Evernotes Every Friday

1. Signpost to Literary Favorites

I really want a sign like this even though I have no idea where I would put it. I think it serves as an inspiration for my dream baby shower though. Pinned by Vania Morris, originally from Summer Camp Program Director.

2. Tourism Illustrated Icons

I love these illustrated icons by Topher Edwards that I found on Dribbble this week. Kinda reminds me of Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” with that wavy sky in the background.

3.  Frida Clements Illustration

Love this illustrated waterfall, reminds me of a large patchwork quilt. The details are my favorite though especially the pieces that extend passed “their square.”  Found via Smile and Wave on Pinterest, originally from Frida Clemens’ Etsy.

4. Stanmore School Interior Graphics

I want carpet covered in typography! Okay well maybe not for my house but I will find somewhere to put it! Found via designworklife, designed by Frost* Design.

5. City of Montgomery, Alabama

Designs this pretty make me so so excited! I love the variety of design styles that John Wilson pulled together so seamlessly, you see modern and clean typography with handwritten detail plus an etched deer. All that sounds so mismatchy but it just looks beautiful. Thanks Graphic Exchange for posting about Wilson, I am now following his blog to see more from him!

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