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May 2011

My dear friend Alisa is getting married this September. I met her while working at Central Creative. Actually, she was there when I was first interviewed and I knew right away that we'd be great friends! She has an enthusiastic and bubbly personality that just makes everyone she meets instantly happy! Whether it's her kind and encouraging words or her wonderful laugh, she'll put a smile on your face! Anyway, Alisa described her wedding as “A fall, classic, Old Pasadena wedding with a Dutch flair.” She ordered invites from Michael's, as it was just the perfect look she was going for, but then she scanned them and we were able to use the pattern from the invites for the save the date. A very traditional, yet classic look. I just love the pattern and all it's little details. Her engagement photos were taken by Cary Pennington in Pasadena. I am just so happy for them and can't wait for the wedding!

When I first met Rachel, roughly 5 years ago, she was a snobby little girl at the dance studio I worked at. Over the years, I have become quite close to Rachel, her sister, and her very wonderful mom. They are the type of friends everyone needs in life, a friend to lean on, to laugh with, to cry with. When I left the dance studio 18 months ago, one of my biggest fears was losing contact with them. Why did I ever worry? I have seen them about once a month to catch up or to go to Disneyland. And since I got my new camera, Rachel has been my always willing model. Here are a few of my favorites from her senior activities: prom and graduation. Enjoy! My dear sweet Rachel, I am just so proud of all that you accomplished this past year. It was truly an honor to be invited to be at your graduation, to witness your valedictorian speech, and to see the hope for the future in your eyes. Thank you for asking me to take your photos for both graduation and your senior prom. This past year and a half getting to know you all

1. Advertising Photography by Staudinger + Franke This image from Staudinger + Franke is just amazing. Not only the look and feel of the atmosphere, but the way they were able to manipulate the image so the homeless man truly blends right into the background, supporting their message "Get people from the street before they become a part of it." Found via Looks Like Good Design. 2. The Pitch Holy guacamole! A board game for graphic designers?! My nerd alert is going off!! Designed by Fatimah Kabba, this is the first and only fully executed concept of her board game, a game about graphic design to help others understand what exactly graphic design is. How neat!! She has a kickstarter account to raise funds for further production of the game. Many more images can be found here and the rules and objectives of the game can be found here. Found via the dieline. 3. Mikasa Flatware This reminds me of the materials for Officemax that I posted a few weeks ago. In terms of this look for Mikasa, I sure hope they fully develop these because it gives flatware a modern and stylish look and feel starting with the packaging. The black and white photograph shows how the

Over the past few months I have been trying to figure out more and more about photography. Thankfully, I've had a few ladies (and a baby) who have been open/willing to letting me take five minutes for each photo just so I can figure out all the settings and angles. It's been so fun! Here's just a few from around Disneyland—taken in some obscure places, do you know where in the parks these were taken? Thanks to my friend Courtney for the title of this blog post!

1. Mary Blair's Peter Pan I just adore the unique illustrative style of Mary Blair, an artist who worked alongside Walt Disney. Her character drawings alone stand apart and are instantly recognizable but then the landscapes she creates are so fantastical that it makes me want to be able to enter this colorful world she has created! Last weekend, Rachel and I went and perused the Mary Blair exhibit at Disneyland. We had so much fun seeing how her ideas and concepts for Small World became a reality. Remember the Cinderella piece I showed you last week? That same blog also showcased a 6 part series on Mary Blair and I found this illustration done for Peter Pan. Anything Peter Pan grabs my attention, but if it's done by Mary Blair too, then that's just awesome. She has illustrated children's books for Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella. My best friend Amie has already been instructed to gift these to me and my baby shower (whenever that may come to pass). 2. Anthony Martinez' Clermont Ferrand With so much being said in one piece, Anthony Martinez, defined a hierarchy that leads the viewer throughout the piece, starting with the title "On the

Designing for my own church, Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills, has always been something that I have dreamed of doing, but as our church was so small, there were never very many opportunities for it. I was able to design our Wednesday night service logo many years ago but there hasn't been much since. This Easter, Pastor Josh, wanted to promote our Easter service to the local community to raise awareness of our little church nestled in the hills. We met exactly one before Easter to plan out what he wanted designed: implementation of a new color scheme, business cards, a welcome flyer, updated web graphics, newspaper ads, and then finally, a poster design for his sermon messages which is still to come. Now that Easter has come and gone, I finally got around to photographing these pieces

1. Student Spotlight: Steven C. Huang I just love student work so when I saw this work for Raid, I was astonished that this was student work, from recent Art Center grad Steven C. Huang, but kind of bummed it's not a real project from Raid. Found via the dieline. 2. Vintage Typewriter Tin Prints What I love post about these pieces is the variety in vintage inspired typography. Each one is exceptional and independent from the last. You can purchase these tins from Seen+Noted. Found via Eight Hour Day. 3. Live Action References for Cinderella I can not describe how awestruck I was when I found this blog! What an amazing blog about Disney animation. The following screen capture shows Helene Stanley standing in for Cinderella, recognize this scene? The animators would primarily use it as reference for motion and movement. There are so many more images, I can't get enough! Found via Michael Sporn Animation. 4. Myturtleneck Air Moving Announcement When a New York designer, Catherine Mangosing, moved to Toronto, she sent these air mail inspired collateral ahead to introduce herself to the design community. It was hard to choose one image to show, but this one highlights the humorous copy she wrote to go along with