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September 2011

Red Velvet Brownies with White Chocolate Buttercream I found this recipe for red velvet brownies quite some time ago but I made them just this week. I am no baker, I am also not a grocery shopper as I had to call my husband at least three times to help me find the ingredients! Needless to say, I have tried to make red velvet brownies before since Andy loves them so much, but I totally messed them up (still don't know how)! But I thought I would try again. Andy helped/did it all, so I thought we would have a chance but yet again, they weren't the best. Mostly because our oven turned off at some point but it passed the toothpick test so we cut them and served them anyway. Let's just say, I won't be attempting any new recipes for awhile! However, I thought I would share the link anyway because it really just might be me who is incapable of making anything red velvet—or anything from scratch! Found via Pinterest. This Paper Ship Can I just tell you that this week at work has been close to insane! We are contracting with This Paper Ship to illustrate a few pieces

On September 10, the girls and I (plus little Eli) went down to visit the Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow/Fallbrook. I had first heard of it on the blog, Huckleberry Prairie, and had it saved on my calendar since she went in June. It was so fun walking around all the little shops, there was so much more little knick knacks than I was expecting! I thought there would be primarily larger pieces of furniture and decor but I think there were more items that could fit in the palm of your hand

Retro Muppet Concert Posters Personal projects are some of my favorite to look at as you can see the passion the designer has for the subject. I love Michael De Pippo's use of the hair as negative space in his vin­tage con­cert poster series for the upcom­ing film, The Muppets. Plus the posters present an interesting concept for marketing. Wouldn't it be neat if movies actually featured the fictious bands/companies/etc in their movies as promotional pieces? Found via designworklife. Ride Concept Competition: First Place Goes to The Villa Tempus While I insist—until the day that I die—that I came up with most of the concepts for the new Ariel's Undersea Adventure at Disney California Adventure, I was intrigued by this ride concept contest set up by Imagineering Disney. The winners have finally been announced and the following image is a concept rendering of Mike Schwalm's The Villa Tempus. This concept is not just for a short 5-8 minute attraction though. It's a full blown evening long event with dinner included! Read more about Schwalm's attraction (based upon Time Machine by H.G. Wells) and the second and third place entries here. Imagination Yes, this is how I see the world everyday, every moment! Found via Pinterest.

Have you seen the Fox show Raising Hope? If you haven't, I highly highly suggest it! My husband and I make a night of it each week with two of our friends, Lauren and Kellen. We call it "Raising Hope night," very creative right? Well I just love the soundtrack of the show from the opening song ("Here we go, uh uh oh!!") to all the songs used throughout. Here's a few of my favorites from season 1

These are a few more of my favorites from our "mini photo shoot before riding some rides at Disneyland." I posted this sneak peek on Saturday because I was just too excited about how the photos taken on the top level (Minnie) of the Disney parking structure's turned out! Here's a few more for your viewing pleasure and I hope to get the rest posted to Facebook when they're ready! Thank you again Rachel for always being the willing model and being patient with me while I continue to practice and learn more about photography! The sun was quickly setting so the following photo was taken on our walk from the parking structure to Downtown Disney. There was a small opening in the trees, allowing just enough light to shine on her face. Once we got into Downtown Disney, the sun was blocked by the Disneyland Hotel (good to know next time!) so we took a few more photos and then headed into the park. And here's one last photo