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Photo A Day, October—Week 3

Next week be expecting a few more detailed posts about our trip to Seattle but for now, here’s a sneak peek into that week…

We spent a few days in Seattle, spending quite a lot of time at Pike’s Place, the gigantic “farmers market,” infamous in the city. Our hotel was just around the corner from it so we went there for breakfast (donuts), lunch (fresh bread, cheese, and salami sandwiches) and then even dinner at a little Mexican grocer! But not only did our trip include some good good eats, we got to see so many friends and family! From the Sellmeyers, to Andy’s cousins family the Weidenbenners, to the newly married Lems, to the Anderson/Willis families in Vancouver. So let’s recap, food and friends… oh do not let me forget the weather! On the forecast was rain rain rain but it barely rained on us at all. Only once during the day when we were actually out but even then it wasn’t too bad! But how I miss the clouds, the cold, the layers of boots and jackets, and my very happy to be in the rain husband. I know we will be back there again, one day, hopefully sooner than later!

P.S. the last two prompts were quite appropriate…. how much do I love that this little 4 year old lives .7 miles from me… words just do not describe it! I got to pick the little man up from preschool, when I asked him what animal he was, he ripped off the mask and said “no, I’m a boy!” And the last last prompt of the view, well let’s just say I spent 4 hours in the car today none of which had the vistas that Oregon provided. 🙁

16/something I wrote, 17/fruit, 18/made me smile, 19/letters, 20/4 o’clock, 21/calm, 22/in my town, 23/the view from here

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