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November 2012

1. DIY Project: Tiny Doors What a fun little detail for any home! Would be a great kid's project while they study any mouse related books in school or at home! Found via Design*Sponge. 2. An Illustrated & Whimsical Wedding in the Desert They had me with their whimsical illustrated wedding invites but I couldn't stop going through the rest of the details. So so cute! Like the guest book made from individual quilt squares? Amazing! Found via Green Wedding Shoes. 3.  My Ideal Bookshelf Ever since seeing this book I have been wondering what my ideal bookshelf would contain. Now that is a hard decision! Book by Thessaly La Force (Editor), Jane Mount (Illustrator). Found via swissmiss. 4. Try the Grey Stuff, It's Delicious Sometimes I will save an image just to be able to recall the article at a later date, such as the case of this review of the brand new Be Our Guest restaurant at the newly renovated Fantasyland of Walt Disney World. It's truly a detailed article about the restaurant from its high-tech ordering system to photos of each of the various rooms—from the Beast's lair to the ballroom—to photos of several of the dinner options. All this to say, Disney is

Our last day up in the PNW (Pacific Northwest for those not in the know), was spent with my husband's wonderful cousin and her growing family. They were just the best hosts and found a beyond amazing corn maze to get lost in. Let me tell you, no corn maze in Southern California can ever ever compete with this gigantic field. The photo to the left shows just how massive this truly can be (from 2011). Not only do they have the corn maze but you can also get your Halloween pumpkin (30 cents a pound) or choose from dozens of various squashes and other pumpkins. But our first event of the day  was getting in on the pumpkin throwing contest. If you hit the target you win a prize! Jason came close but no gong. I just adore Ethan's face in this next photo, mischief was about to ensue I am sure! On to the corn maze we go, if you're scared of clowns, not sure you would make it passed the entrance. Everyone was given a map which was actually quite accurate to the maze itself. One "cheater map" was given that showed various landmarks throughout to orientate you. Randomly placed

I am still in shock that it's November and we are already in to week 2? Say what?! Last weekend was one of my best friends since elementary school's wedding. It was amazing. The bride was radiantly beautiful and the reception was "get on your feet and don't stop dancing" fun! I always try to have my "photo of the day" reflect the major happenings of the day but of course the prompt on the wedding day was breakfast

Gas Works Park is another really unique aspect to Seattle. Until the mid 50s, it was a gasification plant but since its closing, it has been opened as a public park. Andy's favorite part is walking up the "Great Mound" to see the view of Seattle across Lake Union. (Watch the bird poo!) While I love the view, and those clouds (!!), I was quite excited to take pictures of the remaining gas structures. Thank you Andy for patiently following me about! This park is great for dogs, picnics, and flying kites! There's even a sheltered area for kids to play on. At the time we went, the kids area was housing some bums though. :( Obviously I love the weather and the natural beauty in the northwest, just look at these amazing red autumn leaves taken in one of the most beautiful parking lots! Oh how I love thee! Tomorrow, Spooner Farms' corn maze!

If you were to ask me what my favorite part of our Washington trip was, I would have to say that I just loved spending time with my husband. Sadly, time together has become a rare occasion this year. Our trip allowed us to reconnect because it was simply just the two of us traveling around, in one of our favorite places, during our favorite time of the year. Another great thing about our trip was that while staying in the city of Seattle, our hotel was a mere block up from Pike's Place, the public [farmer's] market. Andy and I lost count how many times we actually made our way down there whether it was for breakfast (best donuts ever!), lunch (sandwiches from the Italian deli!!), or dinner (tamales from the Mexican grocer!!!). Oh and for fruit (mmmm best honeycrisp apples everrrrr!)!!! And of course, just visiting the various shops. We were able to just take our time and meander through the whole market, which I had never done since there's usually never time for it. Pike's Place is quite the tourist center, but all the shops are built by the locals so there's a great combination of cultures, i.e. great

1. Monsters University It's a known fact that I love Disney, and then of course Pixar! Pixar puts all effort and full quality into each and every one of their movies and for the upcoming Monster's University they even designed a website to correlate. And not just a homepage, you can click around and even purchase (of course) MU apparel, unfortunately the multi armed monsters have to wait for their sweatshirts as they are either sold out or coming soon! Found via swissmiss. 2. Sony Music Timeline On the walls of the London headquarters for Sony,  Alex Fawkes has designed 54 2 meter tall vinyl panels full of beautiful black and white typography. The occasion? Sony' 125 anniversary! The panels depict the many (nearly 1,000) artist names from the Sony label. What a great way to honor the past and present. Found via Pinterest, originally from Type Worship. 3.  iFontMaker for iPad I wish I had added an iPad to my 26 Wishes post, because then obviously I would have gotten one for my birthday, right? Elsie from A Beautiful Mess just posted about her handmade fonts created with iFontMaker. Sounds so easy, unlike in the past where I have looked into creating my own

As I was making this week's collage I realized that 3 of the 8 photos were of screens (and the first of my "under the weather soup" was taken while watching tv as well.) And that my friends is just sad and pales in comparison to the amazing week in Washington we had. Throw in a BBQ competition and getting ready for the upcoming wedding this weekend, that is pretty much my week. Of course the very best part of the whole week was seeing Mr. Clark Kent and Owen the Pirate at last night's Halloween festivities at church. It may not be the best picture but I love it anyway. Oh those boys