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December 2012

Huge thanks to the Johnson family for being my first family portrait session! I could not have asked for a better family, better weather, or a better location for this session. It was perfect! We took these the weekend after Thanksgiving but as they were a Christmas gift to family members, they had to be locked up tight! But now that Christmas has been celebrated, let's carry on the festivities with a little Christmas portrait viewing! P.S. You may recognize Rachel for a bazillion other posts on here, this growing photography obsession got a huge start from her modeling services!

You know when a week goes by fast, it's hard to recall how awesome it was. Well looking back at these photos really makes me appreciate just how amazing this week was. Each and every one of these photos was taken in the fellowship of great friends  (or babies). Each of every one of these moments included good food and even better company. And take note of day 22, my best friend Amie got engaged! I can not wait to post more on that later! It deserves a post all on its own! :) 16/something I made, 17/on the floor, 18/makes me feel merry, 19/something beginning with 's', 20/weather, 21/tree, 22/decoration, 23/joy is _____

1. Bookworld Once upon in Bookworld, all the characters in your favorite books found their home, an online home like Amazon but the Australian version! Crikey! Alright alright, it's really best described in Interbrand Austrailia's case study: Interbrand Creative Director Mike Rigby explains “our solution was born from asking ourselves a very simple question: have you ever wondered where the characters go when you close the book? The answer is, they go to Bookworld — where books come from.” This thought led to the literal creation of a “Bookworld” — a magical place where every book in the history of literature comes from. The fun, engaging and entertaining brand plays out across a series of illustrated, genre specific landscapes. From Crime City, to Horror-Ville and everything in between. Bookworld is also a place that’s full of characters. And many famous personalities and archetypes populate the communications. From Sherlock Holmes, to Frankenstein. The new logotype features a simple and bold “B” that is reminiscent of a book with the subtle “W” designed to look like a Bookmark. The logo is also designed to open up in animation — much like a book — revealing the magical world within. Found via Brand New. 2. Breadshop Logo Design by

Christmas at Disneyland is always magical. The park is themed down to the smallest detail, decked out to its finest for this merry season. Plus, where else can you experience snow in Southern California? You know, besides the mountains? My all time favorite tradition is the Candlelight Processional, where the entire Town Square is transformed, where the lights of Main Street dim, where hundreds of choirs walk through the park singing Christmas carols, where the Gospel of Jesus is read to the masses. If you have never made it to one of these very special nights, I would highly recommend it. And for the first time ever, in its 54 years of celebrations, Disneyland expanded the tradition from its 2 night spectacle into a 20 night long extravaganza. Almost every single night of this merry month, Disneyland commenced the procession not just once but twice nightly. I have been unable to attend the last few years as it was only the first weekend of December, but this year Rachel and I made it to last week's performance with Dick Van Dyke as narrator. After seeing this show more than a few times, Mr. Van Dyke is my all time favorite narrator. He graced us