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Evernotes Every Friday

1. Martin Treu Site Design

Here’s a wonderful combination of illustration and web design at its best! For Martin Treu, an architect, author, graphic designer and urbanist. To encompass all these traits, Projekt, Inc. and illus­tra­tor Scotty Reifsnyder created a fun WordPress site that utilizes a massive illustrated and animated homepage. Each subpage then shows a snippet of that main illustration, matching whichever building/sign that you clicked on. I just love it! Not only is it a great concept, the execution couldn’t be better. Gotta love those colors, texture, and style. Found via designworklife.

2. Eat at My Desk

Thanks to the previous post on designworklife, I found Projekt, Inc., a design company I will be for sure following in the future. Another project by them that I found so creative and amazing is Eat at My Desk, a parternship between businesses and restaurants, creating “a kind of virtual food court situation for their employees.” I want to join! Hoping this idea catches on in southern California. Specifically Chino!

3.  Hover States

Are you seeing a web design trend today? That gives you a hint at what I’ve been consumed with at work…

Here’s to a great resource while web designing… Hover States “features new and interesting examples of movement in interaction design.” Definitely going to be saving this for inspiration for all future design endeavors! Found via swissmiss.

4. Two Pages + Stylish Tape = DIY Save the Date

I have always adored the look and feel of Ruby and Willow‘s wedding stationery. From the clean looks, to the color pairings, to the various patterns… I love every design! This particular project caught my eye recently, the actual concept of a printed page taped to a backing creates such a fun look!

5. Thanksgiving Downloads

If you’re looking for a fresh and modern way to decorate for Thanksgiving dinner next week, here’s a great resource for you! For just $5 you get a 10 page PDF of so many cute little designs:

  • Bunting!
  • Drink Flags! (for those cute little straws in your cute little cups)
  • Napkin Rings! Pie Flags! (put it on a toothpick, stick it in a piece of pie, enjoy)
  • Place Cards!
  • Place Mats! (Why yes, they do come in coordinating colors and patterns.)

Seriously so so cute! Found via Pinterest, originally from Caravan.

Martin Treu Site

Eat at my Desk

hover states

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