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If I haven't said it a thousand times already, Jess and I make a great team! So when she came to me with the idea of a vintage summer birthday party for her son's second birthday, back in probably November haha, I had many months to get excited to get started on the project. This time, she left it fully in my hands on what to do. She just gave me a photo of a lemonade stand that she wanted to make and then said go. I thought about it for a month or two—seriously, she always gives me plenty of time—and came up with using watercolor as a way of coloring in the invitation. And since her colors started as being yellow, gray and white, I thought a simple line art illustration would work perfectly. Just to show Jess the layout I wanted to go with, I sketched out a rough idea. Once she saw it, she suggested adding the pendant banners. Love! And then we also decided to add the blue and green to add some more color and make it more kid like. It was for a 2 year old's birthday party after all. I then traced the photo

I can't believe this crazy year is coming to a close! With this update, a brand new friend was born (Baby Molly, another girl thankfully!!) and with the next update I will be posting about the Pankratz wedding day, with a photo of my best friend in that glorious wedding dress of hers! I can't believe the big day is almost here, like literally its just 3 days away! And then its Thanksgiving and then Christmas and New Years and hello 2014! Babies! My little baby section is just growing and growing and growing!! Owen (and Eli) I seriously can't say it enough, I love having this adorable family as nearby neighbors! Getting the chance to see these boys growing up on the week to week basis is such a huge blessing for both Andy and myself. They even stopped by on the morning of my birthday with a card, cupcake and a balloon. Along with Owen giving me a hand picked flower and Eli giving me a drawing he made. My heart is full, that's for sure. Okay I just have to share one more photo of Owen, and his whole family all dressed up in their Halloween costumes, from this past weekend

I think one of my favorite activities to do with our friend's son, Eli, is to share what I love with him whether it's watching Disney movies or dancing to the music during the end credits. Or now taking pictures. One evening at our friend's Joey and Jamie's house, Eli and I sat at the counter as they prepared dinner. With the camera strapped around my neck, Eli held my camera in his little hands and took a few hundred pictures. So if any one of you have heard of this renowned mashed potato casserole of Jamie's, Eli has the whole process documented! It was just so fun to see how excited he got, not only in taking the pictures, but viewing them right after—he had to check each one before moving on to the next. He had to check his work of course! He's just such a happy guy!

Eli is my absolutely favorite two year old who has just stolen my heart from the first moment I ever saw him! He has an everlasting joy that is infectious and the moment he goes home, I miss him. This particular photo is from an afternoon spent at the park a few months ago. Now while it looks like he isn't a very happy kid, I must explain why. There are tons (and tons) of rabbits at this park in Menifee. When we first get there, they are all out on the grass, seemingly, just within reach. Eli just runs to them immediately and they all scamper away and he is heartbroken. So here he is so very sad that the rabbits don't want to play. And how does this illustrate the joy within this child? He just wants to love on everyone and share happiness with them! Including rabbits! And he is so discouraged when they don't reciprocate! But once the bunnies have gone into hiding, he moves on to the next adventure. The second photo is happy Eli, want to know why he's happy? He's about to throw those woodchips all over Lauren and me! Hope you enjoyed