Remi’s 3 Month and Trembly Family Photos at Santa Rosa Plateau

gillian family photos santa rosa 415

Years and years ago, like 12 years ago, this loud and energetic and FUN girl was in a dance class I assisted in. Fast forward a few years and I come to find out she actually went to the church and was friends with my hubby and my new found group of friends. We were even in our friends wedding in the fall of 2012 together!

And fast foward another couple years and here were are on a gorgeous summer day photographing her new family of 3! It’s amazing what God does in our lives, the gifts he gives from friends to family.

Hope you enjoy these photos of little Remi and her loving parents, Gillian and Drew.

And thanks Auntie Yoyo for assisting us that day, I am ever so thankful!

We started with my version of baby photos, outside with blankets… I call it my ghetto newborn style. 🙂 But it works, right?

gillian family photos santa rosa 047 gillian family photos santa rosa 071 gillian family photos santa rosa 105

Then we brought the new parents in for more family fun.

gillian family photos santa rosa 233 gillian family photos santa rosa 285

Nothing beats the smiles for Daddy.


gillian family photos santa rosa 44 gillian family photos santa rosa 281 gillian family photos santa rosa 323 gillian family photos santa rosa 362 gillian family photos santa rosa 403 gillian family photos santa rosa 563


Let’s end with my favorites, shall we?


gillian family photos santa rosa 626 gillian family photos santa rosa 633


Amelia’s One Year Birthday Photos at the Beach

amelias first birthday beach photography 310

Little Miss Amelia turned one earlier this month! And for Mia’s birthday photos, we wanted to head down to the beach to take photos that we could use as decoration at her Under the Sea birthday party.

amelias first birthday beach photography 306

I know that she’s pointing at her grandma behind me, but I like to think she’s saying “I’m one!” (P.S. Thanks Grandma Kim for being THE BEST assistant ever!)

amelias first birthday beach photography 331 amelias first birthday beach photography 338

I love this girl’s smile! She just loves life, and is curious about everything! She has the heart for adventure!

amelias first birthday beach photography 362

amelias first birthday beach photography 383

Once we got closer to the beach itself, it was time for a wardrobe change! Rachel made Mia these adorable crowns for the photoshoot… she looks like a bohemian beach princess.

amelias first birthday beach photography 419 amelias first birthday beach photography 410 amelias first birthday beach photography 406 amelias first birthday beach photography 443

She really wasn’t too sure what to think of the sand… or the waves… or the water in general. Which led to lots of sweet moments with mommy.

amelias first birthday beach photography 493

amelias first birthday beach photography 483

amelias first birthday beach photography 694

amelias first birthday beach photography 608 amelias first birthday beach photography 571 amelias first birthday beach photography 619

I am showing you this cute little one from behind, not only to show off her standing by herself, and those chunky thighs of hers, but I am pretty sure she was screaming mad at us at this moment. 🙂

amelias first birthday beach photography 622

As the sun set, we took her up to the dry sand and just let her play. It didn’t take long for her curiosity to get the best of her and dig in.

amelias first birthday beach photography 864 amelias first birthday beach photography 975 amelias first birthday beach photography 810

 Oh Miss Mia, thank you for always being so full of surprises and keeping us on our toes. After forcing you to take a bath outside, you would have thought we had learned our lesson. Thank you for being you, your feisty, sweet, adventurous, you.

Rachel and Amelia’s Bedroom in the Trees, Mama and Baby Photography


This photo shoot came to being when Rachel and her little babe stayed the weekend at my house. Seeing them snuggled up together in bed sparked an idea to make a little outdoor bed complete with a wooden pallet headboard, a bedroom among the trees if you will.

We definitely were just “winging” it the day we scampered about town looking for a location and finally found this grove of trees within a 5 minute drive from my house.

In my head I pictured our little sleepy baby from Amelia’s newborn and 3 month photos, but of course the little miss was wide awake… and probably wondering what in the world her mama and auntie were up to!

