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August 2012

1. Grid The left and right side of my brain are both rejoicing and hoping to get a hold of this new app, Grid, from Binary Thumb. Like seriously, a spreadsheet grid that you can add photos and plan fun adventures with friends? Made for me! Found via swissmiss. 2. Heritage Hog Butcher Chart A little piggy made of simple one color patterns combines my love of design and BBQ! Yum! Designed by Bethany Friedericks, found via For Print Only. 3.  DIY Foil Stamping Oh the possibilities! Found via Pinterest. 4. University of Tennessee, Knoxville Graphic Design Senior Show Invitation Oh for the love of handwritten doodles overlaid on black and white photography! It's for the student show, y'all! Just checking out what all the students are each doing is interesting enough but add in this neon doodles, the fun personalities of the students just explode off the page! Designed by Simon Sok, found via For Print Only. 5. NU Magazine Really loving this visual list from the various duotone images and large transparent numbers. Designed by Marcela Garza Garza, found via Pinterest.

1. These Are Things Well if you have been following this blog—for even one month—you know that I love the websites that just scroll and scroll and scroll, and the illustrations move at different speeds as you go. Apparently, thanks to the These Are Things blog, I have learned that the technique is called parallax. And the brand spanking new These Are Things site utilizes parallax to show the variety of environments that the studio duo works in, from selling their illustrated maps to designing for magazines. Not only is the development of this site just amazing, the illustration work is so simple and beautifully detailed all at the same time. You really get a feel for who the team behind These Are Things are and what inspires them. Another fun detail is watching how their cats change in each scene as well. One other reason this site is so top notch is the process it took them to bring it to this quality, what a great read! Really amazing work Jen & Omar, and just since I started following your blog a week ago, I have learned so much! Thanks for the tip, designworklife! 2. Lindsay + Steve’s Hand Lettered Wedding

What a whirlwind this week has been since we've been home. I don't remember I have been this tired, been a little busy bridesmaid bee getting stuff ready for each of the girls' showers that I am helping to throw plus a little side thing for each of them (will share more later). But I am just getting so so so excited for these next 2.5 months! Crazy and sad to know it will be all over then, well not over over, just the wedding festivities then its fun nights out with our married friends! So so fun! Speaking of married, I was so happy to see that Friday's photo prompt was ring

1. Treasure Island Illustrations by Bomboland I just love the look and feel of papercut art! And when it is just done so well and for such an appropriate subject, it just really goes right to the top of my list. I love the added depth of the sea in this cover for Treasure Island. And when looking at more photos of the project, they even use a map of water for one of the pieces of paper! Designed by Bomboland, found via Eight Hour Day. 2. Oliver's First Birthday Invitation It seems like all my friends are having babies! Many of them coming up on their first birthdays even. So when I see a great birthday invite, I just have to save it! And when one is worthy to grace Dribbble, you know it's gotta be good! Designed by Greg Christman, found via Dribbble. 3. Wood Burn DIY The ladies at A Beautiful Mess are always tackling the coolest and most amazing projects and then are graciously sharing them with the masses. And a lot of the time, they are pretty hard tasks set before them. Like wood burning. What a great DIY to share! 4. Renegade Craft Fair Illustrated Poster Another talent I pine for