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May 2012

The theme for Jamie's baby shower had been decided to match the nursery for baby Owen: woodland creatures. And when Jamie posted a photo of this little fox plush from Sleepy King on Etsy,** that she had purchased for the nursery, I was inspired to match the invitation to the same look and feel. The color palette was pretty open, natural earth tones. I've always loved Jamie's taste and was excited to create a shower invitation that was unique to her. The shower itself, you can see Jessica's post about it on her blog, was the most adorable shower I have ever been to. Everything was detailed to match the theme down to the food which included acorn cookies and little fox chow. So so cute! Jessica also asked me to make a little print with Owen's name on it for Jamie to keep after the shower as well! And you can see in this photo the wood and other stuffed animals Jessica used to decorate. Again, it was all just so cute! Little Owen was welcomed into the Chapin family already 7 weeks ago (I am so behind in posting this!!) and he's just as cute as I pictured him to be!

1. Big Mama of Brands by Brad Woodard After featuring Brad Woodard's work a few times I subscribed to his site to get instantly notified on his new postings. I'm pretty behind in reading my design blogs so I was excited to go through a few of his latest projects this week including this piece for Entrepreneur Magazine. Not only does this piece called the Big Mama of Brands exude Brad's playful illustration qualities but the design layout is very easy to read which is key. I love all the extra details like a Texas desert landscape at the top of the page. Even the icons have extra pizazz like the 2011 Texas state which is about Fortune 500 companies, he could have just had the shape of the state with the number 51 on it but it has the added detail of commercial business buildings. Really awesome work. 2. 21 Pressed Calendar Illustration One of my favorite illustration styles is using line art with an overprint of color but then when you add textures like cross hatching in

This last week included our last BBQ competition for a few months. I am so so glad. I feel so beat and just can't catch up during the week. But the boys did win a third in pork with their names up on the jumbo tron at Salt River Fields. And I wouldn't have been able to make it through this last stretch of 'que without my mama helping me along the way whether it was serving food to the massive lines or just being a comfort during the stress. She's amazing

Who is your favorite teacher? You know that teacher who can explain the most complex concept into a simple idea. I first found Jon Courson's studies through K-WAVE a few years ago. He would always be on during my commute to work. After looking more into him, I found his Bible Commentaries. The series is divided into three books with the OT testament split in half. He goes verse by verse through Scripture, explaining the simple truths of God's word. What I have always loved most about Courson is his ability to make each portion applicable to life. He does this in a few ways but one of my favorites is when he ties it back to Scripture, almost always in each message he compares the New Testament verses into a story from the Old Testament. I really love that as it ties the whole Bible together and gives more life to the Old Testament. In addition to the verse by verse study, sprinkled throughout the commentary are Courson's topical teachings that focus a few a pages on just one topic or just two-three verses. Not only does he have the commentaries, but you can now listen to each of his messages

1. New Creative Suite, CS6 The new packaging design and artwork for the new Adobe Creative Suite CS6 has been released and it sure is a far leap from previous versions. From the designer: We wanted to impact every touchpoint in the CS experience, so we proposed that Adobe look beyond software — celebrating the creative freedom of its users and the emotional power of the creative process. Being truly committed to creativity, Adobe embraced the idea. — Tolleson Case Study Found via Brand New. 2. 500px This may not be new to you but it was to me: 500px, an online community for photographers. Similar to Dribbble, 500px users upload their work, their photographs, to be voted on and "favorited." To a novice like myself, I like how it lists the Camera specs like focal length and aperture. The following photo was taken by Taylor McCutchan, definitely a new favorite photographer of mine. Thanks Ismael Burciaga for the tip. 3. Domino Magazine I love this little detail in the upper corner of a Domino Magazine page. It's just a sweet nod to that space, but not overkill. Found via Creature Comforts. 4. Growing Cabinet I have been looking for a large modular bookcase to use as a room divider (to

I have been loving wooden crates ever since this post on Huckleberry Prairie! Since then, I've joined Pinterest and my obsession with crates has increased expontentially. But the thing is, I didn't own any crates. Not a one. Until one weekend while garage sale shopping for a bride. She was looking for crates too so we came home with 4–5 crates between the two of us! I only bought one, but I love it! I can't wait to get more. Here's my one and only crate, I love the metal detail on the corners. Here's to future crates and their decorative uses! Click the image for its source