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Music on Raising Hope

Have you seen the Fox show Raising Hope? If you haven’t, I highly highly suggest it! My husband and I make a night of it each week with two of our friends, Lauren and Kellen. We call it “Raising Hope night,” very creative right?

Well I just love the soundtrack of the show from the opening song (“Here we go, uh uh oh!!”) to all the songs used throughout. Here’s a few of my favorites from season 1… and if you have a chance, check the show out on Fox, Tuesdays at 9:30 when they return for their second season TONIGHT!!

Theme song:

Sorry this is a weird visual for the intro, but I just love it too much not to include it!


From the Pilot:

This next one is not actually sung by this band in the show, but Virgina sings it to baby Hope…


From their Halloween episode:


From “A Germ of a Story”


From “Mongooses”


The finale:

A huge thanks to Heard of TV for the help in finding these songs!

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  • September 20, 2011


    I’m so excited!! I love this blog!!!!!

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