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October 2012

Well the wedding came and went in a whirlwind of fun and laughter. Now Andy and I are in cloudy and cold Washington enjoying a much needed vacation while Kellen and Lauren are enjoying a sunny ocean filled honeymoon in Hawaii. Before too much more time has past, I wanted to share a few photos I took of the almost married couple for their wedding invitation. We only needed one photo for the RSVP card so we were there and gone within 15 minutes if not less than that! Here's the photo side of their RSVP card, I will share more of the invitation (and hopefully some wedding photos) next week too. And here's two more that didn't make the cut for the RSVP card but I still just loooooove how they came out! Ah! I seriously just adore them! Mr. & Mrs. Wagoner I mean

1. Website Inspiration Since I am currently working on a major website right now, when Ismael Burciaga pinned all these beautifully designed sites I got a little "repin crazy." For more, follow Ismael here. 2. AFAR Magazine Spread by These Are Things Thank you to These Are Things for always showcasing these fabulous infographics. No one presents a spreadsheet of information better than you two do! And thank you for a glimpse into the behind the scenes, making of moments on your blog! Does that name sound familiar? I featured These Are Things just a few weeks ago right here on Evernotes Every for their brand new, amazingly designed and developed, site! 3.  Photograph as Envelope Liner If you have a more traditional, no photo used or even a letterpressed wedding invitation, bringing the personal touch of a photograph as your envelope liner would be such a great idea! Found via Pinterest. 4. Peanut Butter + Honey Milkshake Recipe In addition to this 6 month long pancake craving, I have been loving honey! Honey on everything that deems appropriate

Years, seriously years ago I thought about a Central Park themed shower for our friend Lauren. She just loves the city of New York and the Yankees so obviously Central Park is the girly side of that! Thankfully my usual partner in crime, Jessica from J. Rose Photography, and our fellow bridesmaids, Trisha and Jamie, all came together to bring this shower to a reality. This shower was Lauren Lauren Lauren! Every decision was made based on, what would Lauren choose? What would Lauren want? So instead of the normal frilly girly shower, we had a hot dog bar and a popcorn machine. Instead of playing the usual shower games, that the bride can't participate in anyway, we played a revamped version of corn-hole, Pass the Bouquet (aka hot potato), and then the ultimate finale of a potato sack race! And instead of floral centerpieces we had picnic baskets that kept the guests' plates, silverware, napkins, and the smore's pop favors. And instead of everyone at tables, most sat on a collection of thrifted picnic sheets with pillows to lean on. Oh and Jamie and Jess concocted the most amazing vintage set up for a beautiful backdrop for Lauren to open

For quite some time now I've been wanting to illustrate a mess of iconic places to symbolize the whole location(?? does that even make sense??) so when we decided to throw Lauren a "picnic in Central Park" themed shower, I thought, I can illustrate the invite!!! <--- longest sentence ever? The one and only time I have ever been to Central Park was one evening in 2005 where we spent the remaining half hour of daylight being drawn by a character artist which resulted in my only seeing Central Park in the dark—which was kinda scary. All that to say, I had to Google Central Park and when I found the carousel, I thought that to be the focal point of the invite and the weight of my illustration. From there I went on to draw the elements that we planned to use at the shower: picnic baskets, kites, flags, and banners. Oh and there would be a lake to with boats! Yay! Thank you Canyon Lake! We used bright reds, blues, greens, and yellows all throughout the shower from the red hotdog and popcorn stands to the bright multi colored pendant banners. I just love how the shower came out, from the

1. Covenant House, Designed by Almanac One of the coolest (digital) annual reports I have ever seen! Way to set the bar even higher than usual Almanac! See live site here. 2. Anaheim Oktoberfest Lager by Kevin Kidney I've been really interested in the illustration process this past year so when I saw Disney artist Kevin Kidney's post on how he created a label for Oktoberfest, I just had to save it. 3.  Possible Main Street expansion There 's talk of Main Street, USA expanding to allow room and traffic flow for those pesky firework watchers at Disneyland. Very cool to see plans from the 1960s might be coming to life now! Found via MiceAge. 4. Crop It Like Its Hot I must have this shirt! Found it just too late for my 26 Wishes post, maybe for 27? Found via Wit + Delight's Pinterest, originally from Unrefinery. 5. How to Relish Autumn You guys, it's Autumn!! Yahoooooo

This is the last post before the October and November weddings, eeeek!!!! Babies! Jameson Jameson totally crashed Brittany's first bridal shower but it's okay, we got to have a little photo shoot with him on the grass. Oh and then he came to our annual hotluck (his mama Courtney was pregnant with him at last years!). And I got to feed him his dinner and oh my was that so fun! He just loves to eat, it was cracking me up! Plus my grandpa asked to hold him and Jmo was so entranced by his glasses, so so cute! He really just keeps getting cuter and cuter and just has the best personality! Owen!! Oh this baby

So guess what?! My birthday is next week, kinda forgot about it actually. But never fear, in case you forgot too here is my 26 wishes for birthday gifts. :) Remember my 25 Wishes last year? Totally just a fun little post of some of my favorite things! Yay! 1. OPI Nail Polish I got my first OPI nail polish this week—I never got the hype, never understood how a nail polish could be so amazing—but I get it now. And now I want to try every color! 2-7. New Books I just love reading—okay I may like looking at and buying new books rather than the actual time it takes to read! ha! 8. Ampersand Necklace This is actually one of the few realistic wishes for my birthday, it's just too adorable and too perfect for me and my neck! 9. Ampersand Tattoo Oh and speaking of ampersands, its the dream tattoo too. 10. 31 Bits For quite some time now I have admired the 31 Bits jewelry lines from afar but its time to own it myself now right right? 11. The Avengers on Blue-Ray Does this really need an introduction? 12. See The Dark Knight Rises in Theaters There has not been one single opportunity to see the Dark Knight Rises