Either awake or asleep, these photos came out like a dream… I really love each of them and I feel like they truly capture the snuggles that only a mama and her babe share!

rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0080 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0096 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0044

I think this may be my favorite. I love how Amelia is holding on to her mama’s sweater.



rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0295 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0281 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0013 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0261 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0193 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0337 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0355 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0245

Some tips for you if you want to try something like this…

  • Off white sheets would probably work better as a lot of the details were lost with the bright white-ness!
  • Find a spot with lots of shade so your “bedroom” scene doesn’t look quite so much outdoors.
  • And of course, plan around the babe’s schedule for when she’s sleepy, if that’s the look you’re going for. 🙂

Allens Head North: Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls

After our first night in Redding, we spent the second night in Portland with dinner at Cartlandia. The next morning we drove through the Columbia River Gorge, a windy two lane highway by which you pass waterfall after waterfall.

The first one we stopped at, Wahkeena Falls, had a short .2 walk up closer to the falls. It was just gorgeous, and super cold! I loved it!

Below is some rare proof that Andy and I were on this trip together.

The next waterfall, Multnomah Falls was so breathtaking… the falls split into 2 with the tallest being over 500 foot and the second drop being nearly another 100 feet.

Next time, I hope to make it up to that bridge but time didn’t allow it this day.

Hey, Andy, did you know I took this creeper one of you? 🙂

I would highly recommend taking this route, even though it wasn’t on our way up to Seattle at all—it was actually a 2 hour loop out of the way but it was totally worth it! God’s handiwork is just amazing!

Allens Head North: Introduction

The week after our good friend’s wedding, Andy and I made an escape to Seattle, celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary and his 30th birthday. We made plenty of stop along the way which helped to break up the 20 hour drive.

The timing of this trip was jammed into the couple weeks between weddings and right in the middle of huge work projects, but Andy turned 30 and we had to celebrate.

We actually left on the day of his birthday and made it to Redding in 10 hours, finishing the day with dinner at a Kobe teppanayaki grill. So so good!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve seen the food posts and the weather posts and the posts of all the little babes but since we’ve been back many have asked what my favorite thing was. I would have to say my favorite part was just getting away with just my husband in tow. We haven’t taken a trip with just the two of us since our second wedding anniversary cruise!

Not only was it just the two of us, but it was to a place that we both just come alive. The cooler weather is just invigorating. Andy and I both weren’t made for the heat of Southern California.

All this to say, our trip was amazing and I will have a few more detailed posts about some of the fun stuff we got to do and eat! 🙂

And they will be photos taken on my actual camera not just iPhone ones! Double yayay!!

High School Senior, Breanna, Menifee

I have yet to have a session that I have loved so many of the final photos! I won’t even tell you how many I ended up giving Breanna because it was just too many but I just couldn’t keep them to myself! We did a two day session with two times to sunsets! Thanks Breanna for your beautiful smile and even your fake one! Congratulations on graduation, excited for where God takes you from here! (I seriously ended each sentence with an exclamation point… but I am seriously excited about this one!)!!

College Senior Kirsten, Menifee

Kirsten and I have known each other for a long… long time. She started out in my sister’s dance class at Compos Dance Studio many years before this photo, from 2004, after we started to dance together.

I am on the far left, Kirsten at the left middle. And now 8 years later, she asked me to take her pictures as she graduates from college. Here’s just a few of my favorites!

Thanks Kir, for laughing at my jokes and for trampling through the fields with me!

The Ice Castles at Silverthorne, Colorado

Oh how I love Colorado! We went there twice last summer, once for my family reunion/cousin’s wedding and then later in August for a BBQ competition. But we haven’t been there winter for five years. Unlike previous years, there wasn’t that much snow. If Summit County always got that much snow, I could actually live in the mountains. But since Dillon got 4 inches of snow just the night after we left, it just won’t work, so we settle for visits… and visiting often.

I only took my camera out for ONE DAY! Astonishing, but we were snowboarding the other two days we were there. But this one day was worthy of photographing as we went to the Ice Castles at Silverthorne. These structures are best described on their website:

an unparalleled creation of walkways, illuminated ice formations, tunnels, and arches – all made entirely out of ice with no supporting substructure. These massive and dynamic ice structures will reach up 30 to 40 feet high, and collectively measure over 10,000 tons.

It really was beautiful and I am glad we got to go both during the day and at night to see the way they are lit. During the day, I could really appreciate the detail and the beauty of the ice while at night they were much more ominous and it was harder to see the detail so I looked more at the structures on a whole.

