Road Trip 2010: South Dakota, Part 1

South Dakota is just like you would think it is. Open meadows, empty roads, and fireflies to light the night sky. It’s coming back to a time stood still. A time where there is no traffic and there’s nothing better to do than play a game of Pitch at night and watch the stars light up the sky.

Andy’s grandparents own 1,120 acres of this land. A land populated by a couple hundred cows, a flock of wild turkeys, two horses and then two little grandparents who open their home up to anyone passing by. We were able to stay with them for just three days but in those three days we managed to ride horses in the fields, go fishing, float down the Niobrara River, stand at the base of Smith Falls, play card games, get eaten by Mosquitos, catch fireflies, and eat tons of food! Grandma’s home cooking is the best especially her pot roast, gravy, and chocolate chip cookies! And you get three full meals: breakfast, dinner, and supper. Dinner is the best. It’s the biggest meal of the day. It’s what you Californians call lunch but bigger and better.

I spend more time connected to my phone than most but it is a relief to set it aside for a couple days. No service insures it stays put away. Books cone out, walks are enjoyed, and God’s country is seen. I love it here and who knows, maybe if BJ and Andy’s pact comes true, I’ll be back to stay for good in ten years. But for now visiting is just fine with me.

Blooming Bulbs

Even though my all time favorite color is green, I do no have a green thumb. I have been a killer of plants for a few years now, but my mother-in-law inspired me to embrace the dirt and turn it into something beautiful. I actually enjoy pulling weeds. Really, I do. I have even bartered with my mother. She is going to clean my bathrooms (all 3 of them!) in exchange for me doing her yard work. I looooove this deal! So thanks mom-in-law and mom!

In March, I began my quest. The first task at hand was conquering the weeds. These weeds were taller than most plants! Shovels had to be used to get down to the roots. It was bad but a wonderful fresh start!

In the following weeks, I purchased a bag of star-gazer lilies from Costco. This seemed like the simplest route to take. Dig a hole. Stick the bulb in. Cover it. Water it. Love it. Done. And it truly was this simple!

I planted these bulbs first thing in the morning about mid-March. Within two months, I had this little beauty…

And now, I have 18 of these bulbs blooming! It is so amazing to see these bloom knowing that I actually planted and tended to them! I have the gardening itch for sure now! I just have to develop more patience to wait for them to grow! That’s the worst part!

I like to think about how God looks upon His creation here. That though there are many many weeds, and this world is by no means how His original creation was, I like to think that with His help we are growing and maturing and bringing a smile to His face too.