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Evernotes Every Friday

1. Bookworld

Once upon in Bookworld, all the characters in your favorite books found their home, an online home like Amazon but the Australian version! Crikey! Alright alright, it’s really best described in Interbrand Austrailia’s case study:

Interbrand Creative Director Mike Rigby explains “our solution was born from asking ourselves a very simple question: have you ever wondered where the characters go when you close the book? The answer is, they go to Bookworld — where books come from.”

This thought led to the literal creation of a “Bookworld” — a magical place where every book in the history of literature comes from. The fun, engaging and entertaining brand plays out across a series of illustrated, genre specific landscapes. From Crime City, to Horror-Ville and everything in between. Bookworld is also a place that’s full of characters. And many famous personalities and archetypes populate the communications. From Sherlock Holmes, to Frankenstein.

The new logotype features a simple and bold “B” that is reminiscent of a book with the subtle “W” designed to look like a Bookmark. The logo is also designed to open up in animation — much like a book — revealing the magical world within.

Found via Brand New.

2. Breadshop Logo Design by Scott Naauao

I just have to share another logo design with you today, and funnily enough, it’s another logo based on the shape of that grand second letter of the alphabet. What is amazing to me is that while this logo primarily gets its strength from the letter B as with the Bookworld mark, it gets its voice and life in an entirely different and unique way. The Breadshop logo has various forms, from various loaves of bread. Meaning, the logo is constantly changing or “established daily” as their tagline reads. Awesome concept and even better execution! Found via the Graphic Exchange.

Scott Naauao

3.  London Illustration

Yet again thanks to Mr. Allan Peters’ for such an awesome design blog, here is one more illustrator/designer for your viewing pleasure. This time brought to you in the form of P&G at the London games. I love the simplicty of the continous line art with the extra gold line that guides you throughout the whole piece. So simple yet quite complex in the details.

P&G at the London 2012 Olympics by Landor

4. Clay Ornament DIY

Oh I how I wish I wasn’t so behind in reading my blogs! Then I would have found this wonderful DIY post on A Beautiful Mess more than a week before Thanksgiving! Seems so easy, here’s to hoping that I can pull this off as my own gift tags for this coming Christmas!

Make Your Own Clay Ornaments

5. Ikea Cart Transformation

Ikea is known for their modern and clean furniture and home accessories. Also known, are the hundreds of blogs dedicated to remaking this modern furniture into rustic and vintage finds. One such find is this kitchen cart remake, a great addition to so many rooms—not just the kitchen! And as I am thinking about redoing my office, this may find its way into a portable crafting table! Found via Pinterest, DIY found via Homeroad.

 IKEA Cart Re-Make

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