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September 2012

Seriously, September is already over? Labor Day seems so so long ago but then feels like just yesterday all at the same time. Work is crazy, weekends are crazy, I am going crazy. Crazy excited for the fun times ahead in October: one of my best friend's weddings, mine and hubby's birthdays, and our trip to Washington. We actually leave in two weeks and have not one single plan set. Who am I? Ah! Join me on these crazy adventures, documented everyday using Fat Mum Slim's prompts (October posted below). 24/3 things, 25/frame, 26/near, 27/love/hate, 28/a good thing, 30/you,then Join in on the fun this month with Photo A Day October! Want to know more about Photo A Day, check out Fat Mum Slim's blog here.

1. Signpost to Literary Favorites I really want a sign like this even though I have no idea where I would put it. I think it serves as an inspiration for my dream baby shower though. Pinned by Vania Morris, originally from Summer Camp Program Director. 2. Tourism Illustrated Icons I love these illustrated icons by Topher Edwards that I found on Dribbble this week. Kinda reminds me of Aladdin's "A Whole New World" with that wavy sky in the background. 3.  Frida Clements Illustration Love this illustrated waterfall, reminds me of a large patchwork quilt. The details are my favorite though especially the pieces that extend passed "their square."  Found via Smile and Wave on Pinterest, originally from Frida Clemens' Etsy. 4. Stanmore School Interior Graphics I want carpet covered in typography! Okay well maybe not for my house but I will find somewhere to put it! Found via designworklife, designed by Frost* Design. 5. City of Montgomery, Alabama Designs this pretty make me so so excited! I love the variety of design styles that John Wilson pulled together so seamlessly, you see modern and clean typography with handwritten detail plus an etched deer. All that sounds so mismatchy but it just looks beautiful. Thanks Graphic Exchange for

1. BOOMBOX 100 Days, 100 Places, 100 Songs, 100 Dances, 1 Guy = Ely Kim I found this video last Friday morning and it sure started the last day of the work week off perfectly and happily so I suggest you do the same today. This video will just bring a smile to your face and make you want to get up and dance dance dance. With an Asian guy. In random public places. Or inspire you to start a personal daily project yourself

So now that my major bridesmaid duties have past and our anniversary hotluck is over, I am ready to start looking forward to October and the wonderful adventure that Andy and I will be taking come Ocotber 15 (my hubby's 30th birthday!!!). Which leads to, what should we do and what should we see in Seattle, Washington? Heck, what about the way up there and back from sunny So Cal? But before I get these amazing trip ideas, let me tell you we did a whirlwind of a trip there and back in 2008. Seattle 2008 We started the day off right with a ferry trip in

1. 1950's Crown Wallpaper Advertisment Now if this doesn't show how fun wallpaper can be, what does? Found via Pinterest from What Katie Finds. 2. Unique Tri-Fold Brochure I always keep my eye out for unique page layouts so thanks Meghan for this one! I could foresee this translating to a cool website header too. Found via Pinterest, sourced from Creattica. 3.  Jason Sudekis Photo Design Love the depth and character that blue photography overlay adds to the black and white photo. Found via Pinterest, sourced from High Toned. 4. Trendi Magazine Cover by Lotta Nieman This magazine cover image is so summery and bright, I just love the handwritten headlines over the image that mimic the shape of wind blown hair. Found via Good Design Makes Me Happy. 5. Ampersand Photo Shoot So I just love the ampersand (&)

Somehow these little guys never got posted! So now is better than never right? I designed these quite awhile go for my church but just a few months ago we rebranded them to the new look and feel of the church that was incorporated last Easter. I love the richness of the warm oranges and reds. Gotta love the custom maps though, those little labors of loves. haha And if you're looking for a bible study to join, here's the flyer for the study I go to on Thursday nights