Allens Head North: Introduction

The week after our good friend’s wedding, Andy and I made an escape to Seattle, celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary and his 30th birthday. We made plenty of stop along the way which helped to break up the 20 hour drive.

The timing of this trip was jammed into the couple weeks between weddings and right in the middle of huge work projects, but Andy turned 30 and we had to celebrate.

We actually left on the day of his birthday and made it to Redding in 10 hours, finishing the day with dinner at a Kobe teppanayaki grill. So so good!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve seen the food posts and the weather posts and the posts of all the little babes but since we’ve been back many have asked what my favorite thing was. I would have to say my favorite part was just getting away with just my husband in tow. We haven’t taken a trip with just the two of us since our second wedding anniversary cruise!

Not only was it just the two of us, but it was to a place that we both just come alive. The cooler weather is just invigorating. Andy and I both weren’t made for the heat of Southern California.

All this to say, our trip was amazing and I will have a few more detailed posts about some of the fun stuff we got to do and eat! 🙂

And they will be photos taken on my actual camera not just iPhone ones! Double yayay!!

4 thoughts on “Allens Head North: Introduction

  1. jrose says:

    I’m finally getting a chance to look at all of these post from your trip North. I love them all, and am so glad you guys got a chance to spend time together! Love you guys!

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