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June 2011

1. Jeremy Perez Cruz: 2801 Central Best garage sale signs I have ever seen! Found Jeremy Perez via designworklife. 2. Jacob Souva's Illustrations for Puzzld! I am so behind in my design blogs! I am going through blogs that were posted over a month ago! I just read Veerle's interview of Jacob Souva and was inspired by his illustration work and his process for the iPad and iPhone app Puzzld! His illustration work is so unique and the many different layers of texture and color keep you finding new pieces of the project the more you look at it. You must check it out. I already downloaded the lite version of the app to see it in person and for my favorite almost 3 year old to play with! See more of Jacob's work here. 3. They Draw & Travel While this map might not be to scale (not even close) it's still fun to look at and recognize places I've been to! Illustrators and even non-artisans can submit their work to They Draw & Travel to be showcased on the site. From their website: "Each map is one-of-a-kind, highlighting off-the-beaten path sites and activities that are local favorites. You won't find anything like this

Eli is my absolutely favorite two year old who has just stolen my heart from the first moment I ever saw him! He has an everlasting joy that is infectious and the moment he goes home, I miss him. This particular photo is from an afternoon spent at the park a few months ago. Now while it looks like he isn't a very happy kid, I must explain why. There are tons (and tons) of rabbits at this park in Menifee. When we first get there, they are all out on the grass, seemingly, just within reach. Eli just runs to them immediately and they all scamper away and he is heartbroken. So here he is so very sad that the rabbits don't want to play. And how does this illustrate the joy within this child? He just wants to love on everyone and share happiness with them! Including rabbits! And he is so discouraged when they don't reciprocate! But once the bunnies have gone into hiding, he moves on to the next adventure. The second photo is happy Eli, want to know why he's happy? He's about to throw those woodchips all over Lauren and me! Hope you enjoyed

1. The Greatest Act on Earth Did you see my nerd alert board game post two weeks ago? Well, here's another fantastically designed board game: The Greatest Act on Earth, designed by Chris Siharah! Sounds like the game of Life but for circus freaks! Found via the dieline. 2. Adventureland Premium Suite at Disneyland Disney has released photos of their latest premium suites at the Disneyland Hotel. Andy and I modeled a lot of our living room after Adventureland at Disneyland and now Disney has an Adventureland suite