Book Review, Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers, and Free Art Download!

bridge to haven ipad

I read this book, Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers, during my trip to upstate New York in May. Half, while cuddled up on the couch in wonderful 60 degree sunshiney weather and the other half on the plane ride home. The latter half, I cried like a baby… on the plane… amongst strangers. So I don’t quite recommend reading this in public. At least not that half. More specifically the latter quarter.

Without giving much away, this book is about a young girl, Abra, who was literally left at the side of the road as a baby by her mother. She was found by a pastor but then raised by another family later in life. Although she was surrounded by those who loved her, she went through her life blind, feeling so unloved, and then ran into the arms of men just to find the love she so craved.

She looked in all the wrong places for love, and by not seeing those that loved her, she felt so neglected by God. The lonliness and abandonment she felt dug at my heart. Her heart was so hardended that she couldn’t see the blessings that surrounded her.

How many out there feel this same way… and find themselves going down a path that only makes things so much worse?

If only she saw and understood the always forgiving, unconditional love that God offers, would she have missed so much more pain and heartbreak.

Anyway, just after finishing up this book I heard one of my favorite songs on the radio and was inspired to write out the title of it and then give it away for free to you all.

oh how he loves us 1280 x 800

Oh How He Loves Us is a song written by John Mark McMillian, performed by David Crowder Band. Every since hearing the single, I’ve loved this song. Particularly this verse:

And we are His portion and He is our prize,
Drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes,
If his grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.

Below you’ll find desktop wallpaper options along with iPad and iPhone backgrounds.

2560 x 1440 / 1680 x 1050 / 1440 x 900 / 1280 x 800 / ipad / iphone

Thanks for reading!

P.S. The “oh, How He Loves us” type was hand lettered by me, and the background was created with some Subtle Patterns.

How To: DIY Printables, Where to Print?

your new friend sam printables faq how to DSC_0841

So you’ve downloaded a printable from Etsy… now what do you do?

Well first off, what is a printable?

A printable is a file that you can print yourself rather than buying it already printed.

Once you’ve downloaded your file, its time to get it printed. I recommend the same printer to all my clients, if you don’t have a very good printer at home, and it’s the same printer that I use for all my own invitations… Staples.


It truly is good quality printing at the Staples Copy and Print Center—or any of those big box store printers. Not only is the cost low, but it’s fast. Rarely do I have to “come back later” after I’ve brought my files in. 9 1/2 times out of 10 they are able to print right then and there.

A tabloid sized sheet of paper, 11 by 17 inches, in full color is just under $2 each. And that can usually fit 3 or 4 invites each, making each invite less than 50 cents! Kinda ridiculous right??

Over the summer, my best friend and I, went in and  bought a pack of ivory cardstock for $7-something and each 8 1/2 by 11 inch letter sized sheet only cost 48 cents to print—making her wedding invites 25 cents each!

(rant/ However, if you want to print on letter sized and use “their” paper, it’s the same price as the tabloid sheet which is actually double the size, so that price doesn’t really make sense, why would you ever print on a sheet half the size, half the quantity, but its the same price? /end rant)

Now that you have your file printed, its time to cut. A lot of times the print shop can cut them for you, sometimes at no cost too, depending on how many copies you had. I always just cut them myself.

For all my printables, I place little dashes where you need to cut, called crop marks.

your new friend sam printables faq how to DSC_0842

You just line up the blade along the marks and cut!

your new friend sam printables faq how to DSC_0849

your new friend sam printables faq how to DSC_0853

your new friend sam printables faq how to DSC_0854

Once you’ve cut all 4 sides off you have your print! It’s that easy!

your new friend sam printables faq how to DSC_0855

The above print is brand new to my shop and designed especially for the winner of my Typography Printables contest! Created from Mumford and Sons lyrics, this design and one other is available in my shop for Instant Download for $1.99!

Cars Themed Birthday Invite DOWNLOAD

Last year, Jamie asked me to make a cars themed birthday invite for Eli’s 3rd birthday. I never got to post it here but in honor of his 4th birthday I figured it’s time to get it up!

I have also uploaded a FREE PDF download for anyone who wants to use the background of the invite for your very own invitation. I’ve never done something like this before so please leave a comment if you’d like more of this sort of post, you know, downloadable graphics. All you need to do is add your own photo and text. I left the “Ready Set Go” on there for you though. Enjoy.

Download Cars Themed 3rd Birthday Invitation