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December 2011

I have been so antsy to post these pictures but as they were a Christmas present for my friend Amie's mom, I had to wait. And wait. And wait. I took them just a week after Courtney and Andrew's maternity photos, so it's been quite awhile! Amie and I have been best friends since April 10, 2000, at least that's what we like to tell people as that was the day we left for our eighth grade trip to Washington DC. Who knew then that 8 years later we'd be back there again, but this time for Amie's graduation as she completed her bachelor degree in political science. I certainly, never ever, would have guessed that! In those eight years we have taken thousands (literally) of photos together, documenting all of the big life moments and all the ones in between. And now, here we are again, taking photos of moments in between. These aren't engagement pictures, they are pictures just to document life as it is now, Amie and Matt, together with their new puppy Bonnie. As a photographer of Amie since middle school, I can guarantee you, I have never seen her happier. Thanks Matt, for smiling for the

Think of Christmas, Think of snow. Think of sleigh bells. Here we go! Like a reindeer in the sky. You can fly! Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas!   “Too many people grow up. That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up. They forget. They don’t remember what it’s like to be 12 years old. They patronise, they treat children as inferiors. Well I won’t do that.” - Walt Disney Photo from Walt Disney Productions, holiday card, 1953. Via D23.

If you and your family are looking for a church to attend tonight for Christmas Eve or tomorrow for Christmas morning, you are more than welcome at our church: Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior! Our Christmas Eve service tonight is at 7 p.m. and there will be desserts and fellowship after. Tomorrow, Christmas morning, there will be one large service for families and their kiddos at 10:30. We'll be at both! Hope to see you there! Services held at Canyon Lake Middle School. 33005 Canyon Hills Road Lake Elsinore, California

1. Icon's Receipts Icon's Rethink feature asks designers to reimagine current and commonplace objects. Berg took on the challenge by giving the common receipt a face lift and customizing each to its purchaser's interests. Found via Pinterest. 2. Swoon Found via designworklife. 3. Vintage Christmas I am a fan of an unusual use of colors used in Christmas designs (see our company's Christmas card), so this one is a favorite, with its use of tints of green and red. I also really like the texture and illustrative style. Found via Pinterest. 4. Railroad Station A friend posted this on Pinterest last week and I really really want to go out and buy it! And put in my kitchen. Because I love it. And it's at Bed Bath Beyond. Found via Pinterest. 5. Typographical Label Love this unused label for a distillery in L.A., designed by Kyle Anthony Miller. Plus most, if not all, typefaces are from Lost Type Co. Found via Dribbble.

I had just left my position at the dance studio when I asked Rachel if I could take her to Disneyland on her birthday—it was the Year of a Million Dreams and you were given a free ticket for your birthday. She said yes—of course—and my worries of not seeing the Johnson family subsided. Who knew that that one ticket would turn into a pass, and that year pass would turn into two. And here we are, our third annual trip to celebrate Rachel's birthday, with many a trip in between. I've seen this young girl turn into a young woman, embarking upon her first year of college. I've seen her from braces to implants (ha!), from ballet to "hip hop," from the awkward middle school stage to flourishing college student. And have loved every minute of it. Thanks for wanting to spend time on your birthday with me and sharing my passion for the Happiest Place on Earth, Rachel dear. Happy 19th Birthday! P.S. I had no idea I made you take a photo with your button each year so I had to put those together too! P.P.S. Rachel has also been so kind to help me learn photography by graciously modeling for

My Grandma was always the cool grandma. The one who notoriously hosed my fourth grade class down when the asphalt was just too hot. The one who dances on tables. The one who encourages pajama days—and pajamas worn out to restaurants. The one who treats my best friend as if she was one of her own grandchildren. And the one who has helped watch over me for twenty five years. May she never lose the intense love of life that she has been given! We celebrated her seventieth birthday on Thursday. Starting the night out at Ooka Japanese restaurant with a hibachi made dinner and ended the night with Casey's cupcakes at the holiday light show at the Mission Inn. Along the way, I caught some photos that one may consider capable of counting as blackmail, but this is just my grandma, and I am glad I caught her in her goofiness to make us all smile! Catching food from the chef