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Christmas Portraits / Amie, Matt, and Bonnie the Puppy Dog

I have been so antsy to post these pictures but as they were a Christmas present for my friend Amie’s mom, I had to wait. And wait. And wait. I took them just a week after Courtney and Andrew’s maternity photos, so it’s been quite awhile!

Amie and I have been best friends since April 10, 2000, at least that’s what we like to tell people as that was the day we left for our eighth grade trip to Washington DC. Who knew then that 8 years later we’d be back there again, but this time for Amie’s graduation as she completed her bachelor degree in political science. I certainly, never ever, would have guessed that! In those eight years we have taken thousands (literally) of photos together, documenting all of the big life moments and all the ones in between. And now, here we are again, taking photos of moments in between. These aren’t engagement pictures, they are pictures just to document life as it is now, Amie and Matt, together with their new puppy Bonnie. As a photographer of Amie since middle school, I can guarantee you, I have never seen her happier. Thanks Matt, for smiling for the camera and for living life to the fullest, leaning on tree sap and all, and of course, for getting Amie’s true smile out in so many of these pictures. The squish the nose, squint the eyes, real genuine smile: that’s all you, and you do that everyday!

This mine and Amie’s favorite one!

And finally, the golfers had all packed up for the day so we scampered on the Menifee Greens course for a few last sunset photos!

Thanks again Amie and Matt for giving me another chance to practice photography!

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