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May 2012

1. Patrick Carter's Business Card For the first business card of today's Evernotes Every, we have Patrick Carter's personal card. There's a lot going on in the design but Carter maintains a hierarchy where you see the main information first then your eye travels to the surrounding and supporting design elements. Found via Dribbble. 2. Eat Well, Travel Often Illustration Many mottos can be applied to my life but this has to be one of my favorites, "Eat Well, Travel Often." When Veerle posted this illustration, I loved it at first glance then when I saw the BBQ Bible, I just had to feature it! This is my life lately: eat, travel, BBQ. Love it! Designed by Ed Nacional. 3. Ampersand Twins Birth Announcement If I ever have a twins I know now that I will use an ampersand (&) in the design of the birth announcement. Such a great idea! Designed by Print in Cursive, found via Design Work Life. 4. Thor's Day Off I am a mighty big fan of the Avengers and when I saw the start to this illustration series by Matt Kaufenberg, I had to feature it here! I am so excited to see what the rest of the Avengers do on

1. The Mule Business Card Scott Hill's design work is always amazing down the smallest textural detail. His latest business card for The Mule is no exception. Although there is a lot going on with the text, Hill designed with a clear hierarchy in mind. From the colors to the typography, I love it all! Found via Dribbble. 2. Wander by Matt Chase Designed for the Wander Blog, Matt Chase's illustration uses muted gold and dark blue with bright pops of red. What I love most about this illustration is how simple it looks upon first look, but then the lower portion reveals so much more depth in the traveler's and tree's shadows. With the added saying: "There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only that is foreign," it really really makes me want to strap on a backpack and travel. Found via Dribbble. 3. A Paper Marriage Proposal Pop-Up Book A combination of a proposal with a paper pop up book?? What's not the love? Created by Jackie Huang, found via Oh So Beautiful Paper. 4. Addie’s Graduation Announcement Unusual takes on the traditional, especially when it comes to paper goods, usually grabs my attention right away. And when it comes to a break

A slow paced week left plenty of crazy for the weekend at Stagecoach! Rooftop BBQ sold 1,500 tastings to the massive crowds and our two teams placed third and seventh in the competition! After all the work was done, each night we got to see the headlining concerts with perfomances by Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Sheryl Crow and Brad Paisley. I was most looking forward to seeing Steve Martin on Saturday but of course his performance was slated during the BBQ awards so from a far I watched one song performance and went my way. But for all I knew, I was so far away it could have been any sharply dressed white haired banjo player. So, how was your weekend? I seriously can't believe a quarter of the year has already come and gone