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I hope you all noticed this post missing from your very festive Black Friday! No? Oh well. In case you were missing it, these first two items have rolled over from last week’s delayed post.

1. Pop Up Gala Invitation

Remember making these pop up cards as a kid? I seriously loved to make them—for every occassion! Of course, this invitation for the St. Louis Public Library’s end-of-year Gala is much more sophisticated with its lovely teal paper peeking out behind the papercut building. I want to be invited just to be able to hold this invite, I mean, even the pop up has popups. My elementary school heart loves the creativity here, down to the smallest detail of the stars in the sky. Designed by TOKY, found via designworklife.

2. Spray Chalk

Another project meant for last week’s posting, spray chalk! Seriously imagine the possibilities! Found via Pinterest, originally from Oh Happy Day.

3.  Illustrated Children’s Books

I’m already pretty picky about books and picking books based on their covers, i.e. I will not buy a book that uses the hot new movie characters. Nor will I buy a book for a little kid, or for a baby shower, that has less than stellar illustrations. So seeing a post by Eight Hour Day about illustrated children’s books, I definitely had to save it! 

4. Katona József Theatre, Logo Design

Logos, for me and many other designers, are some of the hardest projects to tackle. It’s just that huge of an idea, the task of finding a timeless look that can carry the company through the years. So when I see a great logo that actually makes my jaw drop a bit, how can I not feature it here? I was quickly going through my Reader when I stopped to read Brand New’s Friday Likes. It may be the stark contrast of the black and white to the rest of the posts I had seen that morning but I stopped long enough to connect the concept of the logo… a pair of quotation marks that have been turned into the dramatic masks of early theater days. How perfect for a logo for a theater! Oh I just love it, bravo to the designer, Hungary, Budapest-based Botond Vörös.

Katona József Theatre

5. Typomaniac

Gotta love this clean black and white print all about the love of type. Thanks Erik Spiekermann for understanding this mortal disease as a typomaniac. And thanks to swissmiss for the find, printed by Demon-Press.


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