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July 2011

Today's my parent's 28th wedding anniversary. That's 7 times longer than Andy and I have been married. In just these past two years alone, my parents love for one another has manifested itself in so many ways. With all my dad's "episodes," you can see that they have a new-found appreciation for their relationship. There's a dependence upon one another that, from what I've learned so far, seems necessary in a marriage. They understand they can't get through life without the other. You can see this in the way they look at each other and in the way they touch one another. My mom has taught me so much on how to be a godly wife. She has taught this to me not only in how she cares for my dad, but in how she cares for my sister and me. She gives without ceasing and inspires me to do the same. She is the most unselfish person I have ever met. With each passing day and with each passing doctor's visit this past year my mom just said "keep praying." She was determined. My dad has taught me about unconditional love and forgiveness. While we have not always had the best relationship, you

1. Momentus As someone very ignorant in the area of history and all it entails, this site combines history and art in a way that helps someone like me learn. It was fun to go through the different moments in history to not only view the associated black and white illustration but to read the brief account as well. The Momentus site describes the series as "visual interpretations of the most defining moments in United States history as a way of informing others of our proud, yet sometimes troubled and forgotten past." The following is Nate Utesch's post, you can see it on his own site with a great process story. See more Momentus occasions here. Found via Shed Labs' post on Dribbble. 2. Inception by Ricky Linn While on Twitter this week I came across designer Ricky Linn, by Scott Allen Hill's tweet. While his playing cards drew me to his site, what really struck me was his poster design for the movie Inception: "Playing off the concept of layered dreams from the movie, the poster was made with paper cut outs layered behind one another." See a side view photograph of how this piece really comes together. Such a neat concept

When Joyce first told me she was going to come visit this year I didn't believe her. When she said that she was coming mid-July, I didn't believe her. She then called and said, "Sam, I'm booking my ticket right now! --- wait, let me call you back." I still didn't believe her. Then she called with the news, "Sam, I bought my ticket!" I was so beyond excited that I would finally get to see her after over a year of waiting! But she still mentioned sending me her flight confirmation just so I could be sure. You see, Joyce is my friend who I have never been in the same state with for more than 6 months. She was always flying back and forth between California and home to New York and then once... she went to New York and never came back. And that was three years ago. In that time, she's gotten married, graduated college, and started a home. But she really came back — for 5 whole days! Being the planner that I am, each day was minutely planned. Being the not-so-much-a-planner she is, I told her I'd be flexible. And guess what, guess who was late to pick her up from the airport? That's right... me! Amie and I were just minutes late but we missed her grand entrance down the escalator at Ontario Airport. I was devastated! But enough of this story, let me tell you through photos just how you can max out 5 days in Southern California with some time in the sun, toes in the sand, and just some great girl time in our jammies!

Day 0

Picked our friend up from the airport. We were totally on time. Her flight came early. That's life.

Day 1

After a scrumptous breakfast of cinnamon rolls and fruit with girlfriends, we travelled down to San Diego and walked through Balboa Park. Last time I was there, I saw this little nature filled canyon that I wanted to explore so we started there. Then we walked along the main street ending with some cooling off in the fountain. We actually got in the water. Right after I saw a dog pee in it. This is where the title of this blog post comes in. After Balboa Park, we went to my favorite part of San Diego: Coronado Island. A not-so-secret tip: if you want to go to a rather less crowded view point of the city of San Diego, instead of making the left to head to Hotel Del Coronado, make a right onto Orange when first arriving in Coronado. Then at the dead end, make a left. There's a little tiny park on the right with some benches and a small beach. Not only do I love the beach on Coronado Island, I love the food. More specifically: I love Miguel's Cocina. And the most wonderful jalapeno cheese sauce known to man. Each time we go there, I get the shrimp enchilada a la carte, Andy get's a combination plate, and then we feast on chips, salsa, white sauce, and pickled veggies. Our bill comes to $16. $20, with tip. Love it! Read about Day 2 after the jump!

I have these two best friends. What? I can't have two best friends? Well oh well I do. I even had two maids of honor. Say what? That's just how we are. When it's just two of the three of us, it's just not the same. There's a synergistic effect when the three of us get together. There's enough energy, enough laughter, enough pure happiness to last a year. Maybe two. But that's the longest we can go it has been decided. We sharpen one another. We talk about the important stuff. And the not so important stuff. We truly know one another. What makes us tick. What pushes each other's buttons. We can cry together. We can snap at each other because hey, that's real life. Can't be smiles and laughter all the time. We can get in fights and make up an hour later knowing that no fight can be that important to undo a friendship. It's real. It's true friendship. And I miss them already, my heart aches for them. After spending a whirlwind 5 days together last week, I'm still recuperating and will be posting a couple blogs on our adventures!

Hello friends, it's Kathleen again! Another week, another post. Forget the frilly intro. I know you, and you know me by now. Let's delve straight into some weekly finds from the information highway. Oh, and Please excuse my lack of wordage this week. I have sprained a certain phalange doing something very nerdy (which we'll discuss later), therefore my fingers aren't very cooperative. Anyhow, onward we go! 1. To Tattoo, or Not to Tattoo. That is The Question. I. AM. IN. LOVE. WITH.TATTOOS. There I've said it, and if you know me that's no  big surprise. I have yet to obtain a proper tattoo (unless a dinky harp done by one of your best friend's husband counts). I dream about the day when I can get inked up in the right places by the right peeps. For now these little fella's will have to suffice, temporary tat's by the fellow's over at Tattly. The emblem's are fun and perfect for the indecisive man, woman, and child ; ) 2. I Knew They Were Real, I Knew It! Ah, a good chuckle ensued after reading this. You're welcome in advance. Get the humor over at Etsy! 3. Chic, Indeed. Coury, over at the blog Fancy Treehouse, has

1. Lauren Manning's Food Consumption Like I have said before, infographics are hard to make! I love this recent series by Lauren Manning where she visually depicts her food consumption in not only one way, but in several and many different ways. Isn't it hard enough to make one masterpiece? I must say, this is one of the most interesting looking infographics that I've seen in quite awhile! See all the varieties here. 2. Phish Blossom Music Center Poster While at first glance, you see a deer. And if you're like me, you may not notice that the antlers spell out the band's name: Phish. Or you may be much more observant than me and the teal letters stand out to you. Either way, watch the process video, it's truly amazing to watch the illustration come to life. Found via Veerle's Inspiration Stream. 3. Heart Beats Playlist Cover I'm not the biggest fan of this particular playlist but I love the artwork! I've been a fan of Karen Kurycki for awhile now and this is definitely keeping in tone of her bright watercolor style. So there you have it

Just last month my family and I drove out to Dillon, Colorado for my cousin's lovely wedding in the mountains. Now that the event has come and gone, it's about time I share the invitation suite I designed for her! You may remember her save the date I posted at the end of last year, she wanted to keep the same elegant rustic feel for the invitations. In the meantime, she had started a wedding website on and when I saw it, I thought it would be perfect to design her stationery accordingly. So I redrew the graphics from the site, used the same typefaces as the save the date, and voila! It was also the first time setting up a file for a spot varnish! I'm also including images I took from the day of the wedding and how she incorporated their "logo" into the cake and wedding program. View more images after the jump!