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Bible Commentary Recommendation: Jon Courson Application Commentary

Who is your favorite teacher? You know that teacher who can explain the most complex concept into a simple idea. I first found Jon Courson’s studies through K-WAVE a few years ago. He would always be on during my commute to work. After looking more into him, I found his Bible Commentaries. The series is divided into three books with the OT testament split in half. He goes verse by verse through Scripture, explaining the simple truths of God’s word. What I have always loved most about Courson is his ability to make each portion applicable to life. He does this in a few ways but one of my favorites is when he ties it back to Scripture, almost always in each message he compares the New Testament verses into a story from the Old Testament. I really love that as it ties the whole Bible together and gives more life to the Old Testament.

In addition to the verse by verse study, sprinkled throughout the commentary are Courson’s topical teachings that focus a few a pages on just one topic or just two-three verses.

Not only does he have the commentaries, but you can now listen to each of his messages online FOR FREE! For a long time now, they weren’t set up to listen to on the iPhone but you could listen on the computer. I was overjoyed when I saw that I can listen to them all on my phone, he goes into so much more detail than the books, much more application. Tip: I like the 6000 and 7000 series as those are the most recent ones just from the last couple years.

I had been saving and saving to purchase Jon Courson’s Through the Bible study but now all his messages can be listened to anytime via iPhone and that is just awesome. I seriously love technology!

Please let me know if you find this helpful when choosing a bible commentary and comment below with suggestions to others!

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