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July 2010

Everyone knows I love Disneyland. It's a fact, not an opinion. My friend Sam Branson, who just had her first baby girl (congrats, again!!) calls me Disneyland Sam. I know every nook and every cranny of that place, except the backstage. I like to say that I don't care about seeing the backstage because that would 'ruin the magic,' but that would be a lie. People ask how I can go to Disneyland so many times and still want to go again. To mass-answer that question

Mexico gave me a gift that I can never return, nor would I ever want to return. Mexico took a struggling, prideful, and terrified woman and changed her heart of stone to a heart of flesh. Rather, God used Mexico to do so in my life. Each time someone asks how was Mexico, I am not sure how to respond. Sometimes I would just give a simple statement of "It was great!" But within that statement hides many emotions, tears, and a love for los ninos. To help me condense all these random thoughts of the trip down I made a list