It was a great adventure with the family, walking among the hallways made of ice and looking up in a ceiling full of icicles. Have to admit, that was kind of scary. I kept imagining them plummeting down on top of us, but my camera was blocking my eyesight most the time I was looking up. Buuuuut, it was totally worth it as you shall now see! This is an extreeeemly photo heavy post, but I hope you enjoy it! The daylight and the artificial light at night was amazing. It played on the ice in such different ways, casting its shadows, and illuminating reflections of different parts….

Later as my dad was flipping through my camera, he asked if this was taken by mistake. I said, of course not, it’s to remember the ground that was covered in chunks of ice. Many people walked around with ski poles for balance.

And then night fell…

My dad taking this photo.

The following photo was taken by Chris Yonushewski, a writer for He was there writing an article on the ice castles, which you can see here.

Wow, thank you for looking at all these! 🙂

Christmas Portraits / Amie, Matt, and Bonnie the Puppy Dog

I have been so antsy to post these pictures but as they were a Christmas present for my friend Amie’s mom, I had to wait. And wait. And wait. I took them just a week after Courtney and Andrew’s maternity photos, so it’s been quite awhile!

Amie and I have been best friends since April 10, 2000, at least that’s what we like to tell people as that was the day we left for our eighth grade trip to Washington DC. Who knew then that 8 years later we’d be back there again, but this time for Amie’s graduation as she completed her bachelor degree in political science. I certainly, never ever, would have guessed that! In those eight years we have taken thousands (literally) of photos together, documenting all of the big life moments and all the ones in between. And now, here we are again, taking photos of moments in between. These aren’t engagement pictures, they are pictures just to document life as it is now, Amie and Matt, together with their new puppy Bonnie. As a photographer of Amie since middle school, I can guarantee you, I have never seen her happier. Thanks Matt, for smiling for the camera and for living life to the fullest, leaning on tree sap and all, and of course, for getting Amie’s true smile out in so many of these pictures. The squish the nose, squint the eyes, real genuine smile: that’s all you, and you do that everyday!

This mine and Amie’s favorite one!

And finally, the golfers had all packed up for the day so we scampered on the Menifee Greens course for a few last sunset photos!

Thanks again Amie and Matt for giving me another chance to practice photography!

Road Trip 2010: South Dakota, Part 2

After a peaceful and relaxing time on the ranch we headed west, but not for home. We still had many exciting places to visit. First stop was the Badlands… these amazing rock canyons that resemble the Grand Canyon. I wish we got there closer to dusk as the sun setting casts amazing red light on the rock but it was amazing nonetheless. Melissa and I viewed from the backseat while BJ navigated us through. Then it was off to the biggest tourist trap in the midwest: Wall. There’s not much more than a small town located in Wall but Wall Drug is there and everyone just HAS TO stop there. They give you stickers too with their name on it and you are supposed to take it all over and send them photos. My dad took his sticker he got previously to Scotland!

Our final stop of the day was the Black Hills where Mount Rushmore resides. I can now say I have been there three times but each trip is different. Growing up, I travelled the country with my family in our minivan but this time I was with my husband! It is amazing to me still that I just get to travel with my best friend and go anywhere I want to. Even though he’s been to the Black Hills a lot, I am excited to show him a lot of the places that my family has taken me to already.

The next morning, after a lovely stay in a wooden cabin (with a communal camp bathroom that I survived) we headed to Custer State Park, home of Sylvan Lake and a huge herd of buffalo. When I went there four years ago I just had an amazing time driving through the herd, they are RIGHT NEXT TO your car! They are so massive and you just don’t realize their breadth until up close to them. We actually went so deep into the herd this time that we went into a prohibited area and were asked to leave! We saw lots and lots of deer and these goat-deer animals.

Sylvan Lake was another favorite from my last trip to the Black Hills but I have to admit that this time was even better. As we walked around the lake we came across a “secret” trail that was only indicated by a set of handrails. We started down this path that followed a waterfall, stair after stair. It was beautiful. THe best hike I have ever been on in fact! I will post more photos later, these are the only ones from my phone.

And now we are in COlorado staying with wonderful hosts, Jason and Danielle. More to come! Homeward bound in just 2 more days! One week home and then it’s off to Mexico!