A Moment: Bug’s Land with Deegan

I rarely get to go with a kiddo to Disneyland but when I do… well it’s pretty much my favorite! Amie and I have been trying to get together to take her nephew Deegan to Disneyland for the last couple months and finally got to just a couple weeks ago. My favorite part about Disneyland is how immersive the setting is. When we walked into Bug’s Land we became bugs. We were yards below the four leaf clovers, we could walk through an animal crackers box, we could fly in a Chinese take out box. The first line we got in was for Flik’s Flyers and as we are waiting in line you can hear the bugs crawling and the animals walking through the grass. To fully realize the magic of these effects, you must go with a little one! When Deegan heard these noises he first covered his ears with fear then really started to enjoy them and started making the noises himself. It truly was a Disney moment! The ones Disneyland was made for!

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