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Evernotes Every Friday

1. Pietro Gala

What a fun box of pasta, that’s what I thought when I saw this package. And who would describe pasta as fun? Well not me. Each product in the Pierro Gala line has the chef character doing something different from this one with the roller pin to drinking a glass of wine to having a bite of cheese. Seriously so so fun! Makes me want to cook up pasta in a chef’s hat and invite over some friends! Found via the dieline, designed by Fresh Chicken Agency.

2. Fisherman for Fish & for Man

Another fun packaging design! If I could imagine being handed the job to design a package for fishing boots… I would never think of something this incredible creative!! What an out of the box idea (pun intended ;)) Found via the Graphic-Exchange, designed by Good!

3.  Bobine, iPhone tripod

Amazing invention! So many possibilities!!! Found via swissmiss, buy one from Photo Jojo.

4. Watch Style

For my birthday, I asked my husband for a watch. But of course I had no idea what kind of watch that I even wanted! Not the color, not anything! So I was so happy when I saw this post by the Design*Sponge contributors: What’s Your Watch Style?

5. Spring Cleaning: MAC

Not gonna lie, I have totally killed an Apple keyboard by attempting to clean the keys. So seeing a whole article about not only cleaning the outside, but maintaining the inside is something I really need to read! Found via Pinterest, originally from Life Hacker.

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  • October 26, 2012


    That pasta box is fun! And I want the iPhone stand! AND my keyboard desperately needs to be cleaned. I need to get magic erasers anyway!

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