, sick to my stomach, cannot move, cannot open my eyes, cannot stand up, migraine. And those are scary. This week I have had a headache everyday! It’s been terrible. They put me in such a funky mood. I just get so depressed, feel so alone, and I get scared. Scared that there is something more wrong with me physically. Which just makes the depression deepen.

I have never really talked about this before, especially not on my blog, but now is as good of a time as any other. To make it even a worse situation, I haven’t been to church since early September since it seems like every Sunday I have a headache. What is up with that? I am really starting to think that Satan is trying to use these headaches as a way to attack me and I just can’t stand it anymore! I finally spoke these feelings out loud to one of my best friends this week and she was so encouraging, and as she has had these struggles as well, she suggested praying through it. Plus, this week David Crowder Band released a new single for their album coming out in January. I just love love love it! The lyrics really speak to me at this time of inner turmoil. Listening to the words just makes me feel better, makes me feel less alone, less scared. It’s a song reminding us that we are not alone in this world, that Jesus won us back from Satan, and he’s coming back! I am never alone for He is always with me! The whole song feels as if it’s a prayer lifting itself up to Jesus. I have lost count on how many times I’ve listened to it and I just downloaded it yesterday! So please enjoy the lyrics and the live video. And I also ask for you to pray for me, and for everyone suffering from headaches out there! I know there can be so many, much worse, problems out there, but this is mine so I ask you to pray.

If I could feel You shine your perpetual light
Then maybe I could crawl out of this tonight
If I could feel You feel You shine
Oh let me feel You shine
So beautiful and warm
So beautiful and bright
Like a sun comin’ out of a rainy sky
Oh let me feel You shine
God I need a Savior
O come Generous King
O God I need a Savior
To come rescue me

Oh let me feel You shine Your magnificent light
Then maybe I could crawl out of this tonight
If You let me feel You feel You shine
Oh let me feel You shine
So beautiful and warm
So beautiful and bright
Like a sun comin’ out of a rainy sky
Oh let me feel You shine

Sorry this was such a heavy post, but I thought it may help someone else who has these same struggles.

Do you have headaches or migraines? What do you do to handle it? We all need some encouragement—even if you don’t suffer from headaches. Please share in the comments below.

My 21st Birthday with David Crowder

I have mentioned time and again that I am in love with the David Crowder Band. Their music moves you into worship and their concerts are a true experience that can only bring you closer to Jesus.

Four years ago on my 21st birthday, my new [at that time] husband and I, with some friends, saw David and the boys at the House of Blues in San Diego. I have seen them a few times since, but tonight, again at the HOB in San Diego, is my last David Crowder Band concert. My last. I am warning the world now, I will cry. It may get ugly. My eyes are welling up right now. I am so pathetic.

While it may be my last, hopefully you will be moved to get tickets to another one of their shows during their farewell tour, The 7 Tour. Get your tickets here. And tell me all about it when you get back.

P.S. If you didn’t check out that link, I’ll just tell you here that they are playing in Los Angeles tomorrow night. There are still tickets available. Just do it! You’ll be glad you did!

Music on Raising Hope

Have you seen the Fox show Raising Hope? If you haven’t, I highly highly suggest it! My husband and I make a night of it each week with two of our friends, Lauren and Kellen. We call it “Raising Hope night,” very creative right?

Well I just love the soundtrack of the show from the opening song (“Here we go, uh uh oh!!”) to all the songs used throughout. Here’s a few of my favorites from season 1… and if you have a chance, check the show out on Fox, Tuesdays at 9:30 when they return for their second season TONIGHT!!

Theme song:

Sorry this is a weird visual for the intro, but I just love it too much not to include it!


From the Pilot:

This next one is not actually sung by this band in the show, but Virgina sings it to baby Hope…


From their Halloween episode:


From “A Germ of a Story”


From “Mongooses”


The finale:

A huge thanks to Heard of TV for the help in finding these songs!

David Crowder Band

Andy first introduced me to the David Crowder Band back in 2005. A group from our church was going to be going to one of their concerts that October so in preparation for the concert, I listened to their music… does anyone else honestly prepare for concerts? That just sounds weird, but I totally did! Listening to their music on c.d. was nothing compared to seeing them live. It truly is an amazing experience of worship, unlike I have ever seen and participated in. To be surrounded by fellow Christians all singing and worshipping God together in such a massive crowd is so amazing.


In May, they announced that the band will be having one last tour together as a band. I am so heartbroken! I have never loved a band so much! I hope some of you can feel my pain over this… but until then I will continue to listen to their last 5 albums, looking forward to their last album Requiem. And I am so excited to see them [one last time] in October while they tour through San Diego on The 7 Tour with Gungor, John Mark McMillan, and Chris August. Andy and I are going on October 7 to see them at the House of Blues, the same place I saw them on my 21st birthday 4 years ago! If anyone wants to join us, let me know so we can all have dinner together before!

If you haven’t ever heard of David Crowder or even if you have, I am posting some of their music videos here. I love how these videos truly proclaim how nerdy they are! Enjoy!


How He Loves


Everything Glorious

Oh Happiness (Live)

Neverending (Live)

These are not even my favorites, well a couple are, but I just couldn’t find enough videos. I guess you should just come see for yourself!

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Lauren Manning’s Food Consumption

Like I have said before, infographics are hard to make! I love this recent series by Lauren Manning where she visually depicts her food consumption in not only one way, but in several and many different ways. Isn’t it hard enough to make one masterpiece? I must say, this is one of the most interesting looking infographics that I’ve seen in quite awhile! See all the varieties here.

2. Phish Blossom Music Center Poster

While at first glance, you see a deer. And if you’re like me, you may not notice that the antlers spell out the band’s name: Phish. Or you may be much more observant than me and the teal letters stand out to you. Either way, watch the process video, it’s truly amazing to watch the illustration come to life. Found via Veerle’s Inspiration Stream.

3. Heart Beats Playlist Cover

I’m not the biggest fan of this particular playlist but I love the artwork! I’ve been a fan of Karen Kurycki for awhile now and this is definitely keeping in tone of her bright watercolor style.

So there you have it… a food related infographic, an illustrated band poster with an amazing process video and a watercolor playlist cover. Variety, right?

You’ll be having the lovely Kathleen post for Evernotes Every next week as I have my best friend Joyce from New York coming in tonight and I could not be more excited! We will be spending the next five days together adventuring around Southern California! It’s been over a year since I’ve seen her so really five full days is not even close to enough time! I will be posting my usual Monday Musings next week and maybe another surprise post, we’ll see! Have a wonderful weekend!

For quite some time I kept seeing posts on Twitter about I thought, what the heck is that, and why are all these people on it? Finally I looked into it… it’s a place for designers to upload music playlists, playlists that inspire them while designing and creating. What a cool concept! And now I am hooked. Here’s my favorite playlists that I have been really enjoying lately (click on the cover image to listen to the playlist):

Kick the Day Off Right BY Daniel Waldron

P.S. is also how I got plugged into Collekt. More on that